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RadhaKrishn 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Reminds Radha That She Is Seeta

RadhaKrishn 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hanuman asks Radha to have laddus along with meals. Radha picks laddu and seeing Sri Ram’s ring remembers lanka’s event and stands up. Hanuman asks what happened. She says she felt sad suddenly and walks away. Hanuman thinks if he made a mistake. Krishna walks behind Radha and asks what happened. She says she felt sad suddenly and remembered an incident of her and Hanuman which never happened at all, Hanuman must have done some magic. Krishna says Hanuman has asthavidhiyan and naunidhiyan, but he never tricks and whatever he does is with only an intention of devotion. She says she gets unrest with Hanuman’s presence, anyways its time for him to leave. He says he cannot ask Hanuman to go as she and Dwarka citizens learnt devotion from Hanuman. She says she is in a dilemma as looking at Hanuman, she feels her life is something else and she was experiencing an unknown moment which was very sad. Krishna says he just just say that her dilemma will be cleared soon. She asks if its true. He says he never lies. She hugs him.

Balram enjoys ladus when Hanuman walks in and says he is enjoying laddus alone. Balram says what else he could do, he used to eat most ladus in Dwarka, but since Hanuman came, he didn’t even have a single ladu, so thought of having some ladus. He invites Hanuman to join him. Hanuman says he is searching Devi Radha. Balram thinks Hanuman does know his truth yet, so he has to inform him truth. He chokes. Hanuman gets concerned thinks of calling a vaidya and then thinks of giving him water. Balram asks him to bring him sanjeevani boti/herb which he brought last time. Hanuman says he will bring it right now. Balram turns into Laxman and says Hanuman can forget saving his live, but he cannot. Hanuman says how can he forget that event. Balram asks if he will not hug his Laxman brother. hanuman emotionally hugs him and says he knew it from before and even then he acted. Balram says its his usual hobby. Hanuman says truth is they both are prabhu Ram’s servants. Krishna enters and says they are brother from different mothers. Hanuman says he is right and apologizes Balram for trapping him in his laxman rekha. Balram says its okay. Krishna says its time to identify Seeta. Hanuman says he knows that Radha is Seeta. Krishna says Radha doesn’t remember this truth and Hanuman has to remind her. Hanuman says he tried his best to remind her and even showed her Ram’s ring, but she didn’t remember anything. Krishna says he needs to show some devotion which never happened in Dwaparyug yet. Balram asks what is it. Hanuman says he knows and leaves. Balram asks Krishna what is happening, what did he order Hanuman. Krishna says a special event which happened in Tretayug.

Radha sits sadly. Devi Gauri seeing that tells Mahadev that Radha remembers her past, how will Hanuman remind her. Mahadev says Hanuman will remind her at any cost. Hanuman walks to Radha and addressing as Seeta mata asks what is she thinking. Radha asks why he calls her as Seeta mata as she doesn’t have a son. He says he is her son from Tretayug. She says his words confuse her. He says he loves Seeta equally like Ram and Radha like Krishna. Radha says how is it possible that one who loves Ram and Seeta loves Radha and Krishna, she is very confused. Hanuman requests her to give him space in her feet. She asks not to touch her feet as his gain many superpowers. He requests her to let him touch her feet or else his intention of visiting Dwarka won’t be complete and says he will prove that she is Seeta. She asks how will he prove it. Balram and Krishna walk in. Hanuman tears his chest and shows Ram and Seeta’s image in it. Radha is shocked to see her and Krishna as Seeta and Ram. Hanuman says just like just like Radha is incomplete without Krishna and Seeta incomplete without Ram, her son Hanuman is incomplete without her blessings; he always prayed Ram and Seeta and hence they reside in his heart, if she still needs any proof. Radha gets flashback of her memories as Seeta and says she realized that Krishna is Ram and she is Seeta. He touches her feet, and she wipes his tears. She then asks Krishna why did he hide such a big truth from her. Krishna says there are many events and incidents which he doesn’t want her to remember for various reasons. Hanuman says his visit to Dwarka is complete and chants Jai Siya Ram. They turn into Ram, Seeta, and Laxman and bless him.

Precap: Krishna performs Hanuman’s pranprathistha/pooja and says Hanuman will stay in this temple from hereon. Hanuman chants Jai Siya Ram.

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