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On The Path Of Love (Chapter 17: A Drive) RiAnsh

Chapter 17: A Drive

They both head towards the village and buys a shagun ki sherwani which was loved by both.
Now it’s evening (around 7pm)
Riddhima asks Vansh to take car at some place (which I’ll reveal later in other chapter)
After the duo finish their work at that place, they both head towards the city. Vansh again halts the car at some spot, so that they both can get freshen up. Both get down from the car, Riddhima goes to restroom while Vansh was just standing leaning on the car. His eyes fell on tiffin box that was partially out from Riddhima’s bag and he thinks,
“Tiffin? Well I’m hungry…..mmmmm….I think….I should eat if something is there inside. Riddhima is not a angry bird that she’ll yell at me. It’s ok I can eat it, in childhood even she have eaten my tiffin without my consent.”
He sits on car bonnet and opens her tiffin,
“Biscuits? Ummmm this biscuits will not fill my stomach completely but partially it will. Ok I’ll eat it, by the way these biscuits looks so cute”
He starts having those biscuits and again thinks,
“Mmmmm this biscuit tastes a little weird…… Mmmm….. I mean I have eaten many biscuits from different brands even I have tasted imported biscuits, but this tastes different….a little weird but still it’s good. Interesting”
He ate almost all the biscuits just then Riddhima arrives and she shouts in little louder tone,
“Vansh….. You ate all the biscuits…….
But before she could complete he interrupts her and tells
“Oh please Riddhima you can’t shout me ok. I was hungry that’s why I ate all these biscuits. In childhood even you ate my tiffin. But from where did you brought these biscuits I mean I have tasted so many biscuits, even imported one’s. This one is weird in taste but still it’s good”
She was staring him with shock and says,
“Vansh…. This is a DOG BISCUIT”
He was paused looking at empty tiffin box. (It’s time for 2 mins of awkward silence)
While he was trying to spit the swallowed biscuits, she was just trying to control her laugh and he says,
“Yucck……….I came to your house there was no dog Riddhima”
“Vansh this biscuits are for stray dogs”
“You carry dog biscuits in human beings tiffin?”
“How do I’ll come to know that a human being will eat dog’s food?”
“What if in sometime I start barking?”
Listening to this she starts laughing loudly and says,
“What do you think dog eat these biscuits that’s why they bark?”
Vansh gives her a cold look and starts running behind her, while she also starts running. Almost spending their 10-15 mins running behind each other she says panting heavily,
“Stop!…….now time please…….we should drive back home. Otherwise we’ll get late”
They both sit in car and he starts driving. They both start laughing together till their stomach starts paining. Later they enter the city and she says,
“Few time ago we were in village now we are city. Life of people in both the places are so different right……. Poles apart”
“Yes! Life in village is quiet and peaceful while in city running and running”
“Mmmm….. I like villages for it’s serenity, tranquility and for many more things but city is emotion for me, I have spend my whole childhood here and of course also my life after childhood. That doesn’t means that I don’t like villages, they are two different and beautiful creations. But I’m nature lover so I love both”
He says smiling,
“Yes! Same goes with me I like night life in city. I don’t know but I always feel happy”
She replies, “Exactly it’s a eerie feeling. You know when I was in college na during late night I was returning back home with my dad on bike. I saw cars are going here and there, some couples are walking on the side of road holding each others hand, some young children’s were having ice-creams. Those big-big office buildings which are made up of glass I have usually seen it movies, but for the very first time I saw those in reality. I mean in reality I saw them many time but for the very first time I saw people working in it, I mean…..it looks completely similar to movie office. All lights were on, it was too late at night, people were still working in front of their laptop, having their coffee. Some sleepy heads were sleeping also. That was the best feeling you know, to see night life in city. But I want to have a street walk late at night at least once in my life and also I want to see night life in village”
He says, “I’ll wish that your wish should get fulfilled.”
“Thank you”
He drops her at her house and drives back to VR Mansion. He reached his mansion and sits,
“Finalllyyyyyy! I have reached home. Dadi…….. Dadi….. ”
“Yes Vansh beta coming”
She comes and says,
“Yes beta, you brought Shagun ki Sherwani”
“Yes dadi see”
He hand-overs that Sherwani to dadi and she says,
“It’s so beautiful”
“Of course it is my choice”
Dadi raises her eyebrows and looks at Vansh
“I mean it is my and Riddhima’s choice”
Just then his eyes fell on large numbers of hampers which was kept on table and he says,
“This many hampers! who send it?”
“This many! But why?”
“For everyone”
“But why?”
“Vansh it’s his gesture of love and if we’ll deny it, then it’ll be a sign of disrespect for his love”
While he nods and open his hamper, just then Siya comes and sits beside him and offer him some biscuits. He takes one, was about to eat but stops and says,
“Human beings can eat this right?”
Siya gives him a angry look and says,
“Bhai… What do you think I’m an animal?”
“No no Siya I didn’t mean that I was just confirming. Yes, but sometimes for sure you behave like animal.”
“Bhai….. ”
He starts laughing and rest is bro sis fight is history.

When one wishes, that someone’s else wish should get fulfilled,
It happens……….when one starts loving someone selflessly,
And……………… Whole heartedly.
~By Author


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