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Namak Issk Ka 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Namak Issk Ka 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Iravati says I think Ravi plotted to bring Kahani in this house but I won’t be a part of this plot. I am going. Saroj tries to stop her and says sorry, I wanted you to leave this house but you were there for me when Yug’s father left me, please let me repay the favor. Let’s see what’s going to happen. Yug recalls his lock and his childhood friend. Yug tells Ravi that I befriended your daughter in childhood.. is she.. Ravi says Kahani is that girl. Gunjan says no.. All look on. Yug cries and looks at her. Yug says but I couldn’t open my lock with her key. Ravi says she changed the key before you could see. Yug confronts Kahani and says why? Kahani says I didn’t want to take support of the friendship, you knew that child Kahani.. I didn’t want to abuse our friendship, she breakdowns and Yug hugs her. Kahani cries in his arms. All look away. Yug cries with Kahani. Kahani breaks the hug and smiles at him. Ravi tells Kahani that your father is with you now, you don’t need to divide the house now. Kahani says you are here now when everything is done? This family has insulted me so much, tried to kill me, tried to use and abuse me, character assassinated me but you never took my side, you never stood up for me but when it was about your family today so you got up easily? You thought you could make me do anything by calling me a daughter? That you could pacify me and use me as they all did? I won’t let anyone do it. Ravi says I am your father. Kahani says just giving birth doesn’t make you a father Ravikanth Verma, you had to raise me, be with me. You don’t realize what I had to bear in my life. I wanted to meet my father and ask him why he left me. She falls to her knees and cries. She wipes her tears and says no.. I will do what I think is right now. I will file a case against you. All are shocked.. Iravati says which case? That he left his other woman or he didn’t name his illegitimate child? Just think that I am still respecting you but you know what names they would call your mother in the court as she was the second woman. Kahani says see your standard today, you don’t have to stoop that low. I can tell you what case I would file against my father. I will file te report that he remarried another woman before divorcing my mother legally. You should know what names society would call you with. Iravati shouts Kahani.. Kahani says how would I know if my mother was the second woman and you were not? Maybe you were the second woman. She tells Ravi that I am going to take revenge for my mother’s tears. Ravi is shaken after hearing that. Yug makes him sit on the wheelchair. Dadi says the time has passed and this Kahani is behind getting revenge. Juhi says this house gave you a place and you would go against them? Kahani says this is my in-law’s house so nobody is favoring me, my mother needs justice which I will get for her. Saroj says Kahani there are a lot of secrets in open but we don’t know what to say, let’s go into the room and talk there. Kahani says no, we will talk in court now. Yug holds her hand and says what are you doing? You were looking for your father, he is in front of you but you want to punish him? Kahani says he is not my father, he is a culprit of my mother so he has to pay for his deeds. Saroj says I understand your pain but nothing will change by doing a case, what has passed let it be, you will be pained too by opening old wounds. Yug tells her that we will find her mother and then decide what baba’s duty is towards her. Don’t file a case as it will bring disrespect to this house. Kahani says why should I care about people because of whom my mother is lost in dark? Ravi tells Yug to not stop her, she is right. I want to pay for my deeds, I will go to the police and I will accept any punishment that I deserve. Iravati says what are you saying? Ravi says what are you doing? Ravi says I have to do this. Iravati thinks what if he tells the police that I kicked that car years ago then it will be trouble, I have to stop him. She asks Rupa to stop him. Rupa says you can’t destroy our future for your past. Gunjan says we are your daughters too. Iravati says nobody will marry Gunjan, our business will go down the drain because of the shame. Think about your kids. Ronak asks Ravi to not worry, you don’t have to be guilty, you did a mistake and Kahani’s mother.. you must have had a good rate for her. Ravi slaps him and says don’t you dare say a word against Kahani and her mother. If her mother had taken money from me then Kahani wouldn’t be in trouble like this. Dadi says then give money to your daughter and send her off, ask for her rate. Ronak says if this goes on then people will throw dirt on us soon. Kahani says if you are so scared then hide in your house. Ronak asks her to stay within her limits. Kahani says have you seen your limits? Ronak asks how much do you need to shut your mouth? Kahani says you don’t have a single penny.. Ravi says enough. He tells Rupa and Gunjan that he can’t do injustice with Kahani, I have to go to jail. Rupa says don’t go, please. Iravati says why should we pay for your mistakes? Ravi says you have done many mistakes too but it’s my time to repent. I have run away from my mistakes before but not anymore. Rupa asks him to stop, she goes and brings poison. She says you can to go to the police but I will kill myself. Ravi snatches it from her. Gunjan says I will kill myself too. Iravati says I will die if they do something like that. Rupa says you can’t go like this. Kahani says fine, if he can’t go but I can go. She starts leaving but Saroj stops her. Iravati thinks why is Yug silent? Iravati tells Yug that we will do as Kahani say, we will leave the house but stop her from going to the police. She tells Kahani that I am sorry about my husband’s mistakes, please forgive us. Kahani glares at her. Saroj says I am sorry on Ravi’s behalf too, this is your family now so forget everything. Rupa says we are sorry, don’t go anywhere. Gunjan says my ego is not big than my family. I am folding my hands and begging you to forgive Ravi for his mistakes, he did wrong with you. Dadi says we are sorry, just don’t disrespect our family. Ronak says fine, please accept their request. Yug holds her hand and says the whole family is saying sorry, I also think you should forgive him. Kahani says you think so? Yug says you will never be happy if you keep grudges, think about the future. You are my wife and my childhood friend, please forget everything for that friendship’s sake. Kahani says I never took support for that friendship so don’t take advantage of that friendship now. You were trying to kill me just two minutes ago then you didn’t care if I am your wife or your friend? Now it’s about your family so you care about my actions? Don’t say all this, you have seen what I had to go through, you used to hate me, I became a dancer because of my father because he left me, he was never with me. My mother had to bear so much because of him, I just want to get justice for her. Yug says I know everything but can’t you do this for me and my family? Kahani says I did everything for you and your family but now I will do this for my mother. You are looking at a daughter right now, she is not anyone’s wife, daughter in law or sister. I will do what is right for my mother. She starts leaving the house. Iravati asks Yug to stop her. Yug says stop.. he says I won’t take much of your time, I just want to say if you cross this gate today then you will break all relations with this house, you have already taken a decision, you have left your duties as a wife and a daughter in law so leave your rights too at this door. Kahani looks on.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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