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My heart is with you- Riansh TS (two shots)Last

My heart is with you- Riansh TS (two shots)Last

Hello guys. I’m here with a Two shot story on Riansh requested by Priyu di. This Is the last one.  Do let me know how you find it in the comments section. Please keep supporting in the comments section.


Riddhima goes to her bag and removes her teddy bear and hugs it tight while Vansh near the pool drinks alcohol both remembering their childhood unknown to them that they are still together. Avira talks to the bear.

Avira: You know teddy and Vanshuro, this is a forced marriage. I hate this and you both know that. I saw him murdering a man and today when I asked him about it, he said it was for his best friend. That moment when I sent him behind the cell he had sworn to take revenge on me. And look what he did, he proposed such a deal in front of uncle that my greedy uncle couldn’t say no and in return he asked him to marry me. He doesn’t consider this marriage and so do I, then why do I have to care about his behavior. But you know it hurts (crying) I wanted my Vanshuro with me! (she lied on the bed and slept)

The next following weeks, they both tried ignoring each other. But Avira in order to punish Vansh, kept on plotting and planning. Sometimes she either by deceit fail his meetings, or destroy his work. And Vansh just went through it as if nothing of that affected him.

The next morning, Vansh is in his study room looking at a girl’s picture, a small girl. He smiles seeing it and tears form in his eyes. While a servant enters the room and keeps his coffee on the table. He takes a sip of it and keeps it back down. Avira who was watching him from the door is in shock.

Avira: (to herself) I had put salt and chili powder in his coffee for his punishment but why can’t he taste or feel anything. He is simply just drinking it and he’s looking at a pic. What’s in that picture that made him forget everything that’s going around him. (just then while leaning she falls inside the room) Ouch!!

Vansh: (looks at her) That’s what happens when you are peeking inside sneakily!

Avira: You knew?

Vansh: What do you think I am? A fool?

Avira: Yes! You are, I mean how did you drink that coffee?

Vansh: So you made this? (she nodded) The magic of my….this photo!

Avira: What is in that photo?

Vansh: None of your business!

Avira: Look Mr….i have no need to get into your business anyway but I want to know this. Your best friend?

Vansh: What problem do you have with my best friend?

Uma: (entering) It’s a very sensitive topic for him beta

Avira: Aunty why?

Uma: Because he lost her when she was 5 years old and he was 7. They were separated. They had a heart to heart connection.

Avira: (shocked) What?

Vansh: Mom! (signaling no)

Uma: Let me tell her. Avira they were the best of friends, always sticking around together. Her parents were my and his father’s best friends. We always adored their bond. (nostalgic) Vansh used to do everything to keep her happy, safe. She meant the world to him. Just then like a normal day, we had gone for a picnic where Vansh had arranged a gift for her. A teddy bear. He gave it to her and she  was really happy, she ran around with and hugged it tight to her heart. (tears rolling) She was sweet girl.

Vansh: (nostalgic, smiling and tears) Mom I remember her words “Thank you Vanshuro, this teddy bear is my best one! I will never throw or lose it anywhere!” (he chuckled) Vanshuro!

Uma: (comforting him) We were all unaware of a storm that day. An earthquake arrived when we were in the park. The wind started howling roughly, and things started shaking up. These two were playing hide and seek when it came and everything got destroyed. Buildings rumbled down, trees fell everywhere and crushed many people in the entire city.

Vansh: She left me! (crying)

Uma: His dad was also crushed underneath the buildings while I had saved Vansh. Her and her parents were nowhere to be found. Vansh and I searched for them endlessly but no response was found.

Vansh: I wish that day instead of her it was me! My… (crying) I lost her forever. We had promised to stay together and forever.

Avira: (shocked) What…was the…..girl’s na..me? (chocking in tears)

Vansh: (shouting) Riddhu!!!!

Avira was in total shock. Tears started pouring down her eyes. She covered her mouth and ran to her room. She closed the door and cried out loudly. She couldn’t believe that he was her Vansh, her Vanshuro.

Avira: (crying) He’s my Vansh!! Vanshuro…..and I couldn’t recognize him!! He survived the earthquake!! (happy) I’m so happy, he’s alive! This is the best news ever so far!! My Vanshuro is with me…..i married him! I married my love! God thank you!! He’s grown so much more handsome!! (chuckling) He’s with me once again! I won’t let him go now, I won’t let him go!! Now no one will separate us, Vanshuro your Riddhu is here! With you!! (she recalls everything) That picture was mine…..(smiling) he still gets calmed by me!! (she runs to get the teddy bear) Teddy, I found him!! Let me go to him!!


Uma and Vansh were in the study, they had composed themselves and were waiting for Avira. Avira came with the teddy and quietly put it in the room without being noticed and went outside, hiding to see their reactions while she beamed in happiness. Vansh saw the teddy bear and was shocked.

Vansh: Mom! (pointing) The teddy! (shocked, ran and picked it up) Mom, this is the one I gave to

Uma: Riddhu! (shocked) How is it here?

Vansh: (hugging the teddy, in tears) It has her touch, her scent, her love! It still has it.

Uma: Meaning she’s alive? She’s here?

Vansh: Mom how….Riddhu!! Are you here?

Avira: (entering in tears) I’m here Vanshuro!!

Vansh and Uma were shocked. Vansh’s happiness had no bounds, he was over the moon when he heard Vanshuro, and he knew it that he had some connection with Avira. His heart never allowed him to ever hurt her for the reason which he never knew. But he was confused, Avira and Riddhima?

Vansh: Avira if you’re joking and trying to play with my feelings then stop!

Avira: I’m not, I swear!!

Vansh: then you, your name? How can I be sure you’re my Riddhu?

Avira: Can you not feel your Riddhu here?

Vansh: I can but

Avira: Fine. Then you remember this, you told me to recite this.

“jab ice cream ho saath mein, tab hoti he Shakti hath me, jab vanshuro ka jadu hota hai dimaag mein tab hoga sab kaam saath mein.”

Vansh: Riddhu!! You’re my Riddhu! ( crying in happiness)

Avira nodded and he went to her and hugged her as tight as possible. He kissed her forehead while hugging her like a teddy bear, never letting her go anywhere. Uma cried in happiness and adored their reunion.

Avira: I missed you so much Vansh!! (crying while hugging)

Vansh: I missed you too!! Do you know how much we looked for you? Till date I looked for you but you were never found, and look today, you were right beside me!

Avira: You can’t imagine how I felt when I thought that you died in the earthquake, I was completely alone!

Vansh: I never believed that you died! My heart knew you were alive! My heart is after all with you!

Uma: (Coughing) I’m there too! (they broke the hug and Avira hugged Uma) Avira your name?

Avira: Ohh that’s because Ma and dad (taking a deep breath) died there on the spot. I was all alone and I had no one. So I walked on the streets and I met this couple who took me in and named me Avira, as their lost daughter, who also got lost in the earthquake mess. I grew up with them until last year they passed away in an accident. Their cousin whom I call uncle now was who I was left with.

Uma: They died!! God! (crying)

Vansh: Ok okay, leave all that emotional things. We are together no and that’s what we need! (they nodded)

Uma: Look at destiny, it separated you earlier and now they’ve tied you together forever. (they both looked at each other) By the way, do you guys want a divorce? I mean you are best friends so (teasing)

Riansh: No!!

Uma: (laughed) Come on now, confess! (they blushed) I’ll leave don’t worry.

Vansh: (went on his knees) Mom was right, I need to confess. Riddhu, you’ve always been my sweetheart since we were young and now. I’ve loved you limitlessly all this time! When we were kids, I used to call it attachment but when you left me and I got older, I realized its love. It’s my limitless and forever love! I can do anything to see your smile, you are all mine now! This destiny separated us but it brought us back, it realized its mistake for separating two lovers. My heart was, is and will always be with you. I love you Riddhu!!

Riddhima: Vansh, I never knew what love was till you came as my best friend, I was too young to realize that I loved you but I did. I hated my life for separating from you but I waited, because I knew you would come and we would unite, our love would win. My heart is with you! I love you too Vanshuro!!!

They confessed and pulled each other in a tight bone crushing hug, removing all their love and showering it on each other. They joined their foreheads and softly muttered “I love you” to each other. They promised to always be with each other and love each other till they die. Their friendship had turned in to a love story. A story they would always remember for years to come.

Vansh: By the way Riddhu, do I call you Riddhu or Avira? (teasingly)

Riddhima: Vansh! (she hit him playfully and smiled)

The end

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know how you found this OS in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do. @Priyu di I hope you liked it and I hope it was the way you wanted it. If you have any other suggestions do let me know in the comments section. Thank you!


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