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Mr and Mrs Perfect Kumkum Bhagya Episode 29

Hello my dear silent readers. I know it’s been a long time since I updated my ff. And I am finally back with an update.  This will be a  short one. But I promise next will be longer. And also it will be up by day after tomorrow.  Are you all ready for it……

Let’s go into the story then……


Abhi and Pragya started to tell second part of the story to their families after breaking the news of their grandfather’s death.

Flashback starts

With Pragya:

It’s a been a week since pragya returned to London she was eager to meet abhi but he was not trying to contact her. She was losing faith in herself. She needed his support. Finally as if God had answered her prayers one day night she was in deep sleep. Someone sneeked into her room. She being pragya didn’t even know it. Next day morning when she got up she found a letter with 99 roses bouquet and also pack of chocolates. ” Awww how Romantic” thought pragya. She so badly wanted to see abhi but he left a sorry letter with chocolates and flowers. She wanted to cry but she had to be strong for their future. With that hope she started her day.

She was up with better hope and confidence. Purab and bulbul were happy seeing it. As though they knew the reason for her happiness. And it was first day of pragya’s college that day. Purab insisted in dropping her at college but she denied as she wants to be free bird.

With abhi:

Abhi was equally miserable that he had to stay away from love of his life just after a week they confessed their feelings. But right now they didn’t have an option better than that. He lead out his frustration in gym and moved to his room. He was going away from all this for few months now. He once wanted to see pragya before he left. But he had to sneek into his house. He climbed up her balcony and got into her room. And thanked God as there was no security cameras behind their house. For the first time he felt his agent training helped because he never used climbing up skills in his work but had to do it in personal life. He chuckled at his thought and went to see his Princess. He saw her and smile made its way up his lips. He had to fight an urge to kiss her senselessly seeing her sleep in such a cute manner. He went and pecked her lips not willing to disturb her. He went to his room from the balcony and freshened up. He was sitting in his room and working on his laptop, after a few minutes he called purab and bulbul to come to his room as he is waiting for them.

They went to his room and we’re so happy for meeting him after 2 weeks or so. Bulbul hugged him and cried telling him how badly she missed him.

After their usual talk silence fell between them. And this silence brought fear in purab and bulbul. Finally abhi broke the silence saying, ” Di, jeeju I came here today because tomorrow morning I will be leaving to NYC. I just wanted to meet you and inform you both”.

Purab and bulbul were shocked hearing it. Bulbul had enough of all this drama and said controlling her anger, ” Abhi enough of all this, let’s be together like before. I can’t see mom and suffering so much. And apart from that are you not missing pragya. I think you know, if not let me tell you whenever we are alone and none around us pragya keeps telling how much she is missing you. Why are you making her suffer abhi.” Her anger came out as tears. Tears of frustration, helplessness, anger and pain of separation from her brother.

Purab to had nothing to say about it because he knew that abhi is not going to back off from his plan and this is the best way to protect their families. But he wanted to help abhi in some or the other way. So least he can do was tell him that he was with him no matter what. Finally purab said, ” Abhi, I agree that you are doing it for our good and happiness. I can see that everyone is suffering and I know being most pampered how much you are going through to go away from them but be strong and handle things wisely. Don’t stress your self too much. And don’t worry about everyone. We are there to take care of them right?  In case you need any help or you got any problem please don’t forget you have us with you. If not bulbul you can call me. I will be there by you always. “

Abhi hugged purab and cried his heart out. Once his pain, suffering and longing decreased he spoke, ” I am sorry Jeju but I am helpless. I am missing you all equally. When I see mom crying seeing my pictures I want to come running and hug her and say that I am there with you mom. I am safe. But I can’t. Everytime I feel so helpless. I work to keep myself busy with some or the other work so I won’t get all of your thoughts. Di, you said I don’t know how much pragya is missing me. But I know the thing you don’t know is she is strong before you but needs support. She cries doubting herself. Everytime I see her crying for not able to have confidence I want to hold her and say she is capable of it. She can do it. But I can’t. Do you how much it hurts to see her like that. But we don’t have a better option than this. We can’t do anything other than this. The day I get that bastard I will make sure he pays for all his sins and suffers infinite times more than us.” He fisted his hands to control himself. Bulbul and purab hugged him. Bulbul ” I am sorry abhi, among all this I didn’t see you suffering more than all of us. I am such bad sister right” .

Abhi was shocked to see bulbul blaming herself for first time and replied immediately, ” no di you are a very good sister but your bhabhi instincts covered up sister instincts that’s it. What to do everyone loves my fuggi more than me. “

Faking a cry. Purab laughed out seeing his act and all of them joined him.

Once their laugh died. ” Di and jeeju tomorrow is fuggi’ s first day in college. Just take care of her. I will come back for semester holidays again. And now you both concentrate on your passions. No one will harm you guys. Take care of everyone. Okay” said Abhi. It was more like an order than saying but neither of them noticed it.

Purab asked whether he would stay back tonight. He nodded his head and replied he wants to cuddle with Pragya once before he leaves. This kicked purab’s brotherly instincts and denied it immediately. But abhi was determined and finally succeeded in convincing purab. And  finally agreed to them. He hugged purab and bulbul and went  to pragya’s room. He slept hugging her. Morning he woke and went after leaving the note and chocolates along with a bouquet of flowers. Not before kissing her good bye.

He left directly to his room where he was staying and left taking the things he had. Finally everything was done as per plan thought abhi. But they didn’t know that unknowingly they were falling into bigger trap, which may lead them to seperate their ways from eachother. …………


Pragya’s first day in University and abhi’s first day in NYU

So that’s for this episode.

I am sorry for short one. But next one is longer. I promise back to back updates from now on.

So what is going to happen next.

Let’s wait and watch.

And I changed my writing style is it okay for you all.

Byee my lovely readers.

Signing offf……….

Your JD.

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