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When all departed to their rooms 

Vansh ( in his room in his mind ) : Riddhima’s birthday was on 24th December then how it can be now ? If say after 20 days then it’s 1st May . Is she my Riddhima or she is just who is having the same face as me ? Am really that bad that I lost my Riddhima ! Am really that bad that I enjoyed rose moments with someone else rather than my love ?! Why I did this I should first have known that she is my Riddhima or not , then I should have thought to go near her ! But I did a great mistake , a sin , being married I was with another girl ! How can I do this ?! 

And his thoughts were interupted by the noice of knocking on his door 

He went and open the door and saw that Angre and Siya were there

Vansh : Angre , Siya what are you doing here you should sleep and I am feeling sleepy too so leave me alone !

Angre and Siya : Bhai please ! We are here to talk about Bhabhi !

Vansh let them enter his room

Vansh : What you will talk about her ! She is not your Bhabhi nor my Riddhima , she is just ha IMG her name and face didn’t you saw that she behaving totally against as how Riddhima was and her birthday is also coming now so don’t call her Bhabhi and disrespect my Riddhima ! My thoughts were wrong .

Siya : Bhai still there are chances of her being Bhabhi ! You noticed that whenever you are together something happens to her and today when I talked about her she felt uneasy and walked away . And it might be like that she lost her memory and they adopted her and told her all things and she believed them as they said na her accident took place 2-3 months ago and Bhai I got to know one more information about her that something happened in last 7 years that she was somewhat away from them like no contact and all , still there are chances of her being Bhabhi .

Vansh : Ok , but you saw that she is totally opposite to my Riddhima !

Vansh : Now you both go and sleep we will discuss tomorrow .

Siya and Angre : Good night bhai

Vansh : Good night

The next day

Rai Singhania Mansion

All were on the dinning table . Vansh joined them

Aryan : Bhai I think she is not Riddhima . so leave her now . I didn’t you saw her behaviour , she isn’t Riddhima

Siya : Aryan you should keep your mouth shut it is bhai’s life and he will decide she is bhabhi or not so mind your business and eat your breakfast and get mature and help bhai in business as it will be better for you till how much time you will live on bhai’s money .

Siya : Bhai we can get further information about bhabhi from Kavya as she speaks out everything

Angre : Nice idea Siya but how we will convince her ?

Vansh : Simple just become the fan of her Rohit Sharma . And she will surely talk with you .

And they were talking and Dadu came there and said : Good morning Gayatri ji [ Guys in my ff I am naming Dadi as Gayatri Rai Singhania ]

Dadi : Are Namaste Indrajith ji Kaise hai aap { How are you }

Dadu : Ham to bas badhiya hai aap bataiye na { I are fine you say how are you ? }

And then they chatted for sometime and dadu said her to call everyone and when all came then

Dadu : we are inviting you an for lunch and diner ! See yesterday we came so now you have to come !

Dadi : We will surely come !

Vansh : Dadaji Me and Angre won’t be able to come as we have a business meeting .

Dadu : with whom you are having meeting ?

Angre : with Mr. Rajvansh .

Dadu : Abeer Rajvansh na ?

Angre : Yes , but how you know ?

Dadu : Don’t worry take him with you at lunch at our home he has visited us many times and someone will be very happy to see him and if possible bring his wife too .




Voice : Are cupcake it will be enjoyable , Let’s play basketball na ! 🥺

So what do you think is cupcake in the PRECAP and who is saying this ?

And what you think ? 

Is Riddhima Sehgal , Mrs. RVR or Ms. RS ? 

What do you think about the 7 years mystery ? 

How’s the photo ? ( In that it is week whereas it should be weak {spelling error} ) 

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