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Love for Each other (Episode 5)

Hi friends . Thanks alot for the comments in the previous episode it meant alot for me . Please do comment and tell your views guys . I hope I reach your expectation.

                   IsVansh Changing ?

Riddhima and vishal were talking that time Siyan came holding eachother hand in hand . Riddhima was suprised see Aryan

Riddhima: Aryan you here ? Can’t you stay two days away from sia that you came here . By the how did you come ? Cause only the clients and family members are allowed here

Aryan : Actually riddhima its a long story

Sia: Riddhu I will  tell that story afterwards to you , sejal . Now lets enjoy the party

Riddhima : Ok Sia . By the way meet our friend Vishal ( pointing towards vishal )

Sia : Vishal meet my boyfriend Aryan

Aryan and Vishal shook hands

Aryan: Hi .myself Aryan. Nice to meet you

Vishal : hello .Myself  Vishal . Nice to meet to you .

Aryan : Riddhima where is sia did’nt she accompany you guys?

Riddhima: Kabir sir took her to meet Ishani mam .

Vansh who had been witnessing this understood that Riddhima and Aryan know eachother so he thought  to ask Aryan  everything about Riddhima . By now sejal too arrrived . Now the host called all the couples for Dance .

Vansh not giving chance for vishal  quickly went to Riddhima and offered his hand

Vansh : Can we   Riddhima?

Riddhima : Sure vansh .

On the other side .

Kabir : If u don’t mind shall we sejal  ?

Sejal : Sure Sir .

Kabir : Just call me kabir . I am not that old that you call me sir .  Be friendly Kabir is enough .

Sejal : Ok sir. I am sorry Kabir .

Kabir : That sounds good

All the pairs went to the dancing floor . Ishangre , Sebir , Siyan and Riansh were dancing for  the song Khamosiyan

All the couples were dancing enjoying the song . The most happiest couple were Siyan . Ishani was happy as she accepted him whole heartedly  ,  for the first  she was enjoying the dance with him . Angre was happy to see Ishani changing little by little . The Raisinghania family were happy to see Ishangre  together.

Dadi : Uma did you notice now a days Ishani is changing . I could see that  her behavior towards Angre is changing .

Uma : Yes mummyji I could see . I will be happy if she wholeheartedly accept angre and start a new life afterall what happend in the past .

Vansh and kabir were happy  that Riddhima and Sejal accepted to dance with them but were more happy for not leaving them dancing with vishal . Till now the Raisinghanias didn’t notice vansh as they were only keeping their eyes on ISHANGRE .

 But the Raisinghanias were shocked  when the saw Riansh dancing gracefully and  to see Vansh very happy  after aahana’s death .  Till now Vansh did’nt dance with any girl nor was this  much happy but what today the Great Vansh Raisingahania was dancing with a girl happily is a shock  to all the Raisinghanias .Not only for vansh for Kabir also they were shocked as it is the first time kabir is dancing with a girl .They know that aryan will always dances in the party with his friends or relatives but they didn’t know who was the girl  that close to Aryan .

Dadi : Uma I think I am hallucinating or dreaming .

Uma : Even I think the same mummyji .

Dadi : I could see Vansh , Kabir and Aryan dancing with a girl . That too vansh is smiling wholeheartedly after a long time . Today is the best day of my life that I could see all my grandchildren happy .

Uma :  Even I am happy to see all my children happy . But I am  wondering who are these three girls with my son . These three girls changed my sons . I could see some love in the syes of my sons . Mummyji can we  their hands for Kabir , Vansh and Aryan .

Dadi : Even I was thinking  the same Uma after the party gets over we will talk to  the three brothers . After that we can ask the girls cause we should not come to the conclusion without asking them .

Uma : You are correct mummyji lets ask them first .

Riansh , Ishangre , Siyaan and Sebir were dancing forgetting the surrounding . They were many eyelocks between Riansh and Siyaan .  Riansh  and Siyaan were looking into each others eye sharing a eyelocks . Their eyelock were broken by the clapping sounds of the guest . Then they remembers the surrounding and gets back to normal position .

Guest 1 : I must say vansh sir and the girl with him I think she is his girlfriend make a cute pair . They are made for eachother .

Guest 2: Even I also agree they both are made for eachother and this is the first time I am seeing him smiling  .

Vansh who heard this was very happy but did not show that outside as he is THE GREAT VANSH RAISINGHANIA who is always rude and arrogant to the world but soft and kind hearted to his  family . After the dance got over vansh went to angre

Vansh : Angre find every details about Riddhima ( pointind towards riddhima) as soon as possible . Not even single should be left . Every detail means every detail .

Angre : Ok boss I will find asap.

Then they both joined the party .

The party got over and all went to the dinning area . Raishinghania and sia were present there. Riddhima went with vishal to tallk  near sejal

Aryan : Dadi , Vansh bhai , Kabir bhai , Uma ma I would like to introduce someone to you all.

Kabir understood that aryan is going to introduce sia so he smiled at Aryan and aryan nodded his head as he understood what he is about to ask .

Aryan held sia’s hand who was standing near and

Aryan: Mom, Dadi , Bhai  she is sia my girlfriend and we are in relationship since 1 year .

Vansh and kabir came and hugged him

 Vansh : I am very happy for you aryan finally you got  your soulmate.

Kabir : I am very happy that finally you confessed orelse I don’t now till when I should act like not knowing sia .

Vansh : It means you already know about sia but you didn’t tell me kabir .

Kabir : I just got to know about it just a week ago .

Uma: I didn’t know when my younger son aryan grew big that now he is introducing my soon-to-be daughter in  law to me . ( cupping aryan’s face )

Siyaan got blessings from dadi and uma

Dadi : Even I was asking uma about asking sia’s hand for you . But I am very happy that you yourself found a girl for you .

Ishani : I am very happy that you are my soon-to-be bhabi.(hugging sia)

Dadi : by the way my child what about your family.

Sia : Actually dadi I am an orphan . I am living with my best friends cum sisters sejal and riddhima. She is sejal (pointing towards sejal who is talking overphone)and  she is riddhima  and the one talking with her is my  friend vishal  ( pointing towards them)

Dadi : Don’t again call yourself orphan my child we are your family .

Dadi : Now lets all have the dinner together.

Vansh : Sia riddima , sejal and vishal ( hesitantly calling vishal) can also join with us na

Kabir : Vansh bhai is right let me call them .

Vansh : wait kabir even I am coming with you

All were stunned as it is the first time vansh is  going to call someone by himself.

Uma : mummyji I think soon I will admitted in the hospital seeing my both the sons changed within few hours

Dadi : I too admit it uma . Lets talk to vansh and kabir later

uma nodded and they continued .

Kabir went to sejal and vansh went to rishal

Kabir : sejal can you join us for dinner . Our dadi invited you

Sejal : but how could I . You are having dinner with your family  but I am an  outsider .

Kabir : who said you are an outsider you are an outsider you are my ( he was about to blurt out something but stopped) I mean you are also like our family member as sia is going to be a bahu of our house.

Sejal : But ( stopped as he kept his pointing finger on her juicy lips )

Kabir : Chup . Now come with  me not even a word  ( a bit anger is visible in his eyes)

Sejal went behind kabir  quietly and reached the dinning area..

On the other side vansh went to rishal . His  heart wanted to punch vishal but he could’nt .He wanted only riddhima to accompany but he had been asked to call vishal also . But he was not interested in calling vishal but aleast for dadi shake or for formality he must call him .

Vansh : Riddhima , Vishal  it will be great if you join us for dinner .

 ( till now she doesn’t know that he is vansh raisinghania one of the sons of the raisinghania , as he only  introduced him as vansh . Now she thought that he is working in VR industry so that he is calling maam as dadi , but for her its maam and she’s clear in that )

Riddhima : Vansh we are just clients how could we join a family dinner . It will not be nice .

Vansh : Its dadi’s order riddhima please come

Riddhima : ok I will come

Vansh   : Vishal even you should join

Vishal : Sorry Mr. Vansh I have to make a urgent office call and it could take more than 30mins so you guys carry on and thanks for inviting me .

Vansh : no mention and just call me vansh after all you are sia’s friend and soon we will be relatives .

Vishal : ok vansh

Vansh :(thought) thank god that this donkey didn’t accompany orelse I don’t know how my  bp will be . It will be on its peak I guess . But why do I feel insecure or jealous when riddhima is with that donkey .

Vansh’s thoughts were disturbed by riddima

Riddhima: Vansh  can I ask you a question ?

Vansh: sure riddhima

Riddhima : since how many years you are working in VR industries or mansions and how much is your salary .

Vansh ( thougth) What working? salary ? Didn’t she know who am I ? Who will pay the owner salary ? Did she thought that I am an employee ? before she could misunderstand my identity let me reveal it.

Vansh was about to say but interrupted by ishani

Ishani : Bhai how much time will you take dadi is calling ( saying so she pulled both of them )

Riddhima: ( thought ) I think he working for many years that they are treating him like their own son.But I must say he smart and handsome .

All are having their dinner while sia whispered  to aryan

Sia: Aryan may I know who is Aahana

Aryan: Actually ahana is our late sister . The youngest sibling of the raisinghania’s .She ****(muted conversation will be revealed later ).

Sia: I am sorry aryan I didn’t know .

Aryan : Its ok my love now shall we eat now .  I am very hungry

Sia : sure

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