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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit learns Veer’s conspiracy

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amrit saying we have to make Randhir free from the jail. Veer says you don’t worry, we will find some way. He gives her a sleeping pill. She takes it. Uday and Vashma come. Amrit doesn’t take the pill. She asks is Randhir fine. Vashma says we went to see him, but they didn’t let us meet him. Amrit says I want to meet him and prove his innocent. Uday says come with me, I will make you meet him. Veer says wait, I will call dad. Uday says no need. Veer thinks my game will spoil if they meet, I have to find dad and take him to the police station. Randhir sees Amrit, Uday and Vashma. Amrit sees him. Randhir writes a note for her. Vijender comes there and worries. Vashma says Amrit can meet Randhir now. Randhir says I have to tell you something. Veer comes. He says Randhir looks fine, dad has taken care of him. Amrit asks Randhir what does he want to say.

Randhir thinks to stay silent in front of Veer. Vijender says you can’t meet for long time. He asks Veer to take Amrit. Veer asks Amrit to come. Amrit cries. Its morning, Veer sees Amrit jumping happily. He asks the reason. She says Saroj is ready to take back the complaint, she said she will give statement in Randhir’s favor. He asks really. She says yes, we will take her to dad. He says she wants to take her statement back. She says yes, she is waiting for me, we have to go with her, I will change clothes and come, I will just come, you go. He says no. He goes to the room and sees Saroj sitting. He says Saroj is your culprit, you punish him, he has come between Amrit and me also. Amrit turns angrily and points gun at him. She shouts Veer… He gets shocked seeing her.

Amrit says you wanted to send Randhir to jail forever. She recalls Randhir giving her a note. She goes home and reads it… Veer did all this, he framed me, he wants to separate us, check the truth yourself, I will tell you a way.

She says I m not scared of the gun, I also know using it, how dare you play with me, I got to know your truth, Randhir is innocent, you framed him. Veer asks what did he say in my praise, tell me. Amrit says that he knows you and your intention, he understood it, you pushed Saroj and blamed Randhir, you sent someone to get Saroj attacked, you framed Randhir, it was your plan to break down his car, you sent him to jail to make me away from him. He says yes, I can’t tolerate anyone with you. She says I will not get silent now, I will tell everyone about your cheap plan. Veer says go and tell everyone. He laughs and says just shout out, my Randhir is innocent, you have no proof, the proof is in my favor, understood. Amrit says if you can get the proofs, then I can also get the proofs, I will prove Randhir right. He says just think why am I doing this, for whom. She says I have to think how can I get Randhir freed. She pushes him. She goes out and locks the door. He bangs the door and asks her to just open the door. She says I will get Randhir freed at any cost. Randhir waits for her. Randhir asks did Amrit come to meet me. Constable says she didn’t come.

She goes to meet Uday. Saroj asks what happened. Amrit asks where is Uday, I have to meet him. Saroj says I don’t know, he married Vashma, who is from other community, he doesn’t worry for us. Amrit goes. Vijender opens the door. Veer says Amrit will go to Uday first to take help, she got to know the truth. They leave. Amrit goes to find evidences in Randhir’s favor. Kyun uthe dil…plays… Nalini reads the news. She gets a call from her party chief. She says the blame isn’t proved, how can I fire him from the job, trust me, Randhir isn’t such, fine, I can understand. Bindu comes and says don’t mind, but don’t worry for Randhir, he is just an employee, take care of your position. Nalini says I m feeling strange, I can’t regard him a criminal or employee, he feels like my own. Bindu says you have to save your image by firing him from the job. Nalini sees her sons’ pic. Veer says we have to stop Amrit and Uday. Vijender says yes, they will try to save Randhir some way. He sees Uday and signs Veer. He says I have to leave for Agra, I was trying to find the man who appeared like Randhir, I have to catch that culprit. Uday says I will drive the car, I will come, its my duty to save Randhir. He asks Vashma to meet Amrit and go home. Veer says Amrit maybe inside. Vashma goes. Vijender takes Uday with him. Veer says I will find Amrit.

Mohan says media has come, they want to know your opinion on this matter, I want you to get rid of Randhir, announce that you fired him from the job. Nalini says I told Randhir that he reminds me of my lost son, but I have to do this to save my political career. She goes out and greets the reporters. She says Randhir is my PA, he can’t do any such thing, I will prove this to the world. Amrit sees the beggar. She asks him if he knows about the car breaking down two days back. Beggar says I can’t see anything. She asks did you anyone’s voice. He says no. She cries. She pays him money. He says you could have given more money. She cries. She prays for help. She thinks the beggar isn’t blind.

Amrit thinks I m sacrificing myself for love. Randhir gets freed. He comes home and sees Amrit marrying Veer. He thinks I decided to always hate you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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