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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 3

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 3

So I am here with the third chapter of the Intertwined love, I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. Thanks for the immense support you all have shown.

Chapter 3

Vansh carefully made her stand and share the railing. They were in a posture as if hugging each other. He held her waist tightly while she gasped. She signaled with her eyes for him to move her to his side. He did that and she balanced herself on the railing making sure not to fall. She stood against the wall with her hands engulfed in his, holding each other tightly. While Vansh assuring she was balanced signed her to keep quiet.

Vansh tried walking forward towards the balcony to check on the goons who were inside but Riddhima’s hand pulled him back as she held it tightly. He looked back to see her holding his hand and her eyes tightly shut while her lips moving as if blabbering something. Vansh saw this antic of hers and chuckled but then shook off his thoughts and concentrated on balancing. He peeked inside the room, his eyes searching for the men. He heard no more mumbling and footsteps around in the room so he decided to jump inside the room but Riddhima again stopped him.

Vansh: What! (annoyed) Will you let me go?

Riddhima: It might be their trick!

Vansh: How sure are you?

Riddhima: Because we had watched a movie together and there was an exact scene like this. The men in the movie stayed behind, making no noise to let them enter inside the room and attack. They watched it too!

Vansh: (murmured) What a girl! (sighing) Fine, let’s wait for some time otherwise I’m heading inside. (she nodded)

Vansh waited for a few minutes and sensing everything would be fine, he took his steps toward the balcony and jumped inside leaving Riddhima’s hand. He tiptoed inside quietly and searched for everything. Everything inside seemed fine and he took a breath of relief. He was about to settle himself on the sofa when he remembered about Riddhima and he face palmed himself. He rushed outside where he saw Riddhima’s eyes shut. He called out to her a couple of times but she didn’t respond. He thought if she actually passed out but he tried again and this time louder. She jerked due to the loud voice leading her to slip and fall.

She fell down and clutched the railing as tight as possible to prevent herself from falling. She screamed while Vansh was just shocked.

Vansh: Riddhima!!

Riddhima: What’s your problem!! Why did you have to do that, I’m an innocent, a fragile girl. (cute face) Help!!! (shouting)

Vansh: Ms Chatter box can you please calm down! I’ll save you!

Riddhima: Calm down my foot! I’m literally hanging here and you’re just standing there! One wrong move and I will slip of from here! (she looked down) No!! I’m too young to die!

Vansh: Keep quiet!! (he yelled) Wait I’m coming!

Vansh carefully got down near the railing; his one hand holding to the balcony border and the other one stretched out to Riddhima. Riddhima protested against his idea but having no other option she had to give in. She left the one of her hand holding the rail while the other one trying to reach out to his. She made it and his huge hand wrapped around her small wrists, imprinting his hands with his fingers, as if claiming her as his forever.

He strongly pulled her and asked her to leave the other hand off too, and she obediently followed. He slowly pulled her up and they both got on the floor. Riddhima over Vansh, their hands entangled in each other. Their breaths were mingling with each other and their eyes in contact. After a sudden move, their contact broke and an awkward moment was created leading them to separate from each other.

Riddhima: (awkward) Ummm, thanks for saving me!

Vansh: It’s umm I guess fine! (smiles) Come inside otherwise you’ll catch the cold, it’s anyway almost midnight. Just a few hours and we’ll be out of here.

Riddhima: yea finally!!

They both went in the room and shut the balcony door. Vansh took the sofa while Riddhima headed for the room. They went into a deep slumber sleep reminiscing all that took place in one day.

A few hours later, the sun grew from the night clouds sending its rays across Riddhima’s room, her face glowing and a pair of eyes adoring her. Her eyes blinked due to the sun rays and finally semi-opened them to see a tall, muscular man standing with a cup of coffee, him sipping it slowly and admiring her. She finally opened them and stared at the man in shock.

Riddhima: Vansh why the heaven are you standing here and staring at me like a ghost? (eyes widened)

Vansh: (casually and sipping his coffee) Ma’am would you like some English breakfast? A sauna and a Jacuzzi bath? (sarcasm)

Riddhima: (thinking) Not a bad idea!

Vansh: Really!! Look at the time! We need to get out of here as soon as possible!

Riddhima: Sorry for that! I’ll quickly go and get ready! (to Vansh) But why did you have to stand like this?

Vansh: (thinking) You were looking really adorable and I couldn’t miss it! You were talking in your sleep (chuckling in his mind) (to Riddhima) Ms chatter box you better get ready and then I’ll tell you!

Riddhima: Fine! (went to the washroom)

Vansh in the meantime decided to pack his items in his bag neatly. He was completely ready with his luggage and just waited for Riddhima to come. She finally came with her items too, stuffed in her bag. Vansh sighed looking at that; she was a messy girl! He asked to take everything and left the room with her. He checked out and they hired a taxi that led them to the airport. On the way the Coach called Vansh

Coach: (called Vansh) Vansh have you left?

Vansh: Yea coach, I’m on my way to the airport!

Coach: If any problem occurs then let me know, I will help sort it out.

Vansh: Yea fine. (hung up)

Riddhima: Isn’t your coach coming with you too? (curious)

Vansh: No, he isn’t.

Riddhima: Why?

Vansh: Because he’s got some work here, so he’s staying behind.

Riddhima: Ohh okay!!

The rest of the journey to the airport was quiet just when the driver played some music and a romantic song popped up.

Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan to kaise chhupaaye

Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

Chahe bhi to bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam doharaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam.. bas tera naam doharaaye

They both stole glances at each other when this song played, they remembered their first meet, their eye lock and all the other troubles they went through.

Riddhima: Hindi song in Belgrade? Not bad!! (smiling, trying to divert the silence due to the song)

Vansh: India’s succeeding in everything. (smiling and proud)

Riddhima: Oh right how did I forget? I found an Indian man here only so I guess a song isn’t that difficult! (laughing directing it to Vansh)

Vansh kept mum and glared at her. They soon reached the airport and got down with their bags. They entered and finished all the formalities. They headed for the area where they had to depart for their specific gates. They stopped there and turned to each other.

Vansh: So this was our journey till here!

Riddhima: Yes! (Smiling) Thanks for everything Mr Rude…I mean Mr Vansh (she hugged him tight)

Vansh: (reciprocating) It’s fine Riddhima!

They hugged each other for at least a minute, tight and a long one, as if separating from your soulmate. Their eyes shut and them inhaling their scents. Soon they backed off.

Vansh: Good bye Riddhima! All the best!

Riddhima: Good bye Vansh! It was nice meeting you. All the best

They turned apart from each other and walked in the opposite direction. Riddhima went to her gate when she saw her flight delayed by 3 hours. She hated the waits but then decided to call her Sejal to bring her clothes and bag. She decided to take troll around there when she found a few men covering her mouth and dragging her to the washroom.

On the other hand, Vansh’s flight was being diverted to the same flight in which Riddhima was due to some mechanical errors. He saw a lady sitting at a table with a bag, waiting for someone. He approached the table to see Riddhima’s phone, her bag pack.

Vansh: Excuse me, who are you? And where’s the table owner?

Lady: That’s the person I’m finding for! I’m actually her mother but I just don’t seem to find her anywhere.

Vansh: Oh you’re Riddhima’s mother?

Mahira: Yea, I’m Mahira, her mother. How do you know Riddhima?

Vansh: Oh we met at some places here so we just got in touch. Well you don’t know where she is?

Mahira: No!

Vansh: I think we should then look for her around here. It wouldn’t be safe for her especially when she has those wolves behind her! (angry an concerned)

Mahira: Wolves? You mean Kabir’s men? (he nodded) What all have they done?

Vansh: aunty, I don’t think this is the time to discuss this. We need to look for her before anything happens.

Both of them went around looking for her. Near one of the corridors in the airport, the back of Vansh’s eye caught attention of something. He went closer to it was an earring, he had seen in Riddhima’s ears. He looked for more clues and found a whole line of different accessories.

Vansh: (worry) I just hope she’s safe. She’s found a smart way of telling someone. I won’t spare those bastards if they try do something to her! (he followed the line) The washroom!

All negative thoughts ran across his mind but he shook them off and looked at some of the positive sides. He made sure there was no lady inside and he went closer to the door of the washroom he heard someone making noises and sounds; sounding as if someone was struggling inside. He barged in the washroom and followed the noise. He found Riddhima there, her hands and legs tied and her mouth tied with another. She was wriggling like a worm to get out of the hold. He ran to her and untied everything.

Vansh: Riddhima are you fine? (worried) You know you’re a magnet! Always attracting problems to yourself! First the running, then the hotel, now this! (scolding)

Riddhima: (panting) Yea I’m fine! Thank God you came otherwise… (she hugged him) Stop scolding me! (pouted)

Vansh: (backing off) Who did this? (gritting his teeth in anger)  Kabir?

Riddhima: No it wasn’t Kabir!

Vansh: How sure?

Riddhima: You barely know him, I know him, he wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s from my father’s side…leave it you won’t understand. Come let’s go!

He pulled her on her feet and steeped outside when a man came to hit him. Vansh fought with him, hitting him in his legs, punching him till he got unconscious while another came to Riddhima. She being fully trained by her father, hit him, punched him and kicked him at a few places weakening him.

Vansh: Not bad!

Riddhima: Of course!

They went on ahead till. Riddhima asked him how he came here and he narrated everything to her, including her mom’s presence. They reached their area where they found Mahira waiting. Riddhima went and pulled her mother into a long hug and asked for forgiveness for taking such a step. Mahira understood and gave her the permission to go. She handed over the bags to her and wished her a safe flight, not leaving before thanking Vansh for saving her daughter.

Vansh went on the side and made a call to his coach.

Vansh: Coach, Can I have a private jet organized for myself to fly over to Delhi?

Coach: Okay sure but why? Any emergency? And Delhi?

Vansh: No coach, I just had some urgent work.

Coach: Fine, I’ll send you all the details in a short while. (hung the call)

Vansh: (to Riddhima) we’re going via a chartered private jet to Delhi. (thinking) I certainly can’t let you go alone, my heart doesn’t accept our departure away from each other.


Riddhima: You’re so bold, handsome (caressing his face) But why rude? (childish tone)

Vansh: Riddhima you’re drunk? (shocked)

So this was the third chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me on how you feel about it in the comments section, and please support by commenting.


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