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Imlie 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Malini asks Mithi to reveal the name of Imlie’s father. Mithi says Imlie’s baba name is Dev Chaturvedi. Malini gets in expected shock and cries. Mithi reveals that 20 years ago, I didn’t know that Dev was married and his wife is waiting for him in the city. She says he came and left. Imlie tells Dev that the guy left her mother and never looked back at him. Dev says if that guy wants to return to you and if he wants to accept you then? Mithi says I can’t accept a married man, breaking his home. Imlie says she will never accept him. Mithi says even Imlie can’t accept him and will hate her real father for forever. She says I don’t want to burn his married life, after 20 years. Malini says not only he deserve Imlie’s hatred, but his family’s hatred too. She says his family shall know with whom they were living since so many years. Mithi asks what will I get, by hurting others. She turns and sees her gone.

Malini comes out and cries, saying why did it happen to them. She says our Papa is one, why destiny gave us the same husband. She comes to the temple and recalls Aditya and her marriage. She says if the game is of sindoor, whoever gets it is lucky and who doesn’t get it shall curse her destiny. She asks what about the men who give the right to woman and then snatch it too. She asks why woman can’t fill the maang herself if the matter is just about applying sindoor. She takes swear in her hand and says my Papa hasn’t given this right to Imlie’s mother and she suffered all life. She says my mom is living in the fear that if this right gets snatched from her, then she have to face humiliation all her life. She asks what is the game of this sindoor? She says I was using Imlie’s sindoor and the latter has to hide her sindoor. She says even today men make mistake and the women suffer. She questions the Goddess. She says I will not let Imlie suffer and says she is my younger sister. She says that’s why I feel love for her and she gave me her husband, thinks what did I give her? She thinks to fulfill her duty as an elder sister and says before Aditya, Imlie is my family. She will help her get all her rights as a woman. She swears that she will get Imlie’s sindoor and her Papa’s name too.

Imlie asks Dev why is he crying and says she is fine. Dev says I am crying for the father, who couldn’t get love of daughter like you. Imlie says it is good that I didn’t meet him, I have learned responsibility from Dadda. Aditya comes there and asks Imlie to rest. Dev says he will come some other time. He goes out. Aditya asks if he is fine? Dev says few stories get so much complicated that its good ending is not possible. He says the stories starting with misunderstanding, often ends up with compromise. Aditya says compromise is wrong and says if the story is wrong then it shall be rewritten, else the parts connected with it get complicated. Dev says it is very difficult to do. Aditya says I have tried. Dev asks what do you mean? Aditya says our stories couldn’t be similar, but I corrected my mistake. Dev asks him to inform him if Malini’s call came. Aditya calls Malini and asks why you didn’t call anyone? He asks if she is fine. Malini asks him to give call to Imlie and insists to talk to her. He asks why is she sounding like this?

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