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Falling for my so-called sister (A RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 11

A few days passed, the  yellow hoodie person tried a lot to get to know about Riddhima’s truth but she didn’t reveal them. One day Vansh got hurt in an accident and Riddhima cried a lot in her room. She didn’t understand why she was crying so much..But she did..

Next day, 

She woke up with dark circles under her eyes and went to the kitchen to drink water. Arohi was already present here. She saw Riddhima and held her with chin. 

Arohi: What happened to  you, Riddhima? Are you sick? 

Riddhima : Mom, what if someone cries for someone else not knowing the reason? 

Arohi : What?

Riddhima : If someone feels good seeing the other person around?

Arohi : Stop beating around the bush! Say it clearly!!

Riddhima : Tell me, what are these feelings?

Arohi : Love! 

Riddhima’s eyes became moist. Arohi hugged her to pacify her. 

Arohi : What happened, bacha? 

Riddhima : You asked me, naa, am I sick? Yes, I’m sick with a disease called “LOVE” the prettiest one ever!! 

Arohi : But with whom? 

Riddhima : Raaz ko raaz hi rehne do! Yeh raaz jo khul gaya toh.. 

She went singing this. Deep came to Arohi. 

Deep : What happened to her?

Arohi : She is in LOVE!

Deep : With whom? 

Arohi : Didn’t you listen to what she said? “Raaz ko raaz rehne do! Yeh raaz jo khul gaya toh..” 

Deep : Hahaha..did Vansh find out the secret? 

Arohi : I don’t know, you ask him..

Deep : Yupp!! 

(So, you were right, Yellow Hoodie person is Vansh) 

Deep and Vansh sat in his room. 

Vansh : Dad, not able to find anything! She’s behaving normally..

Deep : Ofcourse, she’ll because she knows someone is spying on her..

Vansh : Yeahh..Now? 

A gunshot fired in the hall. Deep and Vansh quickly ran there. They saw Abhianshu and Nia standing at the gate with guns in their hands aiming at Riddhima, who was standing calmly. 

Deep : Run Riddhima run! 

Riddhima : Why to run dad? 

Abhianshu : She’s right Mr. Deep Raichand, why run from death..

He laughs evilly. 

Riddhima : You were right, but not fully, I’m not standing here because, I know that I’ll die, I’m standing here to show you that you are a coward, I’m not, you can’t kill me..

She smirks. 

Nia : Don’t underestima-

Riddhima : Just shut up your mouth.. 

Nia’s eyes became angry and she fired the gun in Riddhima’s direction, she bended and the bullet hit the wall. 

Riddhima: 5 over 6 left..

She smirks. 

Abhianshu : This time, you’ll not be saved..

Vansh was coming towards Abhianshu when Riddhima yelled,”Stay away everyone” and he backed off. Abhianshu forwarded his gun to fire on Riddhima and she kicked that.

Riddhima : You know, after that incident, I joined Judo classes..

Everyone was puzzled from the house. 

Abhianshu : Till when you’ll be saved..Haa?

He again forwarded his gun and this time she snatched it and aimed at them. 

Nia : No, keep it down..

Riddhima : You keep it here..

She points towards her feet. 

Nia : No way! 

Riddhima : Then, get ready to go to the HELL..Oops! I’m sorry, You don’t deserve HELL even..

Nia pointed the gun at Riddhima. They both are standing face to face. Nia tensed and Riddhima with a calm mind. 

Riddhima : Com’on shoot! 

And Nia shooted. The bullet hits the wall and Riddhima snatches the gun from her. She ties them both to the chair. 

Precap : This story is from 5-6 years ago. There was a girl who….

To be continued…

So, I’m here with good news for you people. I’m not ending this ff so soon, it will end as I planned earlier with Opposites Attract Each Other, so yay!!! 

And the bad news is, I thought to give you update daily of both ffs but yesterday my May result came just yesterday evening and my science marks are not that good, so yeah, the updates will be alternatively, like one day one ff and Sunday, no update.!! 

Do comment and take care!! 

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