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Falling for an alien episode 2 by attractiveuser- Riddhima meets vansh

Hello all! So many of you asked me if the storyline is same as the cdrama- my girlfriend is an alien ! No the storyline is not same just the starting was same as I wasn’t understanding how to start! I haven’t watched the series after 2nd or 3rd episode!(I quitted I don’t know why🙃😂) so the storyline will be different! But as I have watched 2-3 episodes so I would be taking some scenes from those episodes else everything would be different! And yes as aswathi di said that instead of tortoise I used butterfly in this one.. because idk why I wasn’t liking to write about a tortoise 🙃😂😂! (In the drama it was tortoise)

Episode starts:

Next morning Riddhima got ready for the work. Ms. Crechet guided her with the deliveries. She was a good learner and didn’t take much time to understand. Mrini was everytime there to help her. Ms. Crechet assigned her the deliveries of the day.

Ms. Crechet: this is your first delivery! Be sure you do it correctly!

Riddhima nodded. She left to make the deliveries. Ms. Crechet gave her a bike for the deliveries but she wasnt understanding how to handle it. So she just used her magical powers and reached the place in a minute. She delivered her first order and again used her magical powers to return back to the café. She took total 5 minutes to make the delivery. She stepped inside and gave the bill money she earned after delivering the first order to Ms.Crechet. Ms. Crechet was shocked.

Ms. Crechet: how did you make the delivery so fast!!

Riddhima: oh.. actually I am a fast runner so I did it! Give me my another delivery.

She told her the next delivery. Riddhima was about to leave but before leaving from the door she said.

Riddhima: Ms. Crechet I don’t this bike of yours! I don’t know how to drive it so I will make my deliveries without it!

Ms.Crechet was shocked to the core. She was wondering how she can make fast deliveries without the bike. Riddhima walked for a while and reached the road. It was a busy road. Cars were coming side by side. She tried walking between the cars but couldn’t. So she decided to use her powers again. She was in infront of a car. Vansh was sitting in that car. Just then he sees Riddhima vanishing out. He was shocked.

Vansh: what the hell…how can that girl vanish like this..she was doing magic!!

His assistant: which girl sir?

Vansh: didn’t you see a girl there!! She was here and suddenly she moved her hands and legs and vanished in the air.

Assistant: umm..no sir.. maybe you are mistaken!

Vansh: I guess I am mistaken only!!

Vansh (thinking): I don’t think I was mistaken! Was I hallucinating??

Riddhima finished 4-5 deliveries and now her last delivery was left. The delivery was for VR enterprises.

Riddhima: mrini…do you remember we read VR somewhere!!

Mrini: no..you are mistaken.

Riddhima headed to VR enterprises. It was a very big company. She was shocked to see such a big building. She entered and was directed by a servant to vansh’s cabin. Vansh was in his cabin sitting on his chair and was thinking about today’s incident. His hands then reached out at something in his pocket. He took it out. It seemed to be a small stone Button.

Vansh: what is this..how is it with me!

There was a knock at the door so he quickly kept the stone inside.

Vansh: come in!

Riddhima entered it.

Riddhima: your food delivery!

Vansh was shocked to see Riddhima.

Vansh(thinking): this is the same girl I saw on road!! Oh god she is a delivery girl only! Vansh stop this you are hallucinating.

Vansh: keep it here!(pointing towards the table)

Riddhima kept it there. She was shocked to see his face.

Riddhima (thinking): I have seen him somewhere!! Last night was he the only person I saved. No Riddhima you are mistaken! He couldn’t be! Although there were no lights! But I don’t think that he is the only one!

She kept the food and was about to leave but her leg hit the table and she fell in vansh’s lap. They both shared an eyelock. Vansh broke it and Riddhima stood up.

Riddhima: umm…sorry! My leg hit the table!

Vansh(looking in the opposite direction): it’s ok!

She left from there.

Riddhima(thinking): was he the only one I saved last night! Because I felt a connection with him too like I felt with that person last night! What connection I am feeling with him! Maybe I am overthinking. Wait where is my precious stone Button.

She started checking but couldn’t find it. She was crying.

Riddhima(crying): no..how can I lose my precious stone!! This couldn’t happen!! I have to find it!!

Precap: Riddhima in search of her stone.

Hope you all like it! Keep reading my supernatural ff!

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