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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-37)

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At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 6 am:-

At Vansh’s Room:-

Sun rises from beneath the clouds giving everyone realization to vanish there deep slumber. While in that peaceful silence birds chirping was like bless to everyone’s ear…..

Sun peeps though white closed curtains and falls on Vansh’s eyes. Vansh was sleep hugging his comfortable pillow tightly suddenly his phone rang disturbing his sleep he covered himself with the duvet not before kissing his teeth and again his phone rang with his eyes closed he picked it up and placed on his ears

Voice- Good Morning Vansh?

Vansh- Yaa…Yaa…. Good Morning…. Who?

Voice- Check the caller Id please…. Mr. Vansh

Vansh- Tell na

Voice- Ajay Raisinghania

Vansh- Ok… How can I help.…? (Waking up with a jerk) Oh shit… Dad….. Good Morning Dad

Ajay- Thank God you remember you have your parents to

Vansh- Sorry dad, But I call you Before 3 days after we departed from Mumbai border

Ajay- After that you didn’t called your mom and see her she is roaming like a pendulum on my head since morning asking me to call you and check on you

Vansh- Dad, Sorry we reached here yesterday only and we all were too tired so we were still sleeping

Uma- It’s ok Vansh, He has the habit to make a fuss out of every small thing

Ajay- Are you talking about me… Forget it… Talk to him I’m going to sleep

Vansh- Mom…. You woke up so early… Why?

Uma- Forget about so early, why you didn’t called me?

Vansh- Mom…. (Yawning) Was tired

Uma- Were you sleeping?

Vansh- Yaa… We slept late at night

Uma- Ok beta…. You sleep will talk later…..

Vansh hung up the phone and laid on the pillow and saw Riddhima sleeping peacefully on the other side with a small cute smile on her face with her hair flowing on her face, he unknowingly forward his hand towards her face and slides her hair behind her ear and places his hand on her cheeks caressing it and he brought her towards him and hugging her placed a kiss on her crown and closed his eyes going once again into his deep slumber

At 11 pm:-

Riddhima opens her eyes as she heard sneezing sound, she saw Vansh sneezing once and then again and then went to pillow and again sneeze and again went to pillow

Riddhima- Vansh, Do you want me to accompany you on bed for days?

Vansh- If you don’t mind that……Acchu…… would be my pleasure

Riddhima- If you are sneezing this much why don’t you leave

Vansh- Now definitely I won’t

Riddhima- Please Vansh, I need to freshen up

Vansh lifts their entangled hand

Vansh- With this and if……Acchu……you want I won’t mind it at all

Riddhima- Shut up and get up….

Both get up and

Vansh- Acchhuu…….

Riddhima- Vansh are you ok……?

She checks his temperature

Riddhima- You don’t have fever

Vansh- I have a strong immune system, I won’t get fever ……Acchu…… easily

Riddhima- I saw that how strong is your immune system…. Wait let me do something

She gets up and again with a jerk twirls back and thud, she fell on him

Vansh- Don’t you have brain?

Riddhima- I do….

Vansh- I saw that…. You know our hands are entangled

Riddhima- Now, It’s too irritating and I am going to remove this anyhow

Vansh- But how?

Riddhima- Just be quite and come with me….

She dragged him to washroom

Vansh- Why you brought me to washroom?

Riddhima (bringing his hand and holding it) – To remove this, and now I’m going to remove your watch through this soap and water

Vansh (jerking back him hand) – Are you mad? Acchu…… It’s my favorite watch

Riddhima- You will get another one……..  Let me

Vansh- Spare it Riddhima…..……Acchu…… Please

Riddhima- Shut up Vansh and let me

Vansh- You are going to pay for this

Riddhima- How?

Vansh- Will tell you at correct time

Riddhima- Let’s wait and shut up

Riddhima brought their hand under water and after a while started scrubbing it with soap while Vansh squeezes his eyes shut not able to see his favorite watch in this situation. Riddhima slowly slowly loses its hook as it’s of metal and due to constant water over it, it started getting and after a while she broke the hooks causing the watch to fall on the sink leaving Vansh’s hand and Riddhima’s bracelet

Riddhima- Haash…. Done…

Vansh- My watch….

Riddhima- Thank me…. Just because of me now are hands aren’t tangled… Yuppie…..

Vansh (sarcastically) – Thank you so much…..……Acchu… My watch

Riddhima- Aren’t you behaving like a two year old kid whose favorite chocolate had been snatched

Riddhima saying this started moving towards the room and suddenly her foot came under the soap and she was about to kiss the floor, but Vansh caught her by her waist and her another hand got on the tap and shower opens making them again wet together

Vansh gazes at her face as water was making its way from her cute doe shaped eyes to her small nose and then to her pink glossy lips making it look more tempting and irresistible so that anyone could form an urge to kiss it….. Vansh eyes follows the path of water which after caressing her lips traces her jawline and then get lost in her body

While Riddhima was lost in Vansh’s dark black orbs and even she was following the clear and tempting path of water which were falling passing through his rough lips making her thinking about its feeling on her and then thud

Vansh lost his balance and both of them fell on the floor

Riddhima- Ouch… Vansh.. Can’t you hold me properly?

Vansh- Sorry Sorry… Actually my legs got……… Acchu… entangled with yours and ..……Acchu… I lost the balance

Riddhima- Now leave… I need to change and you dry your hair and bring another clothes for me

Vansh- Go to another room

Riddhima- Vansh leave

Vansh got up from her and then again fell over her

Riddhima- Ouchhhh….Vanshh….

Vansh- Sorry but this time it’s yours hair

Riddhima followed his gaze and saw her hair entangled with his shirt button and he moved up

Riddhima- Vansh remove it, It’s hurting….. Aaah…. Please

Vansh- Yaa… Doing…. Wait…

Riddhima- Remove it please…. It’s… Aaah…..

Vansh- Stop shouting… If someone listen to you na…. Then they will take it as another meaning

Riddhima keeps her hand on her mouth

Vansh- It’s not coming, you and your hair both are my headache

Riddhima- Vansh I swear I am going to kill you

Vansh- What’s my fault in it?

Riddhima- Remove it please

Vansh- Wait….

Vansh made her stand up and then slowly started opening his shirts button while Riddhima puts her hand on her eyes and closes it

Riddhima- What the hell are you doing?

Vansh- Romancing with you…. Idiot… Take this shirt and do whatever you want………Acchu…I am leaving

Vansh saying this left after giving his shirt to her

Riddhima opens her eyes and saw Vansh’s shirt in her hand a small smile crept on her face and she keeping it on the hanger went to get ready

After half an hour, Riddhima got ready and as she wasn’t having any other clothes she wore Vansh’s wet shirt and she peeps from the door and saw no one there she came in and closed the door and saw her clothes on the bed she took and then suddenly Vansh came from under the bed

Riddhima- Aaaaah…..

Before she could shout more, Vansh cups her mouth and pinned her to the wall

Vansh- Are you girls mad………Acchu… I’m helping you since last night and you are shouting again and ..……Acchu… again

Riddhima- Mmmm….

Vansh- And when the time comes to speak ……Acchu… You don’t speak anything

Riddhima- Mmmm….

Vansh- See Just like now

Riddhima hit on his leg from her leg and bits his hand and instantly he removed his hand and left her

Vansh- Aaa…… Junglee billi (Wild cat)…. Why you are biting me?

Riddhima- Are you mad? You cupped my mouth and was expecting me to speak and yaa…. If you will come suddenly and that to from under the bed not only me anyone will get scared and I thought some ghost is there

Vansh- You thought me to be a ghost….. And yaa… Why the hell are……Acchu…are you wearing my shirt and that to wet…. Eager to get on the hospital bed

Riddhima- I wasn’t having anything else to wear and what were you doing under the bed

Vansh- I was searching my another watch by mistake it feel and went under bed I was taking that only

Riddhima- Ohkk…. You go to bathroom and get freshen up and let me go to closet

Saying this she went to closet and Vansh to bathroom, After Changing Riddhima went to kitchen and made “Khada” for Vansh while all were still sleeping

Vansh came out from washroom and searched for Riddhima and on not finding her thought she might have left for her he took out his shirt from the closet and suddenly bhoom his room door open with a jerk and he saw Riddhima entering, and he took a sign of relief

Vansh- I broke your bed that doesn’t mean that you will break my door…..

Riddhima- Shut up…. And drink it

Vansh- What’s it?

Riddhima- Poison

Vansh- You know how to make poison

Riddhima- Yaa…. Learnt from you

Vansh- Really?

Riddhima- Shut up and Drink it

Vansh- What’s it?

Riddhima- Khada

Vansh- You know how to make

Riddhima- Yaa…. Bhabhi taught me when Ishani was having fever…. How many question you ask…. Drink it na

Vansh- Ok…. Don’t shout

He drinks it in a gulp and then made weird faces

Vansh- What the…. Chii….

Riddhima- Stop making these type of faces

Vansh- Chii…. It was better to make me drink poison….

Riddhima- Shut up and drink that ginger tea after 15 minutes

Vansh- All are awake

Riddhima- Do you think? I’m going to wake them up

Riddhima went to wake them up and after 20 minutes she again came back to him while again opening the door with a jerk startling Vansh who was drinking that tea

Vansh- Riddhima, Spare my door…. Please

Riddhima (ignoring his words) – Have you drank that tea?

Vansh- Drinking…. Why you came again

Riddhima- Who actually…. I am…. I am….

Vansh- Say it…. I am….

Riddhima (closing her eyes tightly) – I’m sorry for last night

Vansh- It’s ok

Riddhima (shocked) – Pardon me

Vansh- I said its ok

Riddhima (Shocked) – Are you ok?

She checks his temperature

Vansh- Yaa…. I’m ok

Riddhima- Last night you were shouting like a bipolar…. (Realizing)  I’m sorry but you where…. Why?

Vansh- Actually, there is some past of mine with that same mask I fear from where you got that

Riddhima- Your washroom

Vansh- My washroom, you mean this one

Riddhima- Yaa… remember in evening I came here to scare you and first time I hid in the washroom before you entered in the room, there I saw it in the washroom…. Btw what’s the past that you got this much scared?

Vansh- I don’t know

Riddhima- Ok…. Btw I cracked up when you shouted for Angre… Like seriously Vansh

Vansh- He is not just my best friend my help hand also

Riddhima- Angre isn’t your brother

Vansh- No, Even Kabir and Aryan they aren’t but they are more than a brother, they are always with me we share the relationship of more than best friends and brothers

Riddhima- Just like me and Ishani, Sejal and Siya

Vansh- Even you all are best friend cum sister

Riddhima- Yaa…. Come let’s go breakfast we have to make it remember

They departed for breakfast while Riddhima was thinking

Riddhima (to herself) –  I’m grateful to Vansh that he removed my fear of rain while see me I can’t remove his fear of that stupid mask if his past has something dangerous then according to me he will suffer a panic attack and that’s harmful for his brain…. Hope I can remove his fear only if he tell his past

Episode ends

Precap- Leap

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