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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and Tiwari angry at eachother

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anu says Vibhu this hotel is so nice and the interior too, I am glad we are here spend holidays, Vibhu replying yes no, Anu asks Vibhu what is wrong, we are here for vacation that too free but you aren’t enjoying, Vibhu says Tiwari spoiled my mood, he insulted me, Anu says calm down but forget him and let’s enjoy, Vibhu says promise.

Angoori and Tiwari join Vibhu and Anu, Vibhu and Tiwari start arguing, Anu changes topic and asks how is your room, room with a view, Vibhu says offcourse they will have they are Saxena’s fav people, Tiwari says we are not beggars and snatchers like others, Angoori says waiter here said coffee is very nice, Vibhu and Tiwari again start quarreling.

Anu sees Vibhu sitting upset in room, and says enough forget it now, Vibhu says how dare he, Anu says just forget it, Vibhu asks why, we have no comparison how dare he, Anu says yes yiu wash clothes and utensils so much better, Vibhu says don’t I have anything else, Anu says oh you swipe so well mirror shine.

Vibhu gets call from room downstairs and says you are too loud and we hace question you work just in your house or work at ours too, our maid is on leave. Vibhu gets angry.
Anu says calm down lets enjoy, Vibhu says yes let me spend our second honey moon happily, Anu says not like this and whispers, Vibhu goes out rings bell, Vibhu walks in as rokm service, Anu asks what all you have, Vibhu mentions menu, Anu says what do you have in your heart, Vibhu says lot of love, Anu asks what will you ask in return, Vibhu says lots of kisses, Anu says agreed, so order me Shahi Hug, Romatic tikka, Vibhu says your order is ready, Anu says serve it I like it hot.

Tiwari makes a call to room service, and orders one glass hot almond milk, Waiter asks lot of questions, Tiwari gets annoyed, and cancels order, Angoori asks why are you yelling, Tiwari says forget it, do you smell anything, Angoori asks what smell, Tiwari says don’t ask questions and spoil my mood, Angoori says so naughty, Tiwari says come close.

TMT enjoying in their room, Teeka says so pretty bathroom, Tilu says the bed is so soft, I wish Hemla was with me, Saxena walks in, and asks all good, TMT say we can never repay this, Saxena says anyways, the rule here is only 2 people can sleep on bed, Tilu says no worries Let them sleep on bed and get me mattress I will sleep down, TMT start fighting about who will sleep on mattress down, all want to sleep down, Saxena says enough no one can get extra bed because room is for 2 and one has to leave the room, Tilu says I will join Saxena’s room, Saxena says I am staying with Tota, but one of you will have to sleep outside in garden below trees, so decide and tell me who it will be.

Amaji outside room knocks and asks Helan to open door, Manager sees Amaji alone and walks to her, Amaji asks where are keys what took you so long, Manager says customer is always right and this room isnt yours, she has denied to share room with you, Amaji asks why, Manager says she insulted you called you fatty.

Pre cap: Tiwaris and Mishra’s spend romantic time.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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