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Aiyaari – A RiAnsh/ RiHaan+ Kabbu fanfiction – Part 5


Above is the link to the previous chapter. You might have forgot what the story was. Lol.


Oh, madam. Zara suniye to…”, a not-so-decent looking man approached her.

Hum drop kar den kya?“, a motorbike rider blocked her way.

Arrey re, rukiye to. Kahaan jaiyega? Hume bata dijiye, hum hi chhod denge…

Another man whose face was covered with a mufler stopped her from escaping from the other side.

The man got down from his bike and the trio began coming near her, circling her from three sides.

She ran in the fourth direction, but the goons followed her. The area was isolated and there was not a single man to be seen.

Tired after running, she stopped for a while and looked back to see whether they were still chasing her.

To her relief, there was nobody to be seen.

She turned back only to feel a throbbing pain.

Backstabbers in the true sense.

Snatching the metal rod from the man’s hand, she thrashed his head with all her force.

Before passing out, she saw a tall figure running towards her.

Bass itna samajh lo ki sahi-salamat to vo ghar lautne se rahi…“, Ishani waved her imaginary wand in the air.

“Don’t beat around the bush, Ishani. Tell me clearly.”

Mom, maine uss Riddhima ke peeche kuch gunde bhej diye hain. But don’t worry, apki laadli bahu ko vo jaan se nhi maarenge, bass do-chaar haddiyan todne ko kaha hai maine. Ain’t I generous?”

Why do I even stay with these bunch of stupid people. Arghh! If anything happens to Riddhima, then…I won’t let this stupid girl spill milk over my years of hardwork.

“Ishani, are you out of your mind? Bhale hi tum usse nafrat karti ho,
but that doesn’t mean you’ll do all this. Goons, seriously?”

To kya karun, Mom? Uss cheapo ki wajah se aaj bhai hmare saath nhi hain. Do you expect me to stay mum and watch her live like a queen?”

“I don’t want you to repeat this
mistake.”,she warned Ishani, who rolled her eyes.

Karna hi hai to kuch bada karo na. Ye bachkani harkaten karna Raisinghanias ke khoon mein nahi…”, Anupriya smirked.

Riddhima stirred in sleep and slowly opened her eyes, only to find herself in somebody’s arms.

She chuckled, knowing she had begun hallucinating again.

If only her imagination would come true.

She pinched herself, but he didn’t disappear.

Unknowningly, her eyes welled up and a smile crept up on her lips.

“The patient has not faced any severe injuries. But she needs rest. She’s quite weak, physically as well as mentally. Probably, some recent happenings have triggered her trauma. If given stress, patient is likely to have panic attacks. I have prescribed a few tranquilizers for the same. Try keeping her in a happy environment. You may take her home.”

“Thanks a lot, doctor.”, he passed her a smile before going in the ward.

Riddhima ran upto him as soon as he entered.

Jaan…“, she cupped his face and peppered it with kisses.

She pulled him in her embrace.

“Hey, it’s okay” he rubbed her back, reassuring her.

The ride was silent but Riddhima was gazing at him throughout, which was not unknown to him. He could feel her burning gaze, and he felt as if she could see through his soul. Her constant stare was making him uncomfortable, especially after she had almost covered his whole face with lipstick.

Breaking the awkward silence, he spoke, “Now, tell me who you are and where’s your home.”

The statement was more than enough to make her numb.

“What? I’m not any antaryaami Aghori baba. I don’t know your location, man. Or are you suffering from amnesia or something? Gajni types?”

Her heart skipped a beat and her brain seemed to have stopped functioning.

“Wait, don’t speak. I know you’re gonna say ‘Main kahaan hoon? Main kaun hoon?Aur main Yahaan kaisi aayi’. Am I right or am I right?”

“You can give me the punishment you want, I won’t complain. Don’t do this, please…”, she whispered, her eyes reflected enormous pain and longing.

“Look, miss. I really don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re one of the girls who had a crush on me in school or college, I’m sorry to break your heart. But, what you’re doing is wrong. I have had enough, now please stop this drama. Bhalai ka to zamana hi nhi hai. Logon ki jaan bachana ghor paap ho gaya hai…Ek to doosre ki madad karo, aur-

“You are my husband, for god’s sake!”

It was the last strand for him. Applying the brakes, he spoke,

“I don’t even know you, then how the heck can I be your husband? As far as I remember, I am still enjoying the tag of being a bachelor. You cannot snatch my freedom just like that, ma’am.

Moreover, being a man with morals, I was going to drop you at your place, but seems like you have plans to trap me.

Sorry miss, but I ain’t a guy to be fooled. So, thanks but no thanks.

But, as I said, I can’t leave a girl in the middle of nowhere. So, the police station is right in front of you. Further, you may help yourself.”, he got down and opened the door for her.

“I’ll die without you.”, her scream dissolved into sobs.

She felt her heart sinking.

“I can’t let him go. Not again. No, no, no!”, she pulled her hair.

The fear of losing him had gripped her.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe and suddenly, everything blanked out.

(Sorry. I’m not good at explaining. Try watching the episode where Riddhu was having a panic attack. 👀 Kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes. My health was not good for the past few days. So, I have to distance myself from phone. Updates might be delayed. )

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