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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 41) Riansh Jealousy

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The episode starts from Riddhima who is utterly shocked seeing Vansh as the special guest.


Vansh came out from the car and stood in a stylish way.


Girls are fell for his looks in the first sight.


Ritika(student) : Wow…cute…handsome…hot. I only saw his photos in magazines, since that time I am his fan. I wish I could marry him.

Kriti(student) : Arrey, come out from your lala land. I am sure he may have a girlfriend moreover any girl will fall for his dashing look and style.


Ritika : Shut up. He is mine.


Ruchi(student) : No he is mine. I will try to woo him. I am sure he’ll fell for my beauty.


Hearing all this Riddhima lost her cool.


Riddhima (😡) : SHUT UP.

Riddhima’s POV :-

How can they talk like this about Vansh…MY VANSH. He is exclusively mine😤 Only Mine😤. This Vansh, What’s the need to get ready this much to come to a college after his marriage. And this girls, if its not a function here, I would behave very badly with them that they will not have courage to look someone’s husband. What will I do when Vansh comes in front of me ? Even I can’t take my eyes off from him. He is looking Damn cute and handsome 😎.


Riddhima’s POV ENDS.


Vansh accompanied by Angre and Principal came in front of Riddhima. She gave the bouquet to him with a fake smile and gave him a ” I’ll-show-you-when-u-return-home” Look😠🤬.


Riddhima : Welcome to our College Mr. Vansh Raisinghania.


Vansh : Thank you Miss Riddhima Raichand.


He gave a weight to the word MISS.


She gave him an angry look 😡 again.


Then he went to the stage and after many speeches his turn came.


Vansh : Good morning Ladies and Gentleman. I know everyone is thinking why I am stayed unknown these years regarding the college matters. But its because of my business affairs and today I want to tell you all an important thing. I have arranged a medical camp in a faraway village. When I visited there for a business purpose, I got to know that the health condition of the people there is very bad. There is no nearby hospitals and they didn’t got any medical facilities till now. So YOU, the soon to be doctors have to help them in medical issues. Day after tomorrow I’ll accompany the last year students to that village for a medical camp of 1 week. Any doubt ?


Ritika : Sir, do you have any girlfriend ?


Students laughed hearing her question, even Vansh too.


Vansh : What’s your name miss ?


Ritika(loud) : Ritika


Vansh : I have no girlfriend miss Ritika. Hope all your doubt is cleared. Thank you.


Then after all speeches, Vansh descended the stage. He is surrounded by many girl.


Riddhima is burning with jealousy seeing all this.


Vansh is happy seeing her jealous.

At that time Vishal went to Riddhima and started talking with her. Vansh is angry seeing him near Riddhima.


Riddhima saw this and acted like talking lovely with Vishal which made Vishal more happy and Vansh more angry and jealous.



While talking and laughing Vishal pats Riddhu’s shoulder in a funny way. This is the limit for Vansh. He came storming to Vishal and removed his hand from Riddhu’s shoulder. He gave a deadly glare to Vishal.



Vishal felt afraid seeing Vansh’s angry face.


Vansh : Don’t you dare misbehave with her.


Vishal :Excuse me Mr…(Vansh cuts his lines)

Vansh : Excused 😎


( Vansh rocked😎 Vishal shocked😲)


Vishal : Mr. Raisinghania, I am talking with my friend and she doesn’t have any problem with it. Then why you’re so concerned about her ? What’s your connection with her ?



Vansh didn’t expect this question. Riddhima also felt a little shock hearing this question. But she composed herself.


Riddhima : Answer him Mister.


Vansh : I…she…she is a girl. I also have sisters of her age and I thought you misbehaved with her. I felt she didn’t liked your touch.



Riddhima(hiding her 😂) : Mr. Raisinghania, Vishal is my friend and this is not a bad touch. We all pats our friends when we laughs. I didn’t felt anything bad.



Vansh didn’t liked her response and he left from there to home.


Precap : Jealous VR and RVR 😂




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