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A Change In Life – KKB FF (Chapter 14)


Hey guys, Iam here with my new chapter…hopes you all like this… please comment below….and sorry for being late. So let’s start.


In the room Prachi was sitting idle.

Shahana:- Prachi, what happened to you?

Prachi:- Nothing. Virat scold me.

Shahana (Laughs) :- what, don’t worry Vihaan said that he gets angry fast.

Prachi:- hmmm. By the way Sahana, how was the proposal?

Shahana:- What proposal? Who?

Prachi:- Tell me the truth, I had seen everything.

Shahana:- woh…… We were doing drama not real

Prachi:- Really?

Shahana:- (Blushes) haan.

Prachi:- Then why are you blushing?

Shahana:- That……. Prachi Tum Bhi Na.

Prachi:- How was the Centre Fresh? (Laughs)

Shahana:- Don’t tease me.

Prachi:- Why don’t, I am your sister. I have the right to tease you. By the way the proposal was simple, romantic, no drama. wow …how do you feel?

Shahana:- I feel complete Prachi. Every time when he was around me, I feel safe, happy. I love him very much.

Prachi:- Oh no….. My cutie syster, do I have to tell papa?

Shahana:- no Prachi not now.

Prachi:- hmmm ok

Shahana:- and Prachi what about you and Virat? All ok?

Prachi:- Don’t worry Shahana, he will patch up with me soon. He is straight forward, that is the reason but it’s ok.

Phone rings. Prachi coughs.

Shahana:- Prachi, you sleep. We have to take dresses tomorrow and day after tomorrow we have to go to Udaipur. You will get tired. So, sleep now.

Prachi- ooho… So, now you don’t want me, only Vihaan.

Shahana- Prachi….

Prachi- haan. Ok. Go. Now I am going to sleep.


Abhi has arranged tourist bus for going to Udaipur. Some had suggested for flight abhi but abhi denies it. In the bus abhigya was on the first seat, rheanbir 2nd seat, shahaan 3rd seat, prirat on 4th seat and others on remaining seats. prirat doesn’t Want to sit together, but Pragya pressurised them.


Abhi:-   Vikram, when will Mishti come? Its five years? won’t she come for his brother’s marriage?

Vikram:- Haan yaar. I had informed her. She will be coming with purab on Sangeeth.

Abhi:- oho…he is also coming. Aryan, you have to go to the airport for receiving them.

Aryan:- ok uncle.


Shahana:- Vihaan, did Virat ask you anything?

Vihaan:- haan, he saw everything. He was teasing me .

Shahana:- same here.

Vihaan:- really, Prachi also.

Shahana:- haan, aur prach even asked me about telling to abhi uncle, but I said no.

Vihaan:- you did good. I think we should take our time to know each other. (Hold her hands)

Shahana:- yes. Then, how about your family. You got new members.

Vihaan:- Haan, nice. But bhai…he is little angry with them, but it’s ok.

Shahana:- is he a angry man?

Vihaan:- little. I wish prachi and Virat love each other.

Shahana:- me too.


Rhea:- Ranbir, why are you not telling anything?

Ranbir:- nothing.

Rhea:- all good?

Ranbir:- yes.

Rhea:- are you happy with this marriage?

Ranbir:- everyone is happy. So….

Rhea:- I am sorry.

Ranbir:- for what?

Rhea:- nothing. What about Mishti. Is she in love with anyone?

Ranbir:- no. Actually she doesn’t believe in this. She just like to live in the moment.

Rhea:- nice.


Prachi and Virat was sitting without talking to each other.

Prachi:- why are you not saying anything? (Virat doesn’t move) Virat…..Virat…..

Virat:- what?

Prachi:- I am getting bored. Say something.

Virat:- shut up.

Prachi:- kya?

Virat:- nothing.

Prachi:- if you don’t like to sit with me, then why did you sit here?

Virat:- ohh hello, Pragya aunty told me, otherwise I wouldn’t sit with you.

Prachi:- you were my friend, isn’t it? Then what happened now?

Virat:- if my friend is doing wrong, then I will argue.

Prachi:- oho…

Virat:- aha…

Prachi:- you, Mr Mad.

Virat:- eyy, Ms Arrogant.

They both Smiles.

Prachi:- sorry.

Virat:- sorry from my side too.

Prachi:- then.

Virat:- what?

Prachi:- are you feeling good?

Virat:- yes. But actually I like to sit in the window seat.

Prachi:- but, I will not allow it. I have to sit here. Wait…. Do you want to vomit.

Virat:- what nonsense. No. (Prachi laughs)

Prachi:- tell me the truth.

Virat:- you.. (their head hits with each other)

Prachi:- it’s said that, once our head hits, horn will grow.

Virat:- so..

Prachi again hits her head with him. Virat looks at Prachi. They share an eyelock.



Paadunnu Priya Raagangal…

Chiri Maayaathe… Nagaram…

Thedunnu Puthu Theerangal…

Kothi Theerathe Hridayam…

Kannetha… Doorathe…

Kanchimmum Deepangal…

Naam Kanda Swopnangal Pol…

Lailakame… Poochoodumo…

Vidavangumee Ratrithan Vaathilil

Aakashame… Nee Peyyumo…

Pranayardramee Shaakhiyil


(It’s a beautiful Malayalam song from movie Ezra)

They all reach the hotel in Udaipur. They all get into their respective rooms. Prachi and Shahana stays in one room, so do Virat and Vihaan. Abhi had arranged a dinner for everyone there. After completing, they all went for a walk, while Aryan goes to pick Purab and Mishti.


In the airport

A girl is shown walking. A man call her.

Purab:- Mishti, come here.

Mishti:- haan, Iam coming. Uncle, Iam so happy.

Purab:- I know it. You wait here. I will call taxi.

Mishti:- but dad said that.

Purab:- Aryan, that idiot. You wait here. I will come here.

Mishti:- ok, uncle.

Aryan comes there running and collides with Mishti.

Mishti:- hey, what are you doing?

Aryan:- sorry, I was searching for my dad.

Mishti:- wait, are you Mr Aryan Khanna?

Aryan:- yes, how do you know?

Mishti:- I had studied psychology.

Aryan:- but…

Purab:- Aryan, you…why are you late?

Aryan:- sorry, dad.

purab:- hmmm, Mishti this is Aryan. (she smiles)

Aryan:- so, that was the psychology.

Mishti:- yaa. Can we go.

Aryan:- yes sure.


In the hotel 

Abhi hugs purab.

Purab:- you didn’t invite me for my niece’s engagement. I will not talk to you.

Abhi:- arrey mere bhai. You were in that important meeting, so I thought to not disturb you.

Purab:- hmmm. (To Pragya) hi Pragya dii.

Pragya:- accha haina. (Are you good)

Purab:- Haan.

Vikram:- Are, where is my daughter?

Mishti:- here my dad. (Hugs him)

Vikram:- how are you?

Mishti:- good. Where is Bhai?

Vikram:- in his room.

Mishti:- come, I want to tell a lot.

Vikram:- haan.

Purab:- where is the groom?

Abhi:- which?

Purab:- Virat.

Pragya:- in his room. Come, we will meet him.


In Virat’s room

Virat, Vihaan, Prachi and Shahana were playing Ludo.

Virat:- I killed you, Prachi.

Prachi:- no. You cheated me. You are a cheater.

Viraat:- what you had to move fast. You didn’t do it. So I killed u.

Virat and Shahana give hyfi to each other.

Vihaan:- Bhai, don’t tease my bhabi.

The trio looks shocked.

Prachi:- what did you call me?

Vihaan:- you are going to become my bhabi. So I am practicing it now onwards.

Virat:- oh ho.. Whom you love more? me or her?

Vihaan:- woh… I have to think. ( Shahana and Prachi laughs)

Virat beats Vihaan and falls from bed. The door was knocking and Prachi goes and opens the door.

Prachi:- chucks, (hugs him) when did you come back?

Purab:- Now meri Prachi. What do you doing here? Romancing?

Prachi:- No, we were playing.

Abhi:- Virat this is Purab Khanna. My brother.

Virat:- hello sir. I heard a lot about you.

Purab:- that’s my pleasure. Nice to meet you. We will rock it.

Virat:- sure sir.


In Ranbir’s room

Ranbir was sitting idle.

Mishti:- bro, what happened? Are you not happy? Why are you marrying Rhea? And that too Rhea. yack. Anyway it’s your decision.

Ranbir:- how is your studies?

Mishti:- good. Within seven years I would become one of the best entrepreneur. That’s my aim.

Ranbir:- good, then marriage?

Mishti:- actually, I am not in a hurry. So now, I am going to freshen up.

Ranbir:- ok. Aryan, can you show her the room.

Aryan:- of course, Mishti come with me.

Mishti:- haan. Bro, bye. I will catch you later.


Mishti:- Aryan, why bro in Devdas mood?

Aryan:- nothing.

Mishti:- ok

Aryan:- this is your room.

Mishti:- haan. (she slips but Aryan saves her and they both share an eyelock). Sorry.

Aryan:- it’s ok. You get fresh up.

Mishti:- ok. (Aryan goes). This boy is different. Spark is there. Will see whta will happen.



So how is it… please comment below….and support me…I will come with a new chapter soon. Hope you all are well. Stay safe. Byy.



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