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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya agrees to remarry

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a man asking Ishita to check his tooth and treat him, he wants to get root canal done. Ishita says I just treat the kids. He says please, I just want you to treat me. She agrees. He goes out and calls Raman. He says she agreed to treat my pain. Raman says she is the best, I m sure she will treat you well, that’s why I recommended her. He turns and sees Ruhi. She says I came to give you papers, I had to talk to you, sorry to take Pihu to Ishita without asking you, she was in much pain, Ishita is good in her work, so you suggest her name to everyone. He says I didn’t suggest. She says papers are upside down, I know its not a bad thing to praise Ishita. He says no, I just told about her. She says aw, you are so cute, stop it, you look good when you appreciate her, she

is the best. He says I m at home today. She says you have to come office with me. He says you all can manage, I want to spend the day with Pihu. She smiles.

Aaliya comes to meet Shagun and gets surprised seeing her like before. She compliments. Shagun says you always motivated me, I decided to do as you say. Aaliya says you called me urgently, I was scared. Shagun says I have a surprise for you, I want you to try these outfits, I noticed you stay busy in work, you don’t meet anyone, there is a get together with my friends, I want you to come, Mrs. Sharma’s son has come from US for marriage, I feel you should meet him. Aaliya asks how can you think so, I m not interested in all this, this makes no sense. Shagun says just meet him once. Aaliya says I have married Adi and seen it, I don’t want to remarry. She leaves. Mani looks on. Roshni calls Ishita and says I got bored, you locked me at home, it seems I m at house arrest. Ishita says you have to take care of yourself, sorry, we will go out.

Roshni says we will go on lunch, I m having chinese cravings. Ishita says you forgot you have an appointment with gynac, we will go there, I will come, be ready. Pihu tries to get the scrabble box. Raman helps her. They sit to play. He asks how are you feeling now. She says better, Ishita has magic touch. He says I will be with you all day. She says I love your company. He asks what will the winner get. She says whatever the winner wants. He says then I will win. Romi and Mihika are on the way. He asks how did you like our new house. She says why are we moving out, we have a family and children. He says they aren’t our children, they are Raman’s children, we did so much for them, what did we get, I m tired now, we will adopt a baby, our life will be set. She says I m not ready for all this. He says but I m ready for it. Raman loses. Pihu says I have won. He says we will play ludo. She says you have to give me something now, shall we go and have icecream.

He says sure. Raman says mum, I m taking Pihu out. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun called, she wants to talk, I will come along. They meet at a cafe. Shagun says I had to talk to you all, I want Aaliya to move on in life and marry, please explain her. Aaliya says I m not interested in remarriage. Raman says she is a grown up girl, its her wish, you can’t force her. Mrs. Bhalla says we just want her to be happy. Shagun says you want Aaliya to live alone. Aaliya says my family is with me, its a request, don’t say this, Adi never loved me, I think I should leave. She turns and sees Ishita. Ishita says Aaliya is saying right. Raman goes. Ishita says its just 8 months that Adi left us, Aaliya knows, whatever he did, he loved her a lot, please don’t force her, I know Aaliya well, don’t ruin her life, she isn’t ready for marriage. Aaliya recalls Roshni’s words.

She says Shagun knows me well, I will meet the guy, Adi didn’t love me, Adi loved Roshni, Ishita is taking care of Roshni’s child. Ishita asks is this not wrong if you forget Adi. Aaliya says you killed him and you want me to ruin my life with his memories, no way, I m ready to move on. Mrs. Bhalla says Aaliya has a right to live her life, talk to the groom’s family. Ishita says Aaliya isn’t ready, she is saying to please you. Aaliya asks her to leave. Ishita says I was just thinking for you, do anything. She goes away and cries. Mani holds her and says thanks Ishu, I knew just you can convince Aaliya. Ishita says she has a right to stay annoyed with me, I m happy she agreed for marriage, don’t know I did right or wrong. She says I miss her a lot, I miss everyone, I can do anything for them, I wish I could stay close, I m helpless, Roshni needs me, I can’t leave her alone. He says thanks for your help and goes. She says everyone hates Roshni so much, she is also a human, she also needs love.

Ruhi says I m really happy for you, you should move on, Shagun will find the best guy for you. Aaliya says so you got me here, I can’t believe you supported Shagun. She goes. Ruhi calls Ishita and says Aaliya is ready to meet the guy to show you, but I lied to her that Shagun has sent me there. Ishita says don’t worry, Mani will handle her, just force Aaliya, I need to talk to you, you should get someone in life. Ruhi says don’t start this now, I have no time, we have to unite the family. Ishita says I love you. Ruhi says I love you too Ishimaa. Ishita says I feel I did something good in last birth that I got a daughter like you, I m a very lucky mum. Tere dil ka…..plays…. Ruhi thinks like I got you and dad together before, even this time I will unite you two, I promise.

Raman’s alter ego scolds him and asks him to realize Ishita has killed Adi, how can she punish him death if he was in love with Roshni. Raman cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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