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Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev confronts yamraj.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with markande praying to mahadev and he says please save me mahadev. Yamraj’s paash is destroyed and he is shocked, he says I will not leave you markande. Mahadev and parvati combine together with half their body and they take a divya form. Both mahadev and parvati come in their form and they scream angrily at yamraj. Yamraj is shocked. All gods appear, with lord Vishnu and brahma dev. Mahadev and parvati get angry and say yamraj how dare you try and touch markande? Mahadev says markande is my bhakt and you wanted to take his soul even when he was praying to me. yamraj is shocked and scared. Parvati says yamraj, you will be punished for this, I will kill you. You came between a disciple and his god, you did not let go off your ego, you were egoistic of your power and you shall

be punished and killed. Mahadev says yamraj, you held your attitude above your duty. All gods say prabhu and mata, please forgive yamraj, don’t kill him we cannot let that happen otherwise the balance between life and death will be destroyed. Lord Vishnu says yes mahadev, killing yamraj wont be good for the universe, the balance has to be maintained, please don’t kill yamraj. Yamraj says mahadev and mata, please forgive me, I was egoistic of my powers.
There ganesh and kartikeya say mata, yamdev used his powers in a wrong way but he was just doing his duty, your form of mata bhairavi made him the god of death, so he was doing what he was suppose to because rishi markande’s age was finished according to the texts and according to what mahadev said, then what was his mistake? Mata kali says even yamraj asked the same question.
There yamraj says, mahadev forgive me, but mata bhairavi’s form made me god of detah and it is mu duty to take the soul of each person when his life is over, what was my mistake? Mahadev says I will tell you, first of all you sent your yamdoot’s to take the soul of markande, but he is a rishi and according to the rules, you are supposed to go and take the soul of each rishi when he dies, 2nd thing you became too egoistic of your powers and used the paash on me too and you insulted brahma dev as well that he couldn’t stop you. yamraj says forgive me prabhu, after mata had made me god of death, I had become egoistic of my powers, please forgive me mata. Mahadev and parvati forgive yamraj and mahadev says, I had said that when markande’s 16th year would be over, he would die, which means according to destiny he should die, but from today I bless markande, he will always remain 16 years old, that means death can never touch him and markande will never grow older than 16 years. Markande smiles. Mahadev blesses him. Markande says prabhu, I am grateful to you for this blessing. Mahadev says markande, the prayer of maha mrityunjay was spoken by you for the first time and you said it unknowingly, from today I also declare that whoever says that prayer shall be free from all diseases and they will never die in that age.
Mata kali says this way my form of bharavi’s purpose was over. Ganesh says mata, you did everything, after your form of mata bhairavi, what happened? Mata kali says after that, the tridev had asked me that all the people in the universe should suffer the fate of their karma in their life only and not after they die, but I denied this, so the tridev cheated with me. ganesh says what? Tridev cheated with you? Why? Mata kali says ask lord Vishnu himself. Lord Vishnu says the story.
In flashback, mahadev listens to totla asking forgiveness from him. parvati comes and says what happened swami? Why is totla crying? Mahadev says nandi tell what happened. Nandi says actually mata, some hungry deers had come inside kailash and they were eating some fruits but totla shooed them away from the forest by throwing stones, I could see the hate in his eyes, the scared deer ran away. Parvati says this is very wrong totla, you shouldn’t have done this with hungry animals, instead of welcoming them you scared them and hurt them. Totla cries and says forgive me mata, I thought I wouldn’t get fruits to eat if other animals ate them so I scared them, forgive me. parvati says okay, go now but don’t do that next time. All the gan go. mahadev says parvati, you let totla go like that but he should have been punished. Parvati says what do you mean swami? Mahadev says I mean, every person living should be given the fruit of his karma in his life when he is alive instead of giving him the fruit when he dies and goes to patal lok. Parvati says swami, I created yam lok and there I can hear all the souls who get punished, I hear their screams and pain, I am the mother of all and I cannot bear to hear the pain in the normal life too, I cannot let that happen. Parvati goes. Lord Vishnu appears and mahadev says, narayana, your sister did not agree with us, Vishnu says but mahadev, every person should be given the result of their karma in this life only and also in after life, because of that every person will walk on the path of dharma fearing that if they do adharma then they will have to repent in this life, it is very important. Mahadev says I understand and I tried, now you do something narayana! Lord Vishnu smiles and says I will do my leela, but since many days you and parvati haven’t invited, me and devi laxmi, brahma dev and devi saraswati for lunch. Mahadev says what? Vishnu says for my leela to work, you have to invite us all for lunch tomorrow, there my leela will work and mahadev you have to promise, tomorrow you will have to eat more food than usual, your role is essential in my leela. Mahadev says okay. Lord Vishnu goes. Parvati brings fruits for mahadev, mahadev tells her that he has invited, brahma dev and lord Vishnu, devi saraswati and laxmi for lunch tomorrow. Parvati says that is very good, I will start preparing with the help of all gan from now. Parvati goes. Mahadev says for me to eat more food tomorrow, I have to do a fast today, I wont eat anything.
Next day, everyone is having lunch and parvati serves everyone. Lord Vishnu says sister parvati, why don’t you sit and eat too? parvati says no brother, first you all eat, I will eat later. Saraswati says yes, put your plate too. parvati says no bhabhi, after mahadev is done eating, he always leaves something for me in the plate, I never put my plate, I eat what mahadev leaves for me. parvati serves everyone and mahadev eats, parvati touches her stomach slightly and Vishnu sees and thinks that is what I want, you seem hungry sister. Mahadev looks and keeps some food. Lord Vishnu looks at mahadev and then he says from mind, mahadev you had promised you would eat all the food. Mahadev says but nothing will be left for parvati then. Vishnu says that is what I want, you have to eat all the food, only then parvati’s mata kali form can be used. Mahadev finishes all food as promised.

Precap: lord Vishnu says parvati, you should be angry on mahadev as he did not care about leaving food for you. Parvati takes form of mata kali and she says I will quench my hunger, she eats mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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