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Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 25

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Hi Guys this is a my Silver Jubilee Chapter guys.. I am so happy to write this update. And since it is my 25th update hope you guys like it.. Sorry for the disappointment if you did not like my updates earlier on.

Recap: The Discussions, the Diary Writing

Same day at the Bose House, after Sanskar left,

Ragini had prepared both Adi and nandu’s favourite food as they both have cleared their exams. Both Adi and Nandu were deciding on what course had to be taken. Both Nandini and Aditya decided to apply for George Brown College. Nandini wanted to take up Mechanical Engineering and Aditya wanted to Construction Management. They had explained in detail to Shomi and Ragini as Swara had gone to freshen up.

(Shomi) “Are you sure about the courses, Nandini and Aditya?”

Nandini and Adi in unison “Yes Mom”

(Ragini) “Guys we can now talk over food. I have made your favourites”

Swara while coming down from stairs

(Swara) “Oh my, we are up for some nice family treat I see”

(Shomi) “Indeed”

All settled down at the Dining table

(Swara) “So both of you I did not hear the conversation of which college and coourse you both planning to go? Same or Different University?”

(Aditya) “Di, both of us have decided to go to the same college. This college not only helps us with studies but also extra-curricular activities.”

(Swara) “That’s nice”

(Nandini) “You know Di mine will be a three year program that would be recognized by Ontario College and I will get a 100% scholarship for all the years of my studies. Isn’t it great?”

(Ragini) “That is indeed interesting”

(Aditya) “I am sorry”

(Shomi) “Why are you sorry?”

(Aditya) “Actually mom, I have got only 80% scholarship and mine is four year program with one semester that will have field placement. So I will be needing fees for rest of 20%. I have my savings that I earned from my part time job and that comes up to 5% of the fees. Swara Di will I get an educational loan?”

(Swara) “Why do you need a loan especially when we are there?”

(Aditya) “No Di, I will do it on my own. Anyways I will be continuing with my part time job too. So just arrange for a student’s loan. Please”

(Shomi) “No ways that you are going to take loan. We have enough by God’s grace. Swara, Ragini and I all three earn and moreover we have enough savings that we can pay for your fees.”

(Aditya) “Please mom. I do not want to be a burden as such because of my parents you had faced lot of financial difficulties and moreover Ragini Di’s marriage is also coming up, I know we will require savings so I am not taking anything from you”

(Swara) “Look at this stupid, he speaks as if he is not part of this family”

(Ragini) “Swara is right Aditya. We have enough by God’s grace. And my marriage is Six Months away, we can again earn back. I am still tutoring so we do have extra income. So just chill bro”

(Swara) “Moreover, you and Nandu are equal for us. So don’t get all negative thoughts and let’s make it clear all the savings from your account will go to Ragini’s marriage. So you start saving for that. Is that fine now?”

(Aditya happily) “Yes”

(Swara) “Mom even I wanted to talk to you something about Adi”

(Shomi) “Why do you sound so tense?”

(Swara) “Actually till Adi turns 18, he has to stay at the Gadodias.”

(Shomi) “No he is not going to that hell again”

(Swara) “Mom else the Gadodias will take legal action against us. Side by Side even the adoption procedures can happen once Adi turns 18 because Gadodias will certainly not sign adoption papers. So mom we do not have any option. It is just matter of few months. Adi will turn 18 by October and then adoption process will get over at the max by Ragini’s wedding so he can definitely stay with us after that”

(Shomi) “But what if they harm him? What will he say if they ask that where was he for two days?”

(Nandini) “Mom don’t worry that he will handle”

(Adi) “Yes mom, I will handle don’t worry and I will leave by tonight”

(Ragini) “No you will not leave today, leave tomorrow morning but not today”

(Adi) “But why,Di?”

(Ragini) “Just do as I say, after that I don’t know when will I get to see you”

(Adi) “I am in the same state as yours I am not going to another Country”

(Swara) “No you stay here for today. You and Nandini can complete filling the form of your university and also I know someone from that University so they will take care of you guys at the University and I do not want any discussion on this topic. Now I have a project to complete so you guys can continue having dinner. Bye and Good Night. See you guys tomorrow.”

Swara on her way up decided that her plan is going to begin tomorrow. Adi and Nandu are going to start their new life. Everything was happening smoothly as planned. Swara then decided to call Sanskar. Sanskar was in his room thinking, as soon as he saw his mobile ringing he picked it up

(Swara) “Hello Sanskar, Swara here”

(Sanskar) “I know Dumbo that you are Swara, I have a caller id on my phone that flashes your name”

(Swara) “Ok you already know that both Nandini and Aditya have scored well. So we were discussing about college preference and both of them told about George Brown University”

(Sanskar) “That is the same university where FAB 5 are studying?”

(Swara) “Ya, the same. Actually I was wondering would it be wrong if I ask them to look after Adi and Nandu?”

(Sanskar) “They all are good kids Swara, I don’t think it would be a problem. If you want I will speak to Manik and the you can talk to him.”

(Swara) “I guess that would be better. By the way Nandini was sad that you didn’t come inside and congratulate her”

(Sanskar) “I know right, I am such a big dumbo. Tell her sorry and also tell her that Adi and her are going to get a treat from side and if you want you can join in too.”

(Swara) “Why will I not join you? You will not be able to handle two kids alone”

(Sanskar) “I don’t know if they will be acting like kid or will you be acting like one (Sanskar started laughing)”

(Swara sarcastically) “Ha Ha Ha Sanskar you are acting very funny.”

(Sanskar) “Come on, don’t take it seriously Ms.Topper. Anyways ask both of them if they would be free this Saturday. If yes then I will take both of them for a treat for scoring such good marks and hopefully by then they would get selected in the University too”

(Swara) “I will ask them and tell you tomorrow at University”

(Sanskar) “Ok then bye. I will call Manik and inform you too. Bye and Take care”

(Swara) “Bye”

Like that both kept their phone. Adi and Nandini entered and asked how to start with the plan, she explained them nicely and meanwhile she asked if both of them were free this Saturday as Sanskar wanted to take them for a treat and they said yes. They also informed that both of them have submitted their forms online. So it is just selection that is left. On the other side Sanskar had called Manik

(Sanskar) “Hello Manik. This is Sanskar here”

(Manik) “I know Bhai. I have saved our number. How are you?”

(Sanskar) “I am good. How are you?”

(Manik) “I am good to Bhai, so when are we meeting you, Swara Di, Khushi Di and Sahil Bhai”

(Sanskar) “Very soon, so how is Fab 5 practice and all going on”

(Manik) “It is going great Bhai. You know we are having a concert this Saturday. Will you please come along with Swara Di? It would be great for FAB 5 and also our confidence will be boosted. It is our first concert and we really want you to come. Pretty Please!!!! I know you must be thinking that just because you called me I am giving the invite. But it is not like that, I was going to text you on Thursday and today was just Monday. Moreover the performance is at Riverdale East Park near your university and it will start at around 7pm. So please be there. You could even call Sahil Bhai and Khushi Di, but I need you and Swara Di for sure.”

(Sanskar) “I will ask Swara, Sahil and Khushi and then confirm, at least Swara and I will definitely try”

(Manik) “No trying Bhai. I just want you both to come. No excuses would be allowed”

(Sanskar) “Ok fine, Manik.”

(Manik) “Thank You so much Bhai”

(Sanskar) “Ok, Manik I need a favour if that is not too much to ask.”

(Manik) “Bhai, you can ask me anything you want. I am just like your younger brother so please don’t be so formal”

(Sanskar) “Actually Swara’s sister and brother have submitted form in your college and mostly they would get selected because of their grades, I just want you to take care of them, they are family and both Swara and I trust you, so if that will not be a problem……”

(Manik) “Don’t worry we FAB 5 will take good care of Nandini and Aditya if they get admission in our college and this is a promise. Please ask Swara Di not to get tensed up and she can just be assured of everything.

(Sanskar) “Thank You Manik”

(Manik) “Thank you will only be accepted when you come to FAB 5’s concert”

(Sanskar) “Ok done. We will see you on Saturday, Pakka”

(Manik) “Thank you Bhai. Got to go as tomorrow we have early morning rehearsal. See you on Saturday at 7pm. Bye”

(Sanskar) “Bye and all the best”

Saying this they kept the phone. Sanskar then immediately called Swara

(Sanskar) “Hello Swara”

(Swara) “Tell me Sanskar, how come you called so soon”

(Sanskar) “I spoke to Manik and he said you not to worry”

(Swara) “That’s nice and also Nandini and Aditya are free”

(Sanskar) “Acha Manik was also telling that this Saturday FAB 5 is having their first concert, so he was literally pleading us to come, so can we go?”

(Swara)                “That is not a problem but should we cancel the plan with Nandu and Adi?”

(Sanskar) “No please. I have everything sorted. We could start say around 10 in the morning and go to Wet ‘n’ Wild then from there we will attend his concert at 7. The concert is happening at Riverdale East Park near our university, so I guess we could do both on the same day. You don’t have to cancel any plan. We will get change of clothes and even Aditya and Nandini can come they will have a full day out”

(Swara) “Sounds like a plan Mr.Maheshwari. Ok then let’s do it. I hope Adi and Nandu enjoy too.”

(Sanskar) “They will have fun don’t worry, so its already late in night, so let’s hit the bed and even Sahil is coming for a night stay so bye”

(Swara) “Have fun and Good Night”

(Third Person’s POV)

The next day came by fast, Aditya had set his journey to the Gadodia House again, though Shomi and Ragini were against it, Aditya had made his decision of leaving the Bose House. Swara, Nandu and Adi had re-discussed all the plans. They found out from RP that Sakshi and Shekhar were still staying in some hotel, so Adi would had enough time to prepare his Act. Laksh and Sahil kept all the spy cams ready, so they decided that they would install all this once Adi reaches Gadodia Mansion. In college everything was smooth enough and both Sahil and Khushi told that they would accompany them to the concert on Saturday.

In the evening, Adi reached Gadodia mansion, Sahil and Nandu had also reached and set up the spy cams as directed by Adi. They were those places where Shekhar and Sakshi spent more time. They also hid spy cams in few of their accessories and stuff so that they were full proof in their plan. Later on Adi had called up Shekhar and Sakshi asking about their whereabouts. He told them a fake story of how Swara had tortured him and how from past three days he has been waiting for them. He also told them about his result. They told that they would come right away and by this calling back Sakshi and Shekhar into the trap was successful. Sahil and Nandu left once they checked everything.

Precap : Same as the Last one

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