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Swasan ff – Junoon wala ishq (part 3)

Hi guys am swarnaragput here



After finishing his work he return to his room,oops swasan room😉🙈


He see that swara has changed into her night suit and arranging a bed on the couch….


Let’s see what the idea😉


Sanskar; what are you doing Jaan????


Swara looks at him then ignore him and start arranging a bed


Swara; can’t u see???? prepare my bed……


Sanskar; u don’t sleep on the couch???? U sleep on the bed…


Swara; what????? (Glare him)


Sanskar; yes…


Swara; so,u r sleeping on couch or what???


Sanskar;no,i will not sleep on couch


Swara; then,i will sleep on couch


Sanskar(fake anger); can’t u understand my word on first attempt???I said u didn’t sleep on couch,u will sleep with me


Swara is more shocked with his words….and regain sense after sometime


Swara: sleep with u…on the same bed!!!!huh in your dreams….!!!!!


Sanskar(naughtily);I know,i know Jaan…u will not control urself over my hotness


Swara narrows her eyes


And sanskar winked at her😉


Swara; never!!!!


Sanskar came near towards swara and swara start move back..


And sanskar is hell near swara


Sanskar; Jaan,u didn’t effect when I came near u????


And blew the air near her neck


Swasan have an beautiful eyelock


Swara;(stammer); no,i never feee…ll for u… 1


Sanskar start caring her face with his finger


Sanskar; is,it then prove me Japan…


Swara push sanskar away and lies on bed and cover herself with blanket…

Swara; challenge accepted…


Sanskar smirked seeing this and naughtily came toward his side on bed and lies near swara


Sanskar; good night jaan…


Swara didn’t respond to him


Sanskar; jaan,if someone wish to u then u have to respond back


Swara didn’t move her face toward him and say with irritated tone


Swara; good night..


Sanskar; Jaan,am not in front of u,we talk with person by eye contact


Swara is very irritated now


Swara; what it problem sanskar,let me sleep???


Sanskar; no till then u didn’t wish me properly


Swara is irked now


When Swara changes her position,swara is shocked because sanskar pulls swara toward him and take her in warm embrace


Swara tried to escape from his grip but failed and swara glared to him and our naughty sanskar smirked at her and kissed her cheeks 1


Sanskar; very very.. good night Japan


Swara tried  free from his grip but failed,after so many try she falls asleep..


In sanskar embrace




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