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Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Shot 4 Part 1

Hi everyone how are u all ?
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Recap: Laksh says he is in love
DP: Who will love u Laksh
AP: Haa
Laksh: maa
AP: What
Laksh: Iam in love and she also loves me i’ll only marry her
DP: And who is that girl
Lkash: i cant tell anything about her now papa
AP: Arrey but why?
Laksh: security isues
AP: Huh
Laksh goes.
DP: Arrey what is with him
AP: I dont knw ji aapka beta hain aap jaane
Saying this AP goes
Nxt day
Ragini reaches Office.
Laksh : gud morning Ragini ma’am
Ragini turns and sees Laksh there
Ragini: what happened Mr.Maheshwari today also on tym
Ragini smiles.
And goes
Laksh(in mind): isse smile karna bhi aatha hain..
@ Noon
Everyone is leaving
Laksh sees this
Laksh(in mind): kahi issne sab ko fire toh nahi kiya?
Laksh goes to once employee
Laksh: Sara where r u all going?
Sara: woh laksh aaj yaha ki ek employee ki shaadi hain na so everyone is going for tht
Laksh: aur yeh Ragini ne permission de diya?
Sara: haan whats the deal in tht?
Laksh: kuch nahi..
All employees leave except for laksh and Ragini
Ragini comes out from her cabin
She finds Laksh there
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari u r still here..
Laksh: woh u gave permission to others for attending the marriage function na
Ragini: so were u not invited?
Laksh: no i joined recently only so tht tym she was on leave so
Ragini: ok ok i got..its ok but now u can go
Laksh: to attend the marriage
Ragini gives him a stern look
Laksh smiles sheepishly
Ragini locks her cabin and goes
Laksh also comes out with her
Ragini looks out and sees someone.
Ragini is hell shocked seeing tht person
Ragini gets into her office
Seeing Ragini like this Laksh also gets inside
Laksh sees Ragini shivering sweating tears coming from her..she is very scared
Laksh: hey r u ok?
Ragini goes to a corner and sits on the floor she is very scaredshe bends her knees and keep her head low
Laksh is shocked to see Ragini like this.
Laksh : Ragini hey r u ok…
Ragini doesn’t say anything
Laksh sits beside her
Laksh: Ragini r u..
Laksh keeps his on her hand
Ragini fears out.
Laksh: Ragini relax its me Laksh..what happened?
Ragini: woh woh..
Laksh: haan tell me
Ragini: waha
Laksh: kya hua Ragini tell me
Ragini breaks into tears..
Laksh: Ragini pls dont cry tell me what happened
Laksh hugs her.
Ragini also hugs him back
Lkash: now stop crying
Ragini: he is here Laksh..
Laksh: who Ragini
Ragini: he is here Laksh.
Laksh: dont worry Ragini i am with u..
Ragini: pls dont leave me and go LAKSH PLS
Laksh: no i’ll not go see i am staying here..now pls stop crying
Ragini hugs him hard
Laksh: its ok Ragini i am with u, u dont need to worry ok
Ragini nodes her head slightly
Laksh(in mind): what happened to her suddenly and who was there outside..and she called me by my name Laksh and not Mr.Maheshwari
Laksh smiles
Precap: Changed feelings

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