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Siddhi Vinayak 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Manbir is interrogated

Siddhi Vinayak 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadi wonders why Kanta is pointing her finger at Manjari. Manjari sits down next to Kanta acting concerned. Do you wish to say something? Do you know who is Vin’s enemy? Who tried to kill you? Do you mean I know that person? Are you hinting at Manbir? Vin’s enemy is his own brother? It cannot be! Did he try to hurt you? Lady Inspector remarks that Commissioner was right. Someone from Kundra family is involved in this. Manjari continues her acting. Was Manbir driving the car that hit you? It cannot be! Kanta is shaking her head when Manjari holds her face. I will help you get justice at any cost. Don’t worry. I am with you. Dadi sends everyone outside. Her condition is worsening. You can ask questions later. Everyone goes out. Nurse adjusts the pressure of oxygen.

Outside, Manjari says I

cannot believe how Manbir can do this. Lady Inspector points out that Kanta dint take his name. How can Manbir benefit from Vin’s death? Manjari says Shankar mentioned once that if Vin dies, his brothers will get the property. This is mentioned in the will. Police falls for it. Money makes people blind. They leave. Manjari wipes her fake tears and praises her acting. I twisted the game around. Manbir should be ready. This is a small gift for you from your Chachi.

Vin hears a phone ringing but it isn’t his. He finds a phone on the dressing table. It is Riddhi’s phone. What’s it doing here? He calls out to her when he notices that the last call was from an unknown number. He wonders if it might be her husband’s number. I will check her phone. I might find a photo of them. He is in a fix if he should check it or not. Riddhi comes looking for her phone. Vin hides it in a blazer. She asks Vin about it but he acts innocent. Her phone starts ringing again and she begins to follow the voice. Vin excuses himself on the pretext of some call. Riddhi finally finds her phone in the blazer. She also finds that ring that Vin had bought for Mona. Why is it still with Vinu? Did she break the engagement? She smiles.

Shankar refuses to believe Manjari’s story but she insists that Kanta was saying Mann again and again. Even Police said that there is someone in your family whose name starts from Man. There are only 2 people in our house whose name starts with Man – me and Manbir. They also said that I am Vin’s mother and I cannot do this. They even asked me if Manbir might have a reason to hurt Vin but I said no! They asked about property and I then realized! Shankar says the same thing. Manjari says it cannot be. Bhabhi and her kids love us more than anything else. It can never be. Shankar says they might be right. She asks him if he thinks Manbir can do something like that for property. Gauri asks them to come downstairs. Police is here.

Police is interrogating Manbir. He reasons that he has no such thought in his mind. Inspector shares that Kanta was taking his name only. He replies that he met her only once during Vin’s wedding. They ask him to come to police irrespective of whatever they might think but he refuses. Shankar and Manjari come there as well. Shankar asks Manbir to go if he really is innocent. I know you well which is why I am telling you to go. Manjari asks her husband what he is saying. Why would my Manbir go to police station? He cannot do this! Manbir’s brother refuses to let his brother go. Lady Inspector tells them not to force them to issue a warrant. He will have to come. Gauri begs police not to do so but in vain. Manjari thinks Shankar is such a fool. It is so easy to fool him in the same of the son who does not even talk to him nicely. She acts to comfort Gauri. Someone had to be the scapegoat after all!

Riddhi and Vin are in the car. She remarks that some fool tried to unlock her phone many times with the incorrect code and it is now locked. How did it end up in your blazer’s pocket? He says even I fail to understand that. She tells him that she also found something else in his blazer’s pocket. She shows the ring to him. It is the same one that you gave to Mona, right? He nods. From where did you get it? She replies that she got hold of it when she was taking out her phone. It seems as if Mona refused to accept the ring. She laughs. I feel so pained. He says you seem to be thrilled instead. She denies. This is the smile of sadness. Vin gets a call from Manbir and is shocked. I will just come. He asks driver to take them to police station asap.

Gauri ji wonders why Kanta took her husband’s name. Manbir ji is trying to kill Vin? What’s the new twist? Prachi taunts her on being absentminded. Maybe the fake police in front of whom we confessed everything out of fear. Gauri calls it impossible when Rajvir instead points fingers at Gauri. She asks him if he has lost his mind. He denies. I dint think you will trap my innocent brother. You did very wrong! Gauri tells them they are on the wrong track. Prachi argues with her but Gauri advises them to go to police station to help Manbir and get him bailed. Rajvir points out that Manbir has been taken for only interrogation. Prachi worries that they can meet the same fate. Vin calls out to everyone. Manbir Bhaiya is here. Rajvir hugs his brother. I was telling everyone you are innocent. Vin asks Gauri to make something interesting. We will celebrate. Manbir denies but Vin advises him to forget everything. Manbir is sad and pained at whatever he had to go through. How can they even think that I would try to kill my own brother? Riddhi asks him to calm down but he refuses. None of you were in that interrogation room so you wont understand my pain. Please leave me alone. Shankar asks him what they asked him. Manbir says they wanted to know where I was whenever Vin was attacked. Shankar wonders why Kanta took his name in the first place. Manbir is also confused. Riddhi shares that she spoke to Dadi. Kanta ji dint take Manbir Sir’s name. She was only saying Man and Manjari Ma’am mistook it to be Manbir Sir. Manjari is stunned. She nods. There is no one else in the house whose name starts with Man. Riddhi says it is possible that Kanta ji might have been trying to tell us something else. Truth will be out tomorrow as Kanta ji is out of coma. She is on sedatives for now. We will find out everything tomorrow when she will gain conscious. I have full faith on Manbir Sir. He can never do anything like that. Manjari decides to finish Kanta’s story once and for all.

Shivam comes home and finds Juhi already asleep. He is puzzled. Is she fine? Reema shares that she played a lot with Mishti today. Shivam reminds her that Juhi should not talk to strangers. Reema says she isn’t a stranger. She is Juhi’s very good friend. Juhi enjoys her company very much. Juhi also made you talk to her today. Shivam nods. He is still puzzled as to who this Mishti is. Why does Juhi call her that?

Riddhi asks Dadi if she found out as to who gave the ad in newspaper. She denies. I spoke to the Marketing Head though. You can ask him. I am sure we will find out the truth by tomorrow. How is everything at home? Is Manbir back home? Riddhi says he is back but he seems upset. Once Kanta ji gains conscious we will find out everything. Dadi agrees. This drama will end very soon. They end the call. Riddhi turns and finds Vin standing there. Did he overhear what I was saying to Dadi (about the ad)?

Precap: Shivam is driving. He stops at a signal and adjusts his rear view mirror when he spots Riddhi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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