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Shakti 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Balwinder exposes Raavi, Jeet reveals his identity

Shakti 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harak Singh dancing in front of Chintu. Chintu says this is not dancing. Harak Singh asks him to dance and says I will follow you. Chintu dances. Harak Singh follows him and dances. Preeto comes and asks what is happening? Harak Singh tells that Madhuri Dixit is coming on TV’s programme Dance Deewana on colors, and asks Preeto to dance as well. Preeto smiles. Raavi tells Jeet that she is coming and leaves the house. Balwinder decides to follow her and thinks I will know today whom you meet. Raavi comes to the restaurant and asks why did you call me here? Jeet hugs her and says I thought to drink coffee here and then if you like…She hits him lightly. Jeet takes their pics as Jeet kisses on her hand. Balwinder gets angry and takes their pics.

Harman tells Jasleen that they

shall have something. Sameer asks them to order and goes to freshen up leaving his phone on the table. Soumya calls Sameer and thinks if he doesn’t pick my call then how I will get inch tape. She calls him again. Jasleen asks Harman to pick the call and says it must be urgent, pick the call and tell that Sameer is coming. Harman says how to pick someone else’s call. Soumya thinks she can’t work without taking measurements. Jasleen asks Harman to pick the call and tell that Sameer is coming. Soumya asks where is inch tape? Harman couldn’t hear her because someone is playing drum nearby at Soumya’s place. He tells that he will ask Sameer to call. Sameer comes back. Harman tells him about the call. Sameer gets tensed. Harman tells that he couldn’t hear his lucky charm because of the drum sound. Sameer calls Soumya and gives her shop address. Jasleen asks Sameer who is she? Sameer tells him that she is his half girlfriend and is a lucky charm. Harman says so it is one-sided love. Sameer says let’s have food.

Harak Singh asks Kishan Lal about Gill. Kishan Lal says as far as I know him, he will search Soumya. Harak Singh says Gill must be knowing Soumya and don’t want to tell us. Kishan Lal tells him that Gill has taken lots of money from them. Harak Singh says money is a cheap thing which changes a person’s loyalty.

Raavi comes home. Balwinder questions her and asks from where is she coming? Raavi says she met her friend. Balwinder asks who is her friend and shows her pics to Harak Singh. Harak Singh looks angry. Raavi shouts at Balwinder and says she don’t want to stay with him anymore. Chintu comes. Preeto sends him out. She asks what does she wants? Raavi says she wants divorce from him. Balwinder says I have stayed here as a Servant, but can’t stay here knowing my wife having relation with some other man. Harak Singh keeps hand on his face and says you made me feel ashamed. Raavi asks when you can get Harman remarried, then why you get me remarried. Balwinder brings his stuff and says I spit on such family whose daughter have relation with stranger man. Preeto asks him not to say that. Raavi says I spit on you who is a burden.

Preeto tries to stop Balwinder, but he goes. She raises her hand to slap Raavi, but she holds her hand. Raavi asks her not to raise her hand on her. Preeto says you have ruined your life with your hand and says I am ashamed that you are my daughter. She says I don’t know what is your relation with that guy and says such girls enjoy girl’s company, but don’t marry. Jeet comes and says I will marry. Harak Singh aims gun on his head and says how dare you to play with my respect. Jeet says I love your daughter, want to marry and spend my life with her. He shows them report and says it is our love proof, Raavi is carrying my baby. Harak Singh shouts and asks him not to tell anything. Raavi is shocked.

Jeet says I heard a lot about you, that you have a big heart then why do you differentiate between son and daughter. He says you worry for your son as he got married to kinnar and want him to remarry. He says even your daughter has a life and happiness. Harak Singh says who are you and how do you know? Jeet asks him to call Jasleen and asks her and says you will know. Harak Singh calls Jasleen and asks do you know Jeet? Jasleen says yes and says Jasjeet is her brother. Harak Singh is left speechless and shocked.

Sameer asks about Vat Savitri Puja. Soumya tells him about the puja, that it is for husband’s long life. Sameer asks her not to do puja for Harman and says he has no importance for you. Soumya says it is wrong to remove his name from my name, he gave me an identity and I can’t wipe it, it is wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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