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Savitri Devi 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi humiliates her family, Savitri throws her out

Savitri Devi 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer warning Dr. Kabir not to interfere between Sanchi and him and asks him to learn to be in limits before teaching him limits. Sanchi asks Veer to end the fight and asks why did he enter the meeting suddenly. All members leave. Dr. Kabir says I will not go anywhere. Veer asks Sanchi to come for Priya’s birthday party and say sorry to everyone. He asks her not to let him down and says I will wait for you. Dr. Kabir gets angry and says you will not go to that party. Sanchi says I will go to that party and will end the game today, as I can’t see Veer worried daily. Veer waits for Sanchi and checks her outside. All family members gather for the party. Dadi says it is auspicious moment as we all are together. Gayatri says Sanchi and Veer are not here. Dr. Malhotra asks Savitri

to give surprise gift to Priya. Savitri gives keys to Priya. Priya thanks her and asks about the keys. Dr. Malhotra says it is your happiness key. Savitri says your Papa got farm house constructed as you designed in your art book. Priya thanks and hugs him. Sanchi comes there, claps and says wow…She calls waiter and takes drink. She drinks 2 glasses of wine and says cheers. Savitri thinks what happened to her.

Sanchi comes to Priya and says what a destiny, you got farmhouse in birthday. She says bahu got nurse dress and says she is Dean Dr. Sanchi Mishra…Malhotra. She says what you made me Nurse? She says Priya, today is your birthday and got the gift also. She ruins her birthday cake and smears on Priya’s face. Gayatri gets happy seeing Sanchi’s madness. She congratulates her and says it is good, now you will stay in your house, and you are staying in your mayka since many days. Savitri shouts and asks what are you saying? Sanchi says I am saying right and calls her sasumaa. She says you are my saas and made me do work as a servant. She says there are many servants, but you made me cook food, and never let your daughter hold the glass of water also. She says mahaan sasur ji, and says you got shocked and angry all the time, since hospital came in my hands. She says I am your bahu, and asks why did you get jealous of my victory. She says my second saas and tells that Gayatri is useless and worthless. Priya gets angry. Sanchi calls her naagin. Veer comes there and is shocked. He asks her to come inside. Priya throws the keys and goes to her room. She packs her bags. Sanchi laughs. Veer apologizes on Sanchi’s behalf. Priya asks him not to stop her and says Sanchi said right that my house is my inlaws home and not my mayka. Veer says this house is of you also and asks her not to go, and says nobody has the right to tell you anything. Gayatri asks Savitri why she stays silent even after seeing everything. She asks her to speak up for her daughter atleast.

Savitri comes to Sanchi and slaps her. She holds her hand and says I did a mistake by forgiving you. She says you have so much anger and hatred for us and says that love and care was fake. She asks why did you ruin Priya’s birthday and want to send her out of house. She says you will leave from this house and not my daughter. She holds her hand and pushes her out of house. Sanchi falls down and cries. Savitri closes the door. Sanchi says I am sorry, I deserve this hatred after whatever I have done today. Veer comes to hall and tells Savitri that Priya will be fine in sometime. He tells that he has called everyone and told that the party is cancelled. He apologizes to everyone on behalf of Sanchi. He says don’t know what has happened to her, she is not like this. He asks where is she? Savitri says I don’t know her and says till today she acted to be good infront of us, and this is her true face and asks him to understand soon. Veer asks what are you saying? He asks where is Sanchi? Savitri looks on. Veer searches Sanchi in the house. Savitri says Sanchi is not in my house, I have kicked her out.

Precap: Sanchi is walking on road when a speedy car comes and hits her. She falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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