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Meri Zindhagi(AvNeil-Naamkaran Fan Fiction)(Episode 21)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 20th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

Today’s episode is very short. Sorry for that.

And yeah I’ll start AvNeil love story after sometime . But I’ll try to make it soon .

If you have missed the 20th episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 20)

Enjoy the episode.


Scene 1:
Outside the Police station

Avni is angry and goes out of neil’s room and the police station.

Avni: What does that Neil Khanna think of himself. Seriously he’s a Crack. His plan will definitely flop. I need to do something. But what can I do?

Avni keeps thinking.

Suddenly she gets a call from vidyut again.

Avni: (sees her phone ) hmm. Vidyut again. Now I’ll talk to him and tell about what are all happening with me these days. If I tell him everything I’ll feel relaxed. (receives the call)(in a low voice) Hi vidyut.

Vidyut: (in call) Avni What happened to you these days? You really seem to be tensed and you’re acting rude to me nowadays. Even yesterday you acted very rude to me.

Avni: (feels bad) I’m sorry vidyut. I know what I did was wrong. I was really tensed and pissed off at that time. I’m extremely sorry.

Vidyut: (smiles) it’s ok Avni. I understand you were tensed. Now you have to tell me what happened. Why are you so tensed these days?

Avni: ok fine. I’ll tell you everything vidyut.

Vidyut: Ok tell.

Avni tells what all happened. She tells vidyut about how samrat’s bike got stole on the day when they went to watch the match, and how she and police found that her brother Aman and his colleagues were the one who stole it, and how they got arrested and how they were helpless to do this work under K.K.

Vidyut gets shocked

Vidyut: (shocked) WH… WHAT! Aman did all this? But he’s is your brother right? And He’s the one stole samrat’s bike along with 2 other people?

Aman: (in a sad voice) yeah.

Vidyut: You’re saying that he and his colleagues did this work under some gangster. And your brother was helpless to do it?

Avni: Hmm Yeah vidyut. Police interrogated them and they found out that they were helpless to do this work. They even got the bail.

Vidyut: oh that’s good.

Avni: now police are planning to trap that K.K.

Vidyut: oh …

Avni: and I tell you that police Officer who’s handling Aman bhai’s case is insane!

Vidyut: (confused) huh?

Avni: yes that Officer Neil is so stupid.

Vidyut: (confused) Wait…. wait… Avni What are you saying? You’re confusing me. Who’s this officer Neil and why are you talking about him? Tell me clearly.

Avni: (in an annoyed tone) tell you he’s such a stupid person. He made such a stupid plan to trap that gangster. I wonder who took him in police force. I confronted him saying that the plan will flop but he was not listening to me and he shouted at me and asked me to go out of the station! How dare he!

Hearing Avni , Vidyut starts laughing.

Vidyut: (laughs a loud) WH…. WHAT? Oh My God. (Laughs)

Avni gets annoyed when Vidyut laughs.


Vidyut: (laughs) ok .. ok I’m sorry. (Stops laughing) .

Avni: (in an annoyed tone) Why were you laughing?

Vidyut: Avni Seriously why are you troubling the police?


Vidyut: (laughs) oh god…. listen to me Avni. They’re police. They know what to do. So you don’t do anything which annoys them. Don’t irritate them.

Avni: Vidyut ! Even you think I’m irritating!

Vidyut: (smiles)ummm … not really…..

Avni: (cuts Avni in between)so you think I’m irritating? Tell me? Tell me?

Vidyut: no….I mean … (Laughs) oh god! Seriously , Avni you’re making me mad day by day.

Avni: (confused) Huh? What did you say?

Vidyut: (realises what he said) ugh … nothing. anyways forget it. Where are you now?

Avni: me? I’m near that Caves road police station.

Vidyut: hey I’m in the nearby street. Can I come there pick up you in 5minutes?

Avni: Yeah do come.

Vidyut: (smiles) Ok I’m coming. Bye.

Avni: Bye vidyut. (Cuts the call)

Avni cuts the call and waits for vidyut.

In the meantime she sees 2 person in lord Rama and hanuman’s disguise coming out from the nearby temple.

After coming out, Those 2 people start smoking near the temple.

Avni sees them smoking.

Avni: (to herself) Oh my god! They both…. coming out from the temple and they’re smoking? Chi chi!

Avni goes near them.

Avni: (to the person who’s on hanuman’s disguise) (in an angry tone) Hey uncle! Aren’t you ashamed of doing this!

Person who’s in Hanuman’s disguise: (confused) Me? Uncle?

Avni: Yes you! (To the person who’s in Rama’s disguise) And you too. Aren’t you both ashamed of doing this?

Person who’s in Rama’s disguise: (confused) huh? Ashamed? Doing what?

Avni: you’re both are god and you both are smoking! That too near the temple! that’s so bad!

2 people who’re in rama and hanuman’s costume see each other and start laughing.


Meanwhile Vidyut is driving the car and he sees Avni arguing with those 2 people who’re in Rama and hanuman’s disguise

Vidyut: (sees Avni and to himself) yeah there she’s. (Sees Avni arguing) now what is she doing? Let me go and see.

Vidyut takes his car and goes where Avni is there.

Avni is still arguing with those 2 people.

Avni: I never thought you gods would do like this.

Person who’s in Rama’s disguise: (laughs) god? hey madam! We’re not in a mood to hear this lecture. we’re humans! Even we have the right to enjoy our lives.

Avni: killing yourself by smoking is an enjoyment for you both ?

Vidyut gets down from his car and goes near Avni.

Vidyut: (goes near Avni) Hey Avni. What are you doing here?

Avni sees Vidyut. And those too people too see Vidyut.

Avni: Hi Vidyut.

Vidyut: avni, what’s happening here? seems like there’s a problem here

Person in Rama’s disguise : (to Vidyut) sir, there’s no problem sir. This madam is only troubling us!

Avni: Don’t listen to them Vidyut! See these to Gods are smoking! That too out side the temple.

Vidyut: (rolls his eyes) oh god…. Avni. Let them do whatever they want!

Person who’s in hanuman’s disguise: (pointing towards Vidyut)yeah this person is right. (in an angry tone) (to Avni)You mind own business madam. And yeah we’re humans. Not god. We’re just in disguise. Now please leave us!

When they say they’re in disguise, Avni starts thinking.

Avni: (thinks) Disguise….. disguise …. so …. so if we go to K.K’s place in disguise no one can doubt us! Oh god. Why didn’t I think about this first?

Avni gets an idea and she still keeps thinking .

Meantime some people see Vidyut and they come near him.

Person1: Hey! Hey! I have seen you somewhere. Your that …. that .. that …. Yeah! I got it! You’re that famous music director Vidyut.K right!

Vidyut: ugh yeah.

Everyone push Avni and go near vidyut. Crowd gathers Around Vidyut.

Crowd: everyone see! Look who’s here! He’s that famous Music director Vidyut !

Person2: (to others) hey see! Vidyut sir is here. (Takes a note pad and pen and gives it to Vidyut) sir , please sign this.

2 people who’re in disguise gets surprised.

the person who’s in hanuman’s disguise: oh my god! Music director Vidyut.K ! Finally I’m meeting a famous person. I’m so happy now.

Person who’s in Rama’s disguise: (To vidyut) sir , sir can take a selfie with you?

Vidyut: ugh… Ug.. yeah , yeah sure.

The 2 people who’re in Rama and hanuman’s disguise take selfie.

Vidyut tries to move from the crowd but they’re not letting him move. Avni sees this and goes near him and holds vidyut’s arm and she drags him away from the crowd. Vidyut gets surprised and happy when Avni held his arm.

Avni:(to the crowd) Sorry, Sorry people. Vidyut sir has to go now. He’s a very busy man. Sorry, sorry …. let us move.

Vidyut and Avni move out from the crowd.

Vidyut: (gets relieved) thank god. You saved me Avni.

Avni: Hmm. Now come. Let’s go. Follow me.

Vidyut: huh? follow you? But where?

Avni: (rolls her eyes) don’t question me. Just follow me.

Vidyut: (smiles) Ok.

Vidyut and Avni start walking towards the police station.

Vidyut: (confused) (to avni) where are you taking me?

Avni: police station.

Vidyut: (panics) wh… WHAT! Police station?

Avni: yeah.

Vidyut: av… Avni … what did I do? I know you’re angry with those two guys who were smoking but what did I do? Why are you taking me to police station.

Vidyut and Avni stop walking and they’re standing outside the station.

Avni: come let’s go in.

Vidyut: What the hell did I do and why did you bring me to police station now!

Avni: (rolls her eyes) You dumbo! You didn’t do anything. Remember I was telling you about my brother’s case?

Vidyut: Hmm Yeah?

Avni: and I even told you that police were planning to trap gangster K.K? Remember?

Vidyut: yeah I do.

Avni: And I even told that crack officer Neil told a stupid plan?

Vidyut: yeah. And Avni, respect the officer. Don’t make fun of them.

Avni: (rolls her eyes) fine! now just listen to me. I have a very good plan to trap K.K. And I’m going to tell them about my plan.

Vidyut: Avni. I already told you. Police know what they should do. You don’t interfere.

Avni: I don’t care about all that. well now we’re going in and yeah you’re going to help me in this plan.

Vidyut: (shocked) ME!

Avni: yeah you. Who else?

Vidyut: No way! I have no idea about this and I’m not going to get involved in all these!

Avni: You’re helping me and that’s final!

Vidyut: Avni please! I don’t want to…

Avni: (cuts Vidyut in between) please Vidyut. You’re the only person who understands me well and support me. And now even you’re not agreeing with me.

Vidyut: but……

Avni: please.. please… please Vidyut.

Vidyut: (rolls his eyes) Fine. Now tell what should I do.

Avni: I’ll tell afterwards. Now let’s go inside the station now.

Vidyut and Avni enter the police station.

Scene 2:
Police station – Neil’s room.

Neeraj, Neil , his team mates (DD,Jaspreet,Suketu,Nishant and Kamal), Aman, dushyant and Umesh are seen discussing about the case.

Neil: so we have planned everything. So we have to be successful in catching that gangster.

Aman: Hmm Yeah. I hope so.

Suddenly Avni enters Neil’s room with Vidyut. Everyone in the room stare at Avni and Vidyut.

Aman: (to Avni) Avni you again?

Avni: yes bhai. It’s me.

Neil: (rolls his eyes) ( gets up from his chair) I asked you not to come here again right? Now what made you come here?

Neil sees Vidyut.

Neil: (to Vidyut) you? You’re that famous music director Vidyut right?

Vidyut: Yes.

Avni: Yeah he’s that famous music director Vidyut. He’s my friend too. I was the one who brought him here so that we can trap that K.K with Vidyut’s help.

Neil: (to Avni) oh really? Now tell me what made you come here and why did you bring Mr.Vidyut here and you’re wasting his time and our time?

Avni: I’m now wasting your time or Vidyut’s time. I have a plan in my mind to trap K.K.

Neil: oh. But no thanks. We have already planned everything. So we’re not willing to listen and execute your boring plan.

Avni: you can at least listen to it!

Aman: Avni please. Go home now.

Avni: no I won’t go home until you all listen to my plan. And Mr.Neil, you have to listen to my plan.

Neil: I’m not willing to listen to it.

Avni: You have to!

Vidyut: Avni you’re being stubborn. Please don’t disturb them.

Aman: Avni we have planned everything. We don’t want to change everything.

Neil: Yeah. I don’t want any changes in the plan. And Aman please take your sister out….

Avni: (cuts Neil in between) Fine. I’ll go out. But before that at least listen to my plan.

Neeraj: bhai , let’s give her a chance to explain.

Neil: but Neeraj we have …

DD: (cuts Neil in between) sir, let’s give miss Avni a chance to tell what’s her plan.

Neil sees Avni.

Neil: Ok fine. Tell your plan Avni.

Avni: Ok fine. I’ll tell you how I got this idea. Today I saw 2 people in lord Rama and hanuman’s disguise….. So like that…

Neeraj: (cuts Avni in between) so are you trying to saying that we have to go to Raang Mahal in Rama’s costume to catch K.K? Is it?

Avni: (rolls her eyes) oh god! Mr.Neeraj Listen to me first. I’m just trying to say that we can go in disguise to K.K’s place to catch him. If we go in disguise then no one will be able to identify. I’ll even tell how we can go to K.K’s place.

Everyone are listening to what avni is saying. Avni tell’s her plan to everyone.(muted conversation).

Everyone get shocked and look each other after Avni says her plan.

Vidyut: (shocked) WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS AVNI?

Avni: Yes!

Aman: (shocked)Avni are you mad?

Dushyant: madam what happened to you ? Are you crazy?

Umesh: (To Avni) You Seriously want is to do all these madam?!

Avni: yes I’m serious. I tell you if we do like this, you all can catch K.K and he will be behind bars.

Neil goes near Avni.

Neil: Avni.. remember when we met first, you fell down and you hurt your head?

Avni: (confused) yeah? Now what are you trying to say?

Neil: I think because of that you’re facing major side effects and you’re getting these stupid Ideas.

Avni: (in an angry tone) Excuse me? If you don’t like my idea then just say…

Neil: (rolls his eyes)(cuts Avni in between) Avni , you even have any idea how stupid and dangerous is this?

Avni: it’s not . I’m just ….

Neil: (cuts Avni in between) And moreover you’re trying to involve Mr.Vidyut , A celebrity in this.

Avni: That’s a good thing right? I just said we can go to Raang Mahal in Disguise like foreign movie stars saying that we’re shooting a movie in his place and We’ll make a deal with K.K like we’re going to buy bikes for a stunt scene And as you said ,Vidyut is a celebrity and he’s recognised by everyone. We’ll say that Vidyut is composing music for this movie. So if we do this we won’t get caught and we can catch K.K red handedly.

Neil: No way! We’re not doing this. You know what will happen if we even commit a small error? We’ll be in a big problem!

Avni: Mr.Neil just think positive. What if we don’t get caught and things go smoothly?

Neil: Listen we can’t….

Neeraj: (cuts Neil in between) Neil bhai… It’s not a bad idea. I think we should follow this.

DD: Sir even I think Miss. Avni is right.

Umesh: (to neil) Neil sir, I , dushyant and Aman don’t care whatever the plan is but we’ll do whatever you officers say.

Avni: I tell you all. If we do like this we can definitely catch that K.K. And Mr.Neil you have to agree for this.

Neil: No. I won’t agree with this. I don’t want to change the plan.

Avni: Fine then. You don’t do anything. I’ll do everything.

Neil: oh hello. You can’t do anything without my permission. I’m the one who’s handling this case. And you’re no way involved in this.

Avni: But if you follow my idea, I tell you that you can solve this case easily.

Neil: I’m not willing to follow your idea.

Avni: but….

Neeraj: Avni Wait. I’ll talk to my bro. (To neil) Bhai Just come aside.

Neil and Neeraj come aside.

Neil: Neeraj you’re supporting that crazy girl?

Neeraj: bhai don’t get me wrong , but now I feel like her idea is better. Because if K.K comes to know that we came to know about his whereabouts he’ll definitely run away from this place.

Neil: but Avni’s plan might also flop. Even if we commit a minor error, it will be a disaster. Moreover She’s trying to involve a celebrity in this case. It might result in a huge problem..

Neeraj: bhai just like Avni said, if this becomes plan becomes a success, we can solve this case.

Neil: but it’s…

Neeraj: Bhai, let’s follow Avni’s plan.

Neil: But …. (sees Avni)

Neil goes near Avni.

Avni: So tell me. Are you going to agree with me or not?

Neil: (rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath)Mhm… Fine. I’ll agree with you.

Avni gets happy. All the other officers get surprised.

Kamal: (to other officers) Seriously? Is that our ACP Neil sir?

Jaspreet: (to other officers) As far as I know him He never listens to anyone! How did he agree with this ice cream girl Miss Avni?

Suketu: (to jaspreet) I seriously don’t know who’s the police Officer here.

Nishant: Seriously I don’t know what happened to Neil sir these days.

Avni: (to neil) Good that you agreed with me. Good decision.

Neil stares at Avni.

Avni: Don’t look at me like that. Anyways I’ll tell the plan. (To Aman) Bhai now you first make a phone call to K.K.

Aman: (confused) huh? To K.K ? Why?

Avni: Now do as I say. Tell him that you 3 we’re out of station and you made deal with some foreigners who wants bike for their Film shooting. You go out and make a call right now.

Aman: (confused) ugh… ok.

Aman takes his phone and goes out to make a call.

Neil: (confused) Avni, why did you ask your brother Aman to call K.K now and say all these to him?

Avni: see I think K.K won’t let anyone in his Raang Mahal except the people who work under him and people who make deals with him to purchase his bikes. Well i told Aman Bhai to tell K.K that he, Umesh and dushyant we’re out of station and they made deal with some foreigners who wants bike for their Film shooting. If we go there as foreign customers we can Easily enter that Raang Mahal.

Neeraj: yeah! Avni I think you’re right. I hope K.K agrees to what Aman says.

Aman comes there.

Neil: what happened Aman? Did you talk to K.K?

Aman: no actually. I called K.K but one of my colleague Biswaas only attended the call as K.K is busy doing some nasty stuffs. As Avni said I told everything to biswaas. Biswaas said he’ll talk about this to K.K right now and call me in 5 mins.

Avni: (tensed) Will that K.K agree?

Neil: who knows?

Avni: I hope he agrees.

After 5minutes Aman gets a call. He signals Neil that He got The call again. Neil signs him to go out and receive the call. Aman goes out and receives the call and talks.

After 5 minutes Aman comes inside again and he seems to be relieved.

Avni: what happened bhai?

Neil: yeah tell?

Aman: biswaas called me again. He said that K.K wants to meet the foreigners tomorrow at 12 noon.

Everyone get relieved after they come to know that K.K is ready to meet them.

Neil: (gets relieved)

Neeraj: (in a happy tone) that’s a great news indeed.

Avni: (smiles)(in a happy tone) I knew! I knew that this plan will work!

Jaspreet: Thanks to Miss.Avni. She was the one who suggested this idea.

Neil sees Avni.

DD: yeah. Miss.Avni you were right. Thanks for suggesting this idea. Now I think we can definitely trap K.K.

Dushyant: yeah. Now that K.K won’t be able to escape.

Avni: (smiles)

Neil: (Thinks) Stupid neil. Why didn’t you think about this idea before. (To officers) So yeah , tomorrow We have to go to Raang Mahal in disguise as foreigners like Avni said. And yeah Well we all cannot be in disguise.

Avni: So I, Mr.Neil, Mr. Neeraj, Officer DD will be in disguise. Vidyut will be with us.

Neil: And yeah, We need to make arrangements for this disguise thing and all.

Avni: I’ll take that responsibility.

Neil: Ok … fine then. Tomorrow let’s all meet at 7am. Everyone should be on time. (To avni) especially you. Is that clear?

Avni: (stares at Neil) fine! I know. And I’ll try to be on time.

Neil: don’t try! You have to be on time. And others too. Now let’s go home and meet tomorrow. (To aman, dushyant and Umesh) now you can go home too.

Aman, dushyant and Umesh get happy.

Neil: (to Aman, dushyant and Umesh) and yeah please don’t get into these problems again.

Aman: (smiles) Ok sir. And thanks for understanding us.

Neil: (smiles slightly) anyways. Now let’s go home. It’s already late.

Everyone go out from Neil’s room.

Episode ends.

Precap: Mehta family are glad as Aman is back. Next morning, AvNeil argue about the costume and character. Everyone go to Raang Mahal.


First of all I’m extremely sorry for not updating for more than a week. I’m currently travelling and I’ll only go back to India on June 3rd. I’ll post the next episode on June 4th.

I know the episode was terrible.

Sorry for the short update. In upcoming episode you can see many AvNeil nok – jhok scenes . Sorry if you find the episode boring . I’ll try to give more interesting episodes further . And yeah I hope you all liked today’s episode . Please do read , like and comment if you liked the episodes and I request silent readers to read , comment , like . It’s a humble request .

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