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MERE DIL KI DUNIYA – part 34 & 35

The episode starts with ishu nd shagun talking a lot.
Ishu: vaise shgaun… Will u ve shower??
Shagun: yeah baby.. I’m so tired. I’ll go nd freshen up.
Ishu: hmm.. go that way. I’ll arrange ur things.
Both got up.. shagun goes towards a room, before she open ishu came running.
Ishu: shagun.. u go to that room.
Shagun: y.. what happened, y can’t I go here??
Ishu tensed: voh.. actually… This my roommate’s room… She got married nd left the room nd all her things were here.
Shagun: it’s ok. Then I’ll go to ur room.
Ishu: yeah.. I ve kept ur things there.
Shagun goes to fresh.
Ishu thinks: thank God.. again got saved… I need to lock this room.
She opens the door nd sees ishra’s pics nd smiles. She locks the room nd prepares coffee for both of them.
Meanwhile Raman nd aakash reach their flat.
Aakash: nyc yaar. Gud one.
Raman: u know na Vidyuth our MBA classmate… It’s his flat. I was in touch with him.
Aakash: hmm. Vaise where’s he??
Raman: yeah he is in office. Even I ve to go. U get ready nd I ve ordered breakfast for u.. it must be coming. Eat it nd take rest. We’ll party hard in the evening okay??
Aakash: k bye .
Raman leaves for office. Then in ishu’s flat, Shagun came out after bath. Ishu gave her coffee.
Shagun: hmm… Smells​ as ur Amma’s coffee yaar.
Ishu smiles: vaise what nxt.. where​ shall we go??
Shagun: shopping??!!
Ishu: done…!! U finish this coffee I’ll get my bag then we Can go for shopping.
Shagun finishes her coffee nd they both went for shopping. Shagun buys a lot of gifts for her mom nd dad. She also buys a gift for akhi. Ishu secretly arranges something surprise for Raman.. without notice of shagun where she’s busy shopping.
Shagun: hey ishu.. I’ve bought many things I’m tired yaar.. New York is so cool… It’s gud to shop here.
Ishu: yeah.. he stays in Raman’s flat na. I know.
Shagun: what abt going there??
Ishu: sure. Let’s go.
They reach to aakash.
Aakash: thank God u guys came.. I was so bored.
Shagun: yeah we felt the same so went for shopping. I’ve bought many gifts too.
Aakash: oh. Show me.
Shagun: no I won’t.
Aakash: I think u ve bought all the shop…😝
Ishu laughs.
Shagun: I don’t ve such a thought. I’m not like u. Stupid. 😒
Aakash: yaar what’s ur problem.. jab dekho u always make it into an argument???
Shagun: arey what did I do?? U r the one who make no sense. Y did u taunt me mrng…?? Just ​to make ur girl frnd bad??
Aakash: jst shut up shagun.
Shagun looks at him with anger.
Ishu: arey y r u guys fighting now?
Shaakash: r we fighting??
Ishu: no no .. u r dancing Hai na.
Aakash: ishu it’s not my fault okay.
Shagun: so u mean it’s my mistake???
Aakash: ha of course.
Ishu: yaar stop it na.
Shagun: 😠😠😠 how dare u…???
Aakash: I’m a very daring person that’s y I made u as my girlfriend.
Ishu: akhi..!!! Plz stop.
Shagun: what the hell?? U mean I can’t make any other boyfriend??
Aakash: if actually u wanna make, no one will dare to come to u.
Shagun: u can’t say like that. I ve my level.
Aakash: acha.. u ve ur level.. then ok, prove it.
Shagun: so u r challenging me..??
Aakash: what u heard is right.
Shagun with utmost anger: k fyn… I’ll show you what I am. I’ll make a boyfriend who’s more than ur level… More handsome than u. 😬😬😬 Nd prove what my level is.
Ishu: r u mad shagun… What r u talking???
Aakash: that’s great.. Dekhte hai.
Ishu: hlo.. what’s going on here… No one of u listening to me. U talking r arguing??? R u out of ur mind…??? Hlo… Do u guys get me??😠😠
Aakash: ishu.. y r u getting hyper??
Ishu controlling her anger: so at last my voice reached u guys ha.
Shagun: ishu… Come let’s go. I unnecessarily came here. Jst to see this mad man.. come.
Aakash: hey whom u r calling mad??
Ishu: we r not going anywhere.. until u guys compromise. Come on.. both of u end ur fight.
Shagun: I need to prove myself​ ishu
Aakash: I’m jst waiting for that.😏😏
Shagun 😣: ishu aren’t u coming??
Ishu: no not at all.. arey u guys at least think abt me…now itself u came nd started fighting.. I never saw u guys fighting like this… I thought u guys love each other some ki u can’t see tears in each other’s eyes … But what I know I totally opposite???
Aakash: hey relax… These r common for us.
Shagun came to him nd beats him: common for us…?? How dare u akhi???
Aakash laughs: shagun .. yaar stop it. I was jst pulling ur legs.
Shagun: aise karta Hai…?? U sat I think u r afraid that whether u ll loose the challenge na.
Aakash: it’s not like that baby… It’s jst for fun.
Shagun: so u wanted to argue with me for fun.
Aakash: actually yeah.
Ishu shocked: 😲😲😲 akhi what r u saying..??
Aakash: sry guys… I’m so sry. Shagun there’s nothing like challenging u… Don’t do it.
Shagun: I’m sry akhi… But the matter came to my ego. I’ll be to prove myself.
Ishu: this u didn’t do it right akhi.
Aakash: arey I was so much bored so thought of adding some spice in this trip.
Shagun: hm… I’ll make this trip more spicy baby… For u.
Aakash: ok let’s compromise.
Shagun: not ever.
Ishu’s phone rings. She talks nd cuts call.
Ishu: yaar raman called me… He said to come to his office… Let’s go.
Shagun: but y?
Ishu: we r going to be lunch there
Aakash: there???
Ishu: ha ha come on it’s getting late.
They leave for the office. Raman is in the meeting.
Raman: so gentlemen.. this is our last meeting.. nd I hope u guys like my presentation
Mr. Hall: it’s simply good Mr. Bhalla. Well we’ll talk to ur dad.. abt ur approval.
Raman: thank you.. Mr. Hall.
Mr. Hall: then we shall take a leave.
Raman: ah.. how abt lunch in my office restaurant.. a treat from my side.
Mr. Hall: ohh what’s spl??
Raman: ah.. it’s my birthday.. jst a small treat.
Mr. Hall: Happy birthday Mr. Bhalla.
They hug.
Raman: so plz go downstairs nd njoy the lunch.
Mr. Hall: why don’t u join us.. r u waiting​ for anyone???
Raman: yeah.. my wife’s coming… With my sister nd frnd… So I’ll be lunch with them.
Mr. Hall: okay. Then njoy. Bye Mr bhalla.. thanks for treat.
Raman smiles.. he leaves.
Vidyuth: yaar… Y did u say him abt ishu. If he say to ur dad then??
Raman: jst chill yaar.. he won’t ve that thought.
Vidyuth: what if he say…???
Raman: actually.. I’m planning to say them today. Do don’t wry. Vaise they may be coming r the arrangements ready??
Vidyuth: yeah.. come let’s go.
They went to his cabin.. there he finds ishu shagun nd aakash.
Vidyuth: hey u guys came.. come let’s ve lunch.
They went to the office restaurant. Ishra sat together.. shagun sat between Aakash nd Vidyuth.
Raman: so wat u guys like to eat??
Shagun: hmm wat ever. Vidyuth.. what’s gud in this place.
Vidyuth: well everything is gud in our office restaurant. But here pizza is my fav.
Shagun: oh really.. that’s so cool. Even I like pizza. So how abt a pizza for us. Someone don’t like pizza at all… But I luv it.
She says seeing aakash. He fumes.
Vidyuth: sure… I’ll get for us.
He went.
Raman: what do u want akhi…??
Aakash in a serious tone: I jst want sandwich.. one veg nd other paneer.
Raman: okay, u ishu.
Ishu: I’ll go there nd choose.
Ishra went to the counter​.
Aakash: shagun..
Shagun: no.. don’t talk to me till I prove my self.
Aakash: so sry yaar.
Shagun: shut up. Here… I’ll make that Vidyuth my boyfriend for one day. I’ll date with him.
Aakash: shagun u r not going to do that.
Shagun: I will Mr. Aakash. Jdt wait nd watch.
Raman like at them.
Raman: what happened y r they behaving like that??
Ishu: actually…
She narrates the whole story.
Raman: ohh these e silly fights yaar…. Leave it. Think abt me.. see we r alone… At least now give me ur surprise.
Ishu: Raman.. I ve planned. U don’t wry about it. I know​ when to give… Ok.
Raman smiles: acha… What ve u planned … I know it’s a surprise… But can’t u reveal it.
Ishu: no.. u’ll get to Know in the evening​.
Saying this she leaves to the table nd stars eating her lunch. Raman gave aakash his sandwiches nd he was his. Vidyuth came with two pizzas.
Vidyuth: here is ur veg pizza.
Shagun: ohh thank u.. Vidyuth. (She eats it.) Hmm.. u r rights it’s really so yummy…!!!
Aakash looks at shagun with anger. Vidyuth smiles nd eats his.
Shagun: vaise… What’s URS?? Shall I taste??
Vidyuth: it’s chicken… I think u won’t eat na.
Shagun: who said I don’t like chicken… In fact I love chicken. Come on… I’ll take one piece.
She eats the piece of chicken pizza too. Aakash fumes.
Raman slowly to aakash: akhi.. u don’t like shagun eating chicken na. But y she doing all this???
Aakash: becoz she want to prove herself. She’s making me jealous by being close to him.
Raman laughs: then y did u add pepper powder on her yaar. U know na… How she’ll react.
Aakash: it’s my fault. Kuch madat karna yaar.
Raman: i can’t help u yaar…tumari galthi Hai toh ab jhelo..!!!
Aakash​ makes a pout face. They finished their lunch. Aakash nd shagun were busy with their fight. Shagun makes aakash jealous being close to Vidyuth.. where he is confused at the behavior. Meanwhile Raman drags ishu a side…
Raman: Yaar I can’t wait what’s ur surprise??? See they r in their world of fighting vaise Vidyuth will manage.
Ishu: k fyn.. come with me.
Ishu takes him to a mall… She asks him to wait there. She goes nd comes back.
Raman: what r u doing yaar… I’m so restless.
Ishu: come let’s go into the mall.
They both went in…. Raman is so surprised seeing something…. Nd smiles. Ishu smiles seeing him.

Shaakash gets shocked seeing ishu’s surprise.

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