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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bahus comes up with an unique idea to save Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunti running out of house while Sarla is behind her. Sarla calls her friends and tells that she don’t believe that Kunti’s brother is a flirt. She sees her and catches her. She takes out her suit, but Kunti takes it and runs. Sarla says now I am relieved that I took off his suit. Kunti packs her bags. Kanhaiya asks her not to leave them. Kunti says I will hide my face and go from Meerut, I will return once this moustache goes. She says bahus must be laughing at me. Kanhaiya and bahus stop her. Kunti says what shall I do for the meeting. Kanhaiya says you have always taught me to face the trouble. Kunti says there will be many people. Pratap teases her talking about moustache. Kunti says I will become joke and people will send to each other. Pratap says people will

call her lady Ravan. Pratibha says there will be some solution till evening, says your meeting will happen and also the speech. Sarla, Meenu and other women come to Kunti’s house.

Bahus ask them to drink sherbet. Sarla asks them to call Kunti. Kunti gets worried. Pratibha asks her to come and take the mic. Kunti refuses. Kanhaiya says Kunti Devi will give speech and shows her big photo. Woman asks where is Kunti? Pratibha says Maa ji is unwell. Kanhaiya says she will give speech from her room. Kunti begins the speech. Woman tells that if Kunti can’t come here then we will go to her room. Sarla gets worried. Kanhaiya says Maiyya can’t meet you. Kunti tells in mic that she don’t want to meet now. Kunti asks where to hide now? Panjiri shouts and says Maa ji will come infront of you all. Sarla and others say ok. Pari says how will mummy ji come out, with moustache? Kanhaiya tells Sarla and others that Maiyya will come. Kunti comes wearing veil and lifts it. Sarla and others laugh on her. Prema comes there with moustache. Then Pratibha, Pari, Prarthana and lastly Panjiri. They smile and go to the stage.

Kusum comes with moustache and gets sleepy keeping her head on Kunti’s shoulder. She also goes to stage. All women coming there get surprised. Sarla asks what is this madness? Prarthana says this is not madness, but Maa ji’s lecture. Pratibha says it started and ended, but you didn’t listen. She tells that women are not behind men. They all talk about women winning from men in every field. Sarla and other women appreciate Kunti’s thinking. Kunti asks bahus what is happening? Pratibha says it was Panjiri’s idea. Kunti says Bholi. Pratap gives moustache to all ladies. They all boast about their moustache. Pari takes the selfie. Kunti sneezes and her moustache fall down. She gets happy. Pari takes selfie. Pratap praises moustache. Kunti doubts her bahus and says I will give the prize to that person who has stuck moustache to me. Kusum says I was the one thinking you are Pratap. She asks for the gift. Kunti beats her. Pari takes selfie.

Kunti tells that Adhik Maas started. Panjiri tells about the coconut miracle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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