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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update kulfis

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sikander says lovely today I want answer,lovely says I am not answerable to you,at least I’m doing something for my daughter,Sikander says why don’t you understand you are positing her career,Lovely says I managed today and will manage here after,Sikander says how will she record have you taught about it,dad says Sikander I will finish you and makes a call and says find me a singer better than Sikander I will pay as much as you want.

Sikander says have you thought of amyra lovely,lovely says about our daughter whom you don’t focus on,Sikander starts breaking things in anger and says it’s cheating,you and your family will never understand this because music is business for you people,for me it’s worship,lovely says stop worrying about my daughter,Sikander says she is my daughter

too,lovey sees Sikanders injures hand,Sikander says it’s not bigger than the one you gave me,lovely I need her hand and says there’s nothing bigger than my daughters happiness.

Jagira consoles kulfi,kulfi says I don’t know what I’m upset about,not finding my dad,being cheated or my voice being stolen,jagira says lovely ma’am cheated you,kulfi says why but,right left say it’s because we people are poor and rich peol take advantage of us and think we are fools,kulfi says I’m not fool,jagira says if this is so why didn’t you understand the trap,kulfi says it took time but my voice gave happiness to everyone,and I’m their friend and I was helpful,jagira says you are very sweet but that’s not helpful here,you need to be smart.

Jagira says it’s your take now whether you want to be good at heart like Sikander sir or smart like lovely maam.lovely blames Sikander on nimrats topic,and says you spoilt my life,Sikander says not a word,lovely says you love that women and not me and my daughter,Sikander says stop it,I loved Nimrat before marrying you,you cheated me after our marriage,now all things will be equal I will live like you,will do ever single effort to keep my daughter away from your tricks.

Kulfi says I will choose Sikander sir,he is very sweet,and his purity is seen from his music and if I can sing even little of his kind I will be so happy.

Kulfi wakes up,and checks her voice and is happy to have it back,she jumps in joy and rushes to jagira,and says my voice is back and asks why cleaning all vessels,left right say amyra sang so well so success party,kulfi says im so happy,jagira says he happy when this party would be for you,kulfi says she is my friend and so I am happy for her and we will have yummy food too since is party.

Amyra on call says my dad is so happy,and sees Sikander asleep and walks to him and says dada my friends are asking what you are gifting me and if I tell them you scolded me my life will be over and look your hand is injured and runs to lovely and says dad is injured,lovely says look my hand is injured too and your dad it’s enough of him,phone rings and says look your friend is along go have fun.

Kulfi looks at Sikanders hand gets haldi,and applies on his hand,and leaves. Sikander Wakes up and looks at his hand and thinks who did this.

Kulfi gives dadi tea,Sikander asks who applied haldi,kulfi walks away,Sikander thinks I felt Nimrats touch. Sikander has breakfast,kulfi walks to him and offers him to open jam bottle,Sikander sees haldi on her hand and asks you applied haldi,kulfi says ma use to do so,Sikander says why didn’t you tell first,kulfi says ma always said never count on helping things.

Sikander sees amyars performance on internet,and says this voice it’s so powerful,peaceful,amyra isn’t the real person who should be admired I will find the kid and he deserves this.

Pre cap: kulfi asks Sikander not to drink alcohol,and if he does so goddess Saraswati will take away his music,Sikander says how dare you talk about my music can you at least sing,kulfi sings.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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