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Kasam 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir sees Kritika in his dream

Kasam 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mahima bringing Malishka home and tells Ranbir and Balraj that she saved her from thief and got her purse. They talk her. Malishka says Mahima is like her mother. Mahima says I will bandage your hand, but malishka tells that she will go as her father will come. Jiana tells nonsense to Akki and asks him to leave. Akki asks what you will do if I don’t go. He gets angry and leaves. Jiana thinks what he thinks of her. Ranbir comes and asks Akki what happened? Akki tells that the mad girl is troubling him. Jiana comes and sees Ranbir. She asks him to think it as his home. Ranbir says it is his house only. Akki tells him that she is troubling him. Ranbir tells Jiana that Akki is his brother. Jiana says I will bear him for you. Ranbir tells Akki that it must be his mistake only as Jiana is

sweet and simple girl. He asks her to do the interiors. Jiana and Akki have a tashan. Batra asks Vikas to send the court notice. Vikas agrees and tells that prakash Agarwal is fighting case from Balraj’s side. Batra gets worried. Vikas tells him that he has a son who never lost any case. They laugh.

Pummy scolds Kritika for fighting with goons and threatens to send her back. Jiana comes home and tells that she got all sky in her embrace. She says she got job in Mumbai’s best interior designer and asks them to guess where she got her first assignment. Kritika excitedly asks whose house? Jiana says RBK. Kritika gets shocked. Pummy gets shocked, and tells ishani got an Adv with Ranbir Kapoor. Pummy says she will take out evil eyes off from them. Kritika tells Jiana that she will find a nice guy for her and asks her not to fall in love for Ranbir as he is a flirt. Jiana says I can understand and tells that Ranbir is booked for you, I have to search some other guy. Pummy comes and takes off evil sight from her daughters and then asks Kritika to take evil sight off from her. Kritika does as she explains.

Ranbir sees kritika running on road holding her stole and runs behind her. He comes near her. Kritika’s stole falls on his face. He moves the stole and sees her face. Kritika smiles. Ranbir says you? He wakes up from dream. Akki asks what happened? Ranbir says he saw that girl in his dreams. He says she is following him in his dreams. Akki says what is her name???Kritika and says she is coming in your dreams now. Ranbir says I don’t believe. Akki says there is some connection of yours with her. He says all girls see you in dreams, but you see her in your dreams, you think about that girl all day and talk to me about her. He says you never shared anything about a girl with me and now you always talk about her. He says it is not a coincidence and says it must be rebirth, past life, Tanu…he says suddenly we came here, you collided with her at many times. He says she is an Indian girl having an Indian name and asks if Kritika is your past Tanu.

Malishka acts and tells Batra not to drag her in his enmity and tells that Mahima is her mum. Batra acts as shocked. Balraj, Ranbir and Mahima look surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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