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KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 21


Shot 21 ..
The Episode starts with kunj opening the door to find his family was shocked too see them yuvi who came behind him even he was shocked seeing them there ….
You all are here ??? Kunj asked them stepping aside …
Why you didn’t like our suprise ? Usha replied him while Bebe too asked him ..
Haan puttar ?? Bebe said ..

Oh Bebe it’s nothing like that he said and hugged Bebe ..and met others too …yuvi too met them …
Armaan was peacefully sleeping in Varun arms kunj smiled seeing him ..
My champ is sleeping he said and smiled admiring him he was wrapped in a shawl
Haan he missed you alott Varun replied kunj again smiled …they hugged ..
Welcome kunj said and they all entered and sat on the couch ..
Ani plzz take armaan in room and make him Lay properly kunj said while ani nodded and took armaan with her ..

Bebe looks at yuvi and held his ear twisting it khote you toh forgot us Haan didn’t call even once she said while yuvi winced ..
Bebe my boss(kunj) is very strict you know na he didn’t let me free even for a second yuvi said while kunj throwed cushion at him …
“Jhoote ” he said and continued Bebe yuvi is not busy in work but something else he winked at yuvi while kunj signed him to shut up …
Twinkle who had been freshen up came downstairs and sees Sarna family she was shocked she sees kunj and yuvi having fun with them and smiled seeing “happiness on kunj face”

She went back to her room got ready deciding not to disturb his family moment …
She sees herself in mirror the marks on her neck she touches it and remembers last night a blush crept on her face …
Oh my god what have I done last night huhuh I wasn’t able to be away from him his touch remains same …but still huh no worries what has to be happen it happened already …she smiles again soon went to change …

Downstairs ::
So you all are looking tired get freshen up till them I’ll arrange for breakfast kunj said and all nodded taking rooms …
Kunj went inside kitchen and orders his caretakers ani and others for the breakfast they nodded kunj was with them only instructing…
Twinkle came downstairs ready to leave for office she had covered her neck fully with scarf she watched ani taking some spices in kitchen ..ani too watched her and stopped ..
Bhabhi you are going somewhere ? She asked while twinkle nodded ..
Yep office she said and left while ani too left …
Twinkle went from their to Aditi house and wake her up ..
Wake up madam how much you will sleep she said ..

Arey twinkle you are here ? So early !! Aditi asked suprised seeing twinkle there ..
Haan I came to give these files for the meeting you and yuvi attending today in Agra Twinkle said ..
You could have send by yuvi also Aditi replied while Twinklee looked on frustrated ..
Can’t I come to meet you huh she said while Aditi nodded in no ..
I was just kidding waise good you are here prepare something good for me Aditi said yawning while twinkle makes she will never improve expression and went in kitchen to prepare breakfast for them ..
Soon she made breakfast Aditi came and made lemonade for both of them she helped twinkle in keeping their breakfast on table both sat ..

Last night was so fun Aditi said starting her breakfast while twinkle choked ..
What do you mean ????? Twinkle said while Aditi looks at her ..
I mean see our shots competition after so many days we lived like before having fun ..getting out of control Aditi said while Twinklee too sighed that she didn’t notice anything …they both had their breakfast talking …
Soon they sat twinkle was helping Aditi ..
How you are going ??? Shall I drop you to ??? Twinkle asked ..
No yuvi is coming to pick up we will go together don’t worry Aditi said …
Haan okay then I’ll leave for office Twinklee said getting up …Aditi held her hand ..
You are hiding something ??? She asked while twinkle nodded in no ..

You are fine na ? She asked again ..
Yeah I am fine twinkle replied …
Okay then bye meet you soon ..
Do your best in meeting and I know you will Twinkle said they hugged twinkle started to leave when turned again ..
Aditi ???
Han say Aditi replied ..
Never compared my life with yours okay if you get happiness in your live which you deserved then grab it don’t let it go twinkle said while Aditi looked on confused …
Means ??? She asked ..
Think think you will get to know twinkle said and left from office ..
@ Sarna house ::
Kunj came back from kitchen after making sure everything has been perfect he sat on the sofa a smile playing on his lips remembering their confession last night …
She was drunk and it had an advantage too atleast she confessed that she loves me oh my god …after so many days I got her she was like my twinkle like before only not this Mrs sadu sarna he smiled closing his eyes …
Now sleep madam we have to go office tomorrow kunj said pecking her lips while she nodded in no ..
Huhuh don’t you remember i want to sleep listening to your heartbeat’s twinkle said pushing him on bed and coming on him she kept her head in his chest while he embrace her tightly ..
His thoughts came to a halt when Bebe called him he looked at bebe ..usha too comes towards them …
Where is twinkle ??? Bebe asked excitedly while kunj smiled …
May be she is in OUR room he said usha curtly looks at him ..
Call her Bebe said and left from there
“OUR”?? Usha asked while kunj looked at her …

What mom ?? He asked ..
You both are staying in same room ? Why ??? She should have been stayed in other room She said …shanaya too comes there …
Hah kunj let out a faint laugh mom husband and wife stays in one room only ? Kyu you and papa used to stay in different rooms ? Kunj replied usha and shanaya both were shocked with his sudden reply ..

No but usha was going to say when cut off in middle by kunj …
She is still my wife why I’ll let her stay in some other room..kunj said smiling and left from there ..
Huh usha said see shanaya how he talked with me Haan he changed again staying with that girl usha ended ..
Mom you only poked him why are you making him against you don’t behave like this or he will go away from you forever shanaya ended usha looked on thoughtful …
Kunj went inside his room but didn’t found twinkle anywhere he came downstairs and asked ani ..

She left for office kunj Baba ani said ..
So early kunj thought and was called by yuvi for Breakfast ..
Varun shanaya Bebe usha yuvi was waiting for kunj …
Sorry Bebe she left for office early kunj said …
Ohh Bebe replied …
Now you don’t have any problem with her working kunj waise to you have many problem with me staying away from home ..shanaya taunted …

Di I never asked you to stay at home I just told to take care of armaan as a mother and about twinkle she knows her responsibilities well I don’t need to remind kunj replied cooly while yuvi smiled seeing him …
Usha and shanaya looks at each other soon they all had their breakfast ..
Arey we all met after so many days kunj you have to take us for an family outing today Bebe said ..
Today ? Kunj asked ..
Haan today Bebe replied ..
Okay then get ready I’ll go office I have work for sometime then we all will go kunj said …
You all enjoy I am leaving for AGRA as I have an important meeting yuvi said and met them all he left ..
Get ready I’ll be back soon kunj said and all nodded ..
@ twiditi enterprise :::
Kunj entered he was worried about twinkle as he didn’t saw her ..he went in cabin and saw her working he sighed of relief …
You are here why you came so early office today ?? Kunj asked taking a seat Infront of her while she was still working didn’t glanced him once and spoke ..
I had to complete these many works so came early twinkle said still working ..you came to talk anything she ended ..
Haan wo ..last night kunj started to say Twinkle interuppted him ..

Their was nothing to worry about kunj as we are husband and wife she said kunj looked at her …
Hmm waise bebe mom and others came back home so they all decided for a family outing I came to take you ..will you come with us …kunj said ..
It’s good kunj I have many works today and moreover you said “ITS FAMILY OUTING”I am not a part of your family Twinkle said while kunj looked at her ..
No it’s nothing like that he was going to continue when gets interuppted by a call he talked and ended the call ..
I wish you would have come kunj said looking at her while she was still working
No no you enjoy she said ..

Kunj turned to leave but turned towards twinkle again …yeah you said right you are not a part of my family “BUT REMEMBER IT YOU ARE MY LIFE” he ended and left from there …
As soon as he left twinkle sighed “LIFE” hah twinkle said and continue working ..
@ Agra :::
Yuvi and Aditi reached Agra for their meeting they check in the hotel and went to change …soon they changed into their formals and was ready for the meeting.
They went inside and started with their presentations they were showing their presentations while others were too ..soon the meeting was completed they came outside after signing the deal both were really happy ..
Oh my god we finally did it Aditi said while yuvi too smiled ..

Yeah I’ll call twinkle and let her know that this meeting is completed she ended ..
Haan okay tell I have some work I’ll complete till then ..yuvi said ..
But where are you going leaving me alone here Aditi asked ??
Arey nowhere I’ll be here only I have something for you in your hotel room wear that and meet me when I’ll message you okay … yuvi asked
Okay she replied and moved to her room ..
Next scene :::
Kunj and his family was outing shanaya and Varun together posing for their pics Bebe and usha chilling out too kunj was waiiting for armaan to wake up he was sleeping since he came which was making kunj more restless armaan woke up and started crying …
Alley Mera baby kunj said and picked him up while he was crying due to irritation Bebe and usha comes towards them ..
What happen to him bebe why he is so restless today kunj said
May be a weather change Bebe said trying to take him but he wasn’t leaving kunj and crying n crying ..
Varun and shanaya comes towards them Varun too tried to handle him alott but he was just crying shanaya took him while armaan looks at her ..he went back to kunj all were busy in handling him …
@ twiditi enterprise ::
Twinkle has completed her work she looks at the table and misses kunj …she decided to call him but dropped the idea
May be he is having fun with his family I shouldn’t call him ..
@ Agra :::
It was evening time Aditi looked at the wrapped box she looked at it and opened it to find a pretty red off shoulder gown for her she smiled …she got ready in it looking hell beautiful ..she gets yuvi messaged and hurried to the place she came out of hotel to find a car for her ..she sat in it and her journey started
The venue was near taj Mahal as yuvi wished ..she went inside following the notes which had many hints …
She entered the place which was fully dark she looks at it trying to find yuvi she started stepping ahead calling down …
As soon as she steps bulbs started blooming in replacing the darkness while she was awed seeing the view …
Yuvi yuvi she called him out twirling here and there …
I never knew what it felt to love someone but when I saw you don’t know what happened my heart started beating …it said that yeah man THIS IS YOUR GIRL the one you are searching since years ..yuvi spoke coming from the front while Aditi looks at him ..
The first look the first I saw you saving that kid I fell for you at the very first instant your helping nature not caring for anyone and when I saw you at twiditi then I realised that we were destined to meet he said stepping Infront of her ..

Don’t know when n how I Have fallen for for deeply madly now I can just say this I love you so much yuvi spoke making Aditi shocked at his confession ..
She looked at him his eyes showing much love and affection tears started brimming in her eyes yuvi held her face cupping it ..
It’s okay Aditi if you don’t feel the same but I just want to say this he said while Aditi kissed on his hand ..
I don’t know what to say even I love you don’t know but yes I have fallen for you I tired to stay away alott but don’t know I don’t want to hurt you but ..Aditi said ..
But what ??? Yuvi asked ..

But I can’t commit I am scared of commitment Aditi said turning while yuvi was shocked seeing her crying ..
He makes her face him hey don’t cry looked at me he wiped her tears see I’ll never force you for anything take your time as much as you want it at all you will say that you don’t want me in your life nothing will change between us I am repeating nothing I’ll always remain a good friend of you yuvi ended smiling at her …
She hugged him tightly while he was caressing her hairs ..
But you are looking pretty in this gown come let’s have dinner he said while Aditi nodded feeling guilty of hurting him but she can’t do anything at this situation both had dinner while yuvi was trying to make her normal he was happy atleast she said she loved him but sad too …he decided to give her time …
Soon they changed into their normal clothes and was ready to leave back for Mumbai ..
Waise can I ask you something ? Yuvi asked and Aditi nodded ..

Why are you scared of commitment he said while Aditi looks at him I don’t know I never believe in love from childhood when I lost my parents after Chachu disowned me but Leela maa made my misconception clear by her love I was happy I started believing in love ..when kunj came in twinkle life both were happy they didn’t cared for anyone and got married but what kunj did we will never forget Aditi said choking up ..

Yuvi wanted to know why they hates kunj this much decided to ask ..
What kunj did ?? I am not like kunj He tricked trying to get some information while Aditi looked at him ..
Even kunj was never like that he used to love twinkle alott but he changed after going back to London he changed that much he left his wife and his baby to die Aditi said crying while yuvi was shocked
What ??? He asked baby whose baby he ended …

Twinkle was expecting when he left her she messaged him everything about her condition about her complications she needed him badly by her side ..but he never came he never turned back and looked at them once …and Aditi stopped palming her face …
And yuvi asked ..
And we couldn’t save him Aditi said while yuvi was shocked with the revelation he got ..he sees Aditi who was crying very much even he was sad thinking of twinkle what she must have felt moreover he was scared of kunj reaction on this he wrapped his arm around Aditi calling her …
@ Sarna house ::
Kunj Bebe and usha came back along with armaan who was in usha arms ….Varun and shanaya had to left immediately for some work so they left after dinner …
Armaan was still unstable usha and Bebe was handling him ..
Give him to me I’ll take care of him and make him sleep to just get me his milk bottle Bebe kunj said and Bebe nodded
He left with armaan to his room while Bebe and usha went to sleep ..

Twinkle came back to Sarna mansion she took a deep breathe before entering usha who was going to take water sees her ..
Oh so finally madam is here usha taunted twinkle ..while twinkle sighed looking at her …
What do you want ? Twinkle asked straight while usha looked at her ..her eyes went on the marks which twinkle tired to hide she got angry even more ..
Why I’ll need anything of yours ? She said smirking you are so Late girls should not stay outside for more specially when she is someone’s daughter in law

Haha ahh twinkle started laughed while usha Wass confused she stopped looking at usha ..and moves towards her Mrs usha Sarna you are just my husband’s mother not my mother in law so don’t even try joining any relations with me ..and what you said ?? When my husband doesn’t have any problem with me coming and going anytime then who the hell are you to ask me twinkle replied calmly while usha was hell shocked …
Don’t forgot this is my house I can kick you anytime usha said angrily while twinkle smirked ..

You are in so huge misconception ask your son on whose name this house is thanks to me I am letting you stay here be grateful okay now sleep mummy ji twinkle said stretching last word and left from there leaving a fuming usha behind ..
She directly went in her room and sees kunj talking ..
Why he is talking to himself she murmured and heard someone crying …

Who is crying twinkle said which gained kunj attention too ..he turned back looking at twinkle …and step aside revealing armaan ..
Twinkle looked at armaan who was looking back at her with red nose tiny tears in his eyes making him look more cute as soon as he saw twinkle he stopped crying …twinkle laughed seeing him making him angry
Woh he is Di baby there were out so I took him to sleep with us kunj said and twinkle looked on her gaze was fixed on armaan trying to control her laugh on the expression he was giving her ..
Hmm okay twinkle said taking her clothes she went towards armaan pulling his cheeks to which he started crying even more ..

Twinkle what you did kunj said while twinkle left for washroom without answering him ..as soon as twinkle left armaan started crying again …
Kunj took him in his arms handling him
Armaan plzz stop crying soja na mere baap kunj said patting his back but he was busy pulling his hairs and nose taking out twinkle anger on laughing at him he was taking revenge from kunj
Arey pull her hairs and nose she pulled your cheeks why are you taking revenge from me he said
Twinkle came out and sees them together standing she was enjoying kunj condition …kunj started singing Lori for him but still he was in full frustrated mode .. Twinkle smiled seeing them but soon something flashed before her eyes tears started forming in her eyes …
She took the pillow from the bed while kunj looked at her still struggling with Armaan ..
Arey where are you going ?? He asked ..
I have work so I’ll sleep in study only after working you both sleep she said and left without even waiting for his reply ..
Oh did you had dinner kunj asked and turned to find her gone already ..

Twinkle ran to study room and closed the door behind she sighed tears started coming out of her eyes she threw the pillow aside and sat on the floor crying her heart out just kunj with armaan was flashing before her eyes …
Why babaji why you snatched my baby she said crying alott …

Flashback shows
Twinkle was laying on bed while doctor was checking her Aditi was standing their worried for twinkle ..
You are fine Twinkle but you need to take care of yourself doctor spoke ..
How can I take care of myself doctor my mom left me alone in this world a week back twinkle said crying ..
But twinkle you have to move on you have to take care of yourself atleast in condition doctor said ..
Hmm twinkle replied ..
In what condition ??? Aditi asked while doctor looked at her ..
She is expecting doctor said while Aditi was shocked twinkle too she got up with jerk looking at doctor ..
Is that true ? She asked ..
Yeah I thought you have know if doctor said ..twinkle looked at Aditi both had tears in her eyes ..

It’s fine come hospital tomorrow I’ll do this necessary tests then will give you your reports till then take care and have something you need alott energy in this doctor said and left …
Aditi ..
Twinkle bothh hugged and cried
One side there is sadness of loosing mom and other side I am going to be a mom twinkle said keeping a hand on her belly while Aditi nodded in yes wiping her tears …
Kunj kunj I need him I need to tell him he will be really happy twinkle said taking her phone she messaged him everything …
Few days passed by but twinkle didn’t got any reply from him twiditi decided to go Mumbai ..
They reached and got kunj letter in which he stated that he married her for REVENGE ..

Hah this can’t happen my kunj will never leave me for anyone or anything twinkle said not believing they went from there ..
May be he is in some problem may be he hadn’t seen by messages too but what we will so now twinkle said ..
Aditi looked at the letter we will reply him back by taking the address from this letter she said and both smiled …
Twinkle wrote a letter stating him everything about Leela death and her expecting news she even gave a copy of her sonography reports finally they posted their letter ..
You see he will surely come when he knows it twinkle said hopefully ..
Flashback ends ..
I was wrong you still didn’t came back once to look at me twinkle said crying she started breaking things being angry alott

@ kunj room ::
He was pacing here and there armaan has finally slept after so much he put him on bed and kept pillow ..
I should check twinkle once she didn’t even talked to me and just left I am feeling much restless today kunj said gulping the water kept aside …
Twinkle had hurted herself while breaking things she sat on floor again and closed her eyes …
Kunj opened the study door and was SHOCKED …
So how was the Episode ???
Hope you all like it ..
I have been writing it from many hours ..
Thanks to all who had supported on last one …
Yeah your guesses was right what do you think if kunj had really read those messages or someone tricked him ..
Will he able to find out ???
Don’t think twinkle as weak person she knows to answer back very well 😎😎
Precap : let the emotional drama and action begins 😘😘
Bye allahafiz

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