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Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 13

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Episode 13

2 days later, Morning

Anika touched on her chest for alerting “She can.”

“So no need to hold your hand. Okay.”

Shivaay was about to leave her hand.

“Don’t do it.” just like that she nodded.

“Never ever.”, he replied while descending the steps with her. Shivaay just took a look at her whole. He was about fall off after noticing her breath taking avatar. Just like life is reversed and she is still young. That previous Anika. Butter like neck arrayed with that small Mangalsutra. Red sleeveless blouse and plain Georgette saree and straight hair with a little chocolate shade. White gold and gold plated long earrings with red rubies…such a diva.

“Anika is it you. I can’t believe this.”

She blushed…

“And the credit goes to me 😏😏.”

Shivika commented…

“I know the intention behind this makeover. You want me to create an inferiority complex in me that I am becoming a senior citizen right. ”

Kittu: So you got it 😊😊. Nice

Vaani came forth to them and punched on Shivika’s back.

“The credit goes to salon not for you 😏😏”

Shivaani cupped Anika’s face.

“Mumma is naturally beautiful and she doesn’t need any external cosmetics or stylists to look gorgeous.”

Shivaay smiled at her and she reciprocated. Smiles with mixed emotions. Karthik also declared his presence.

Shi: Ohh you. Are you here?? Early in the morning.

Karthik walked two three steps and smirked, nodded a little.

“What to do Mr Oberoi. My assets which I left here is calling me back always. So I have to be here.

Karthik took a look at Anika.

Kittu: Appu look at her new makeover and the credit goes to me 😎😎

Karthik hitted on her head.

“Credit goes to Salon.”

Shivika started crying like a child admitted in the kindergarten.

“None is considering me. 😣😭 Adi 😫😫 Adiiiiiiii.”

She left from the scene. Shivaani hitted on her forehead.

“Bechara Adi. His fate is worsened.”, she said.


OmRu is OmRu. They are unable to hide anything. Vivi is also aware of it that soon they’ll unfold the truth to each other. Both are on the way to Oberoi Mansion after an art exhibition. Rudy drove the car to home.

“Rudy I want to say something.”

Rudy: I also. Ladies first. Tell me.

Om: 😡😡

Rudy: No no elders first 😜😜.

But before they could admit the truth, it happened. The car met with a minor accident. Ohh no accident with Ahaan’s car. He furiously approached OmRu. Forcefully dragged Rudy out of the car and clutched his collar.

“How dare you 😡😡. If don’t know driving then take rest at home. Road is not your playground.”

Playground!!! Awww. Means bachcha. Remember Ruvya’s fight about Rudy’s age. It stimulated him. He forcefully separated Ahaan’s hand from his collar.

“Beta panka mat le. I have celebrated at least 20 Deewalis more than you.”

Ahaan: 😡😡 So.

Om: Look it was our fault. We are ready to give the compensation.

Ahaan: Ohh compensation. Hmm

He walked back and returned with an iron rod from his car like it was pre planned. After all whose nephew?? Anika and Gauri’s. Like Aunties like nephew. He did what his aunties did. Broke the front glass.

“Ab hisaab baraabar.”

He left the place before OmRu could ask or say something.


“Your lime juice with mint and ginger.”

Vaani gave a glass of lime juice to Shivaani. She finished half of the glass.

“Thank you so much. I wanted this now. It’s so hot outside”

Promptly someone snatched it. And Vaani & Shivaani became aww.

Vaani: Shravan Singhania 😍😍 (Adithya Roy Kapur)

Shra: Thank you so much. I wanted this. Too hot na.

Shi: But it was consumed by me.

Shra: Means we are made for each other.

Shi: I’m committed 😡😡

Shra: Not married na.

Vaani: Tell me you’re that famous actor Shravan Singhania right.

Shra: Yeah I’m an actor in profession but not too much famous.

Shi: Ohh humbleness 😏😏.

Vaani: What is this Chiku. You are his crazy fan na. How many times you fought with Ahaan Bhaiyya and the reason was you Mr Shravan Singhania.

Shra: Offo Cutie pie don’t be my fan.

Shivaani angrily stared at the floor.

Vaani: Why??

Shra: Cz Anjali wasn’t Sachin’s fan, Sakshi wasn’t Dhoni’s fan…

Vaani: That means you both aren’t made for each other.

Shra: No no don’t say it. Mere dill thoot jayega.

Vaani: I will. Because my would be Jiju is world’s best Jiju.

Shra: Ohh me 😎😎

Shi: Not you 😡😡. Stop flirting with me. Bittu I am leaving.

Shra: Bye bye 👋 👋 angry bird 😊😊.

Shi: 😏😏hmm

OmRu came near them. A glass piece entered inside of Rudy’s hand amid of Ahaan’s drama. Bhavya and Gauri ran near them.

“What happened Rudy?? What is this?? Who did this??”

Om: Woh ek Badtameez ladka.

Ru: Really arrogant. I’m telling you both. Don’t fell in love with such guyzz.

Vaani: Don’t know about me but my Jiju is world’s best.

Shivaani blushed. Rudy raised her chin.

“Really Chiku.”

She nodded yes in blushing.

“Chachu, come I will do your first aid.”

Vaani: You are going to meet Jiju na. Both had a big fight yesterday Chachu.

Rudy: I will take care of it Chiku. Now he needs you.

Shi: No duty first. I’m a doctor. That battle is a little one. Manaa loongi main usse. In fact he will taunt me if I would leave my duty in mid way. He is also a doctor Chachu and his duty is his priority always. Like my Sautan 😕😕.

Shra: Then love me Cutie pie. You will be prior for me always.

Shi: Definitely…….If you are better no no best than my Ahaan.

Shra: It’s wrong. Don’t compare anybody with anyone. This comparing mentality is the root of everything. Just like our parents. He is brilliant, She is brilliant and our own is a big zero. Mathematics of the kilometers they walked. Ohh come on technology is improven and the world is becoming fast. That is not our fault. If the world is gonna fast then we also have to get ready to face the frequent and immediate changes.

Shivaay side hugged him and appreciated with punching on his shoulder.

“You rocked like always.”

Shivaani smiled for a microsecond which was noticed by Shravan. He raised his eyebrow. She passed him a death glare irritated. Karthik also irked due to the Shivaay’s small appreciation given to Shravan. A call arrived for Om and he left to attend. Shivaay doesn’t discussed with Om about Karthik and Shivika’s relationship as he thought that Om is already aware of it. Karthik and Shravan shook hands.

“I think we had met one or two times.”, Shravan threw a doubt.

“Yeah in IPL. Two seasons before.”

Shra: Yeah, I remember. And here??

Adi replied for that…

“Your Bhabhi is his sister.”

Shivika roared like a tigress and pinched Adi. Meanwhile Om also came back.

“Bhabhi 😡😡. I’m not too much old.”

Adi: Saanjh he is my friend, like my brother. So you’re his Bhabhi in relation.

Shivi: I’m not anyone’s Bhabhi. 😡😡

Om side hugged her…

“Okay my Princess. Shravan tum usse pyaar se Kittu bulaana.

Our sweet baby girl.”

Shra: Okay Bhabhi oops sorry Kittu.

Kittu: Ni ni kisiko parwa ni hai meri 😣😣😔

She desperately left the living hall.


Shivika started punching on a lays and it opened like an explosion. She discarded the chips one by one in the pool. Vivaanika, and Shrashi were watching her from a little away.

Shi: Why she is behaving too much weird??

Vaani: I think it is…

Shi: Yeah me too.

Vivi: What?? We also want to know.

Vaani: It is not necessary to utter you everything.

Adi sat near her. He held her hand to stop her from wasting food.

He showed her a tablet and a glass of red fluid.

“What is this??”

Adi: Pain killer is in my right hand and a glass of fresh pomegranate juice in my left hand. Is it paining too much.

Kittu: 😔😔 mm. It is really difficult. Let it be, I will be fine in 2 days.

Adi: Have this juice, it is best for bleeding.

Kittu: Thank you.

Adi: Don’t expect this care everytime. Maybe I can’t. But I promise I will try to understand you.

She hugged like a lil bird. Adi kissed on her head.

Vaani: I’m getting envious 😇😇.

Shravan poked Shivaani.

“Marry me, main bhi aisa khyaal rakhunga.”

Shi: 😡😡

Adi sighed and said,

“Mom and Dad wants to see you. Shall we.”

Kittu: 😍😍 Really.

Adi: Hello Madam it is your Sasural not Maayka.

Kittu: Haan toh I am a Sanskari girl and you are ghar jamai.

Adi wrapped through her waist including both hands.

Adi: Enjoy in your Maayka and Sasural cz I will take you to our home soon.

Kittu: No no that is a little home. We can’t live there.

Adi: So you have problems. That house is the fruit of my hardwork.

Kittu: No no its not like that. Woh I want quadruplets 😌😌. That one bedroom house will be inconvenient na.

Vaani: 😂😂 Chiku your three and her four. R u both planning for kindergarten???

Shra: But I want just one. A cute baby boy. Shivaani and Shravan. Shivan… Shivan Singhania.

Chiku: 😡😡 Chiku I am leaving.

Vaani: I’m also coming with you. Vivi we will be back only tomorrow. Say it to Chachu, Chachi…

Her leaving word marked a scar in Vivi’s heart.

Shra: I will drop you.

Karthik approached him and said.

“Their brother is alive 😊.”

Shra: Hmm okay, Okay Vivi I am also leaving. There is a late night a shoot

Karthik gracefully stared at Adi.

“If Mr Oberoi did something right then it is Adi.”

Vaani: Did you also overheard their conversation.

Karth: 😜😛 yeah.

Chiku: Galat baat hai. Now come on.

Vaani: Bye Vivi.

He passed an artificial smile.

Three siblings left to VVT’s home.

Again to Advika.

“So you want quadruplets. Remember I’m not SSO.”

Adi: I’m telling you always. Credit is not belongs to him. It is happening in the case of double ovum and cell division. Stupid don’t you know.

Adi: I did masters in business and administration from Oxford.

Kittu: Ohh Oxford, that special tution class. Is it started MBA in correspondence 😜😜😉.

Adi: 😡😡 I’m talking about Oxford university UK.

Vivi came to them…

“Yaar I am…”

Adi: Vivi we are going to home. Please tell some lie to Rudy Chachu.

They also left Vivi…

“I’m feeling lonely…”

He completed the sentence. 3 individuals more were watching Advika. AniOmRi.

“I’m tension free about Shivika.”

Anika wrote on a paper.

Om: Yeah Bhabhi she is in secure hands.

Gauri: Omkara ji… Jiji I want to meet Maa and Bhaiyya. Shankar ji showed me my Maa and brother many times but I couldn’t recognize them.

Om: I was about to ask you this. Come I will drop you to my stubborn brother in law’s house.

Anika gestured she also wants to meet them.

Om: Bhabhi but Shivaay…

Gau: Some lie like we are going to a far away temple. I know it is a sin.

Om: Do onething. I will remain here and you may go with Bhabhi. Later I will manage.

Anika and Gauri showed a thumbs up.

Shivaay interfered amid of them.

“What’s going on???”

OmRi and Anika were hell shocked.

Gauri: Bade Bhaiyya nothing we are going to temple.

Shiv: Nice, I will drop you.

Om: Shivaay Shivaay don’t you think we should give them some space. They are sisters and met many years later. They want to talk and share memories right??

Shi: But Anika is unable to talk.

Om: That’s my point. If that childhood memories will motivate her then.

Shi: Okay.

His unwilling okay said everything that he can’t live without Anika just for a second.

“But take care of her.”

Gau: Okay Bade Bhaiyya.

Gauri grabbed Anika’s hand and ran from there. He was overjoyed for meeting her Mother and brother.

Next Advika approached Adi…

“Paapa…….. Mom Dad….”

Adi stammered,

Shi: Urff go and meet them.

Adi: I will be back only tomorrow.

Om: So you confessed him Adi???

Kittu: Only half… Ab chalo 😕😕

Shivika left with Adi…

Om: Adi found out his parents. Are you feeling bad Shivaay.

Shi: No Om but I wish yeh ladki Adi ko mujhse door na karde..

Om: Nothing will happen like that. Only she can bond Adi and you forever. Once you will love her more than Adi and she also will love you.

Shi: There are too many foul plays happening here.

Om: No no Shivaay. We just want you to know the truth from Anika Bhabhi.

Shivaay: Anika!!! What’s her connection in it…

Khanna approached Shivaay…

Om: What happened Khanna today you have came before Shivaay’s shouting.

Khanna: Shivaay sir I want to talk to you privately… Please.

Shivaay: Okay come on.


Oberois gathered around the dining table. But there are many individuals here who don’t want food. No mood…

Om, Ru, Vivi, Bhavya…

Jhanvi served some dhal makhani for Rohit. Pinky enviously gazed at Jhanvi. She also has some desires about her grandson. She wished for Shivaay’s successor. He will become the heir of Oberoi empire. Now she knew that it is a beautiful dream but at least a son or daughter of her own son, her Shivaay. It is her right as a grandma. Don’t worry Pinky Mom. Soon your dream gonna come true and he will become the heir of your great empire. Shivaay stayed near the dining table. He took a gaze at desperate Om. His memories led him a couple of minutes ago. A phone call and the voice of his reliable newly appointed detective.

“Sir he is not Vikram Veer Talwar. He is Vishnu Vardhan Trivedi.”

He once again opened that old paper which was given by Khanna.

“Sir you started loving Anika Mam again. I think now need of this letter. I donno know what is in it.But this is your asset, I can’t preserve it anymore.”

Shivaay: What is this??

Khanna: Sir do you remember, she continuously visited you in office, house, work site, everywhere just for talking with you but you avoided her always. Once for a last time she gave me this letter. Said me to give it to you after anger the leaves you.

Shi: Then why doesn’t you…

Khanna: Sir I am just your employee. A middle class man who is trying his best to bond the two ends of his life. I don’t have special ability to read your mind. Jo dikhta hai mere liye wahi sach hai. Now you’re showering your immense love over her. So I thought your ire is vanished.”

Khanna moved from there. Shivaay vainly opened the letter. He was damn sure that there won’t be anything appropriate in the letter… He vision began to acquire the matter in it.

“This day also surprised me with hopeless dreams. Now it’s the time to leave. Medical science and it’s so called physicians are assuring me, I can’t live anymore. Anika your expiry date is gonna over. Raayta toh phail hi gaya. We can’t do anything. Haan definitely I can save my life. Do you know the solution?? Abortion!! Yeah Shivaay I have to abort our child not our children. Do you know how many. Four!!!

I can assume your expression awww. Yeah Shivaay four children. They are harmful for me. But these doctors don’t know they are my reason for being alive. Kabhi kabhi mujhe inn doctaron se michmichi machti hai. Kitna 2 rupee soch hai na inn logon ki. Dekhna humhaari char bachchon ne inn logon ko Pappu banaakar baahar aa jayega. But If I will go back to my Paapa then you have to take care of our children and Sahil. I know you will do it better than me. Yeah I am going but you can’t rob my right over them. Naming is my department. I don’t know how many of them are boys and how many are girls. My suggestions are

First one is Shivika you know it. We are together known as Shivika na. Shivaay there is an another possibility. I recently found out.

Shiva + Ani = Shivaani

Next is the unique one. Erase your “Y”. Vaanika is nice na.

Then for our Son. He will be my pet. Don’t be jealous haan. He will love me more than you. Our Karthik

Shiva and Parvati’s son Karthik. Karthik Singh Oberoi. Your heir.

Gudbye Shivaay. Miss me sometimes, remember me sometimes.

Now the protagonist can assume the real picture. But VVT?? Where is his Shivika?? Who is Saanjh??

Shivaay gazed everything vacant eyed.

“Where is this Kittu 😣😣.”, Om said. Rudy followed his comment.

“I’m worried about my Chiku and Bittu.”

OmRu stunningly looked each other.

“Om I thought you are worried about Chulbul Bhabhi but you are worried about that cheater girl.”

Om: Don’t you dare to call her cheater. She did it due to her negative circumstances.

Pinky: O my maata. Circumstances!!! She is a betrayer and she will be.

Om: Mind your words Chotimaa. Otherwise you will regret.

Shi: Regret!! Tell me Om. What’s the matter which my Mom has to regret.

Om: Nothing

Jhanvi: Tell us Om you are hiding something from us. In fact Gauri also.

Om: Mom I want to tell you all. But Anika Bhabhi deserves the right.

Shivaay touched on his shoulder.

“Anika Bhabhi confessed now it is your turn Om.”

Om: Really 😍😍 no you are lying.

Shivaay showed Anika’s letter. Om attempted to snatched but doesn’t allowed.

“Tell us. I want to know the remaining. About VVT and Sanjh.”

Shakti: Om beta tell us.

Tej: Om what are waiting for??

“Shivaay, Rudy, Chotimaa, the incidents 50 years old. Anika Bhabhi’s and Gauri’s parents are divorced. They have a elder son also. Gauri’s elder brother. Vishnu Vardhan Trivedi. Mr VVT.”

Shivaay was hell shocked now he is in the right track. Others also Shocked.

Shakti: He is Anika’s brother??? But why he’s avenging us?? One minute Saanjh is his Uncle. How is it possible??

Om: Possible, it is possible. If she’s Anika Bhabhi’s daughter. If she is Shivaay and Anika’s daughter. If she’s Shivika. Shivika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

“Om, I know Shivaani is my daughter.”

Om: Dekha 😍😍…😳 Shivaani.

Shivaay: Ru I know Shivika and Vaanika are my daughters.

RuVya: What??

Shivaay: But OmRu, Bhavya. Mom, Dad, Badimaa, Badepapa. Do someone know I have a son also???

Tej: What??

Shivaay: Haan Anika delivered quadruplets. I have four children…

“Haan Billu. You have four children.”

Dadi’s grand entry.

Pinky: Mummy ji you already knew it?? They told me everything. In fact I know the fourth one also.

Shakti: Maa who is he??

OmRuVya: Who is he??

Shivaay: Surprise!!! But who is the mastermind behind this misunderstanding.??

Rudy passed an evil glare over Vivi.

“Sorry Shivaay Mama. These both are always trying to ditch me. So I took the advantage of this situation.”

OmRu: 😡😡😡

Jhan: Now we are blessed with daughters also.

Where are they???

Shivaay: Badimaa, Shivika Adi had gone to meet his Mom and Dad.

Tej: Mom and Dad!!?

Om: Haan Adi is that VVT’s son. It was a coincidence that Shivaay adopted his long lost son.

Pinky: O my maata. Shakti ji please hold me otherwise I would faint.

Rudy: Shivaani and Vaanika had gone to meet Shivaani’s boyfriend.

Shivaay: Boyfriend.

Shakti: In this night?? Rudy they are girls and you sent them alone??

Vivi: No need to worry. She is in love with Ahaan Bhaiyya.

Shivaay: Who is this Ahaan.

Vivi: Adi’s brother. Mr VVT’s elder son.

Jha: Rudy call them back right now. It is not fair to stay there in midnight. They are Maidens.

Om: Let them enjoy Maa. Anika and Gauri are also there.

Shivaay: Means temple is shifted to Maayka haan. Om tell me onething. Why my children are hating me?? Why Sahil is hating me?? Why VVT wants to take the revenge?? You both know it. Vivi you too.

Tell me.

Rudy: Leave it Bhaiyya. It is a misunderstanding…

Om: He is right. Now everything will be fine.

Shivaay: I hope so.

To be continued…….

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