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Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilip attacks Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Deep says in heart Arohi can’t be at Ahan’s place. That means tara. Inspector comes to deep and says there is a bad news for you. Deep says arohi ran from the jail? Is your jail a joke. GO and find her. She says we will catch her again. Just be careful. She leaves. Arohi is dazed. Deep leaves.

Reyansh shifts in the house. Sheetaal says I said so much but he is still shifting today. She recalls her moments with JD. She sees a body shower and recalls JD used to use it. Reyansh comes out from restroom. She says is it yours? He says yes. She trips.. He says you could fall again. She says again? When did you see me fall before? He says just said that. Its just jeteg. Thanks. He leaves. She wonders so much similarity in two people? Is this normal?
Pankti calls ahan

and says I love you. He says I love you too. She says I said first. He says no I did. I wish we fight on these things forever. In rest of the fights we are together. She says I will pray that we always stay together. He says no one will ever come between us. There is something important. We have to throw a party for sheetal. She says see you tomorrow.

Arohi says to Deep what will we do now? Tara is out of jail now. He says us? You. Think what will you do now Janu. I have stopped thinking about others. I will party with Ahan. Roma comes and says we will party too. Its a party regardless. Right Tara? She nods. Roma says I am so exicted for this party.
Tara is on the road. She is worried. Policemen are asking about her here and there. She hides her face. Inspector says to everyone call em when you see her. He sees Tara taking his knife. She says you are taking my knife.. She cuts his hand.
Arohi calls Chawani. He says I am in trouble. Arohi comes to deep and says we have to go. Someone fainted Patel and Chawani is locked. He locks the door of the car. He says you will stay here I am going there. Lock your room. He leaves.
Deep is on his way. Arohi is in her room. She says I hope chawani is fine. Deep should be there. She gets a call. A man says how are you Arohi? Are you in trouble? She is dazed. He says who should I kill first? Chawani or deep? Deep stops his car outside CHawani’s house. He sees Patel fainted on the road. He knocks and says chawani open the door. The man says who should I kill first? deep who is outside the door or chawani who is inside? Or should I leave both and kill you. You are alone.
deep breaks the door and says chawani where are you? He comes out. Deep hugs him.

Arohi says says you can’t come here. He says see the number. SHe sees the number. she says this is house’s landline. He says yes I am very close to you. We are just a knife away. I am coming.
DEep says don’t worry i am here. Chawani says Patel was playing game in his phone and I was sleeping. A man came with his face covered and hit Patel on head. He fainted.
Lights turn off. Arohi is scared. The man says what happened? Looking for me?
Chawani says he saw me. He was laughing. I hid under the table. Then he left. Arohi tries to run and screams deep. The man comes in. He runs after her. Arohi runs in the corridor. Deep says that means he didn’t try to kill you? That means.. arohi.. He calls her but she doesn’t pick. Arohi runs and the man runs after her. Arohi collides with Virat. He says Tara? What happened? She says nothing. arohi comes back to her room. She says that was dilip. He attacked me and VIrat tried saving him.
Arohi calls deep. he says where were you? I tried calling you again and again. She says That man attacked me. He tried to kill me. I know you care for me. I am fine.
She comes to Dilip’s room and he isn’t there. arohi says that means that man was Dilip. She finds Deep’s college ID card on his chair. She says he keeps it with him all the time? There is some connection.

Precap-Pankti says in party who is trying to harm me and ahan? I have to find out. Tara tries to kill Deep and Arohi. The man kidnaps Arohi. She sees his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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