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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli and Genda join hands

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli keeping her demands and arguing with Chaitu. Malai asks Imli why are they arguing. Imli says I don’t say anything, but it doesn’t mean I agree to you. She complains about Chaitu. She says my life got ruined by marrying him. The children ask them to stop it. Chaitu and Imli argue a lot. They get insulting each other. Imli says now I will fight for my right and also for those women who have such disrespecting husbands. Jha tells Chaitu that he has a small mindset, women shouldn’t be discouraged. Chaitu says Imli is my wife, you don’t know her. Jha praises Imli. Chaitu asks can you say this about your wife. Jha then calls Imli a bad woman. Chaitu scolds him. Jha says I m telling about women reservation bill. Chaitu refuses to pass the bill. Jha says you

have a small thinking, you regret for your words. Chaitu says I won’t regret.

Puttan says Chaitu is against the women. Rajneeti says Chaitu is not such. Puttan asks why isn’t he giving Imli her rights. Imli says I will take Chakla belan rally, I will protest against Chaitu. Puttan says I will help you, I will get women reservation done. Imli praises him. Puttan goes to prepare for the rally. Khoji gives the news of the rally. Jha says this will be costly for you. Chaya says women have joined the group and want Imli to become CM. Jha says this is just the start, see who will join it. Genda says its great, Imli is opposing Chaitu. Uncle says she is taking out a rally. Genda says its time to surround Chaitu, what shall we do. Uncle asks her to join Imli’s rally for her profits. Genda understands and prepares to go. Puttan distributes women reservation for almost everything. Chaitu calls Puttan to meet. Puttan shows attitude. Chaitu tells him that he will have to give reservation to women for elections too, what will happen if women enter the party, Genda Devi will benefit from the rally, stop the rally.

Puttan says give discounts in all the shopping malls, every woman will go there, no one will come in rally. Its morning, Rajneeti and Malai learn the mall discounts for women. They all get glad seeing the big discounts. Imli says I will also get ready. Rajneeti reminds there is rally today. Imli asks shall we cancel the rally. She gets in a confusion. Genda comes to Imli and says this is Chaitu’s plan to cancel the rally. Imli asks are you lying, I don’t understand. Genda says Chaitu has insulted women, I came to support you, its fine, I shall leave. They say we have same enemy, we have to oppose the govt. They join hands. Khoji says breaking news, Imli has joined hands with Genda Devi, they had tea together and uploaded selfie also. Chaitu asks what’s this drama. Puttan says yes, Imli hugged her, now we can’t do anything, just Imli will do it. Chaitu says you don’t know me, I will convince her. Puttan says you don’t know Imli.

Imli says I will divorce you and take the rally. Children also say we hate you dad. Chaitu worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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