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Bitti Business Wali 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi confesses his love to Bitti

Bitti Business Wali 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kashi watching a dancer’s performance in the brothel. She hugs him. He gets Laddo singh’s call and picks the call. Laddo Singh asks where are you? Kashi says I am in a meeting with someone. Laddo Singh says Mahi is missing since morning and his phone is off. Kashi says I will come. Dancer tells Kashi that today is their 2nd anniversary and she made so many dishes for him. Kashi tells her that he has to go for his brother and asks her to eat whatever she made for him, and says I will think I have eaten it. He gives her gift and leaves. Sundar comes to Laddo Singh’s house and tells that he has found Mahi’s bike.

Bitti asks her father if her decision about her engagement with Abhishek. Her father asks why you have doubt about your decision. Bitti says she was

impressed when he helped her and thought he respects women. She says if I will be diverted from my aim as I want to do B.Ed. Her father asks her to ask her heart. She says she is asking her father. Her father tells her about Mahi’s bike parked outside their house. Laddo Singh asks Sundar not to take his patience test. Kashi says what we will get by beating him and says we shall file FIR. Laddo Singh says sundar and sikandar have searched him and Sangam called everyone. Elder bahu tells that someone must have kidnapped him. Laddo Singh says nobody can kidnap him and tells that Sundar must have known the reason. Sundar thinks if I tell you about Sapna ji then you will not leave her then Mahi will not leave me. He says I don’t know. Laddo Singh pulls his ears and punishes him to jump until he says truth.

Sundar jumps and falls down. Laddo’s wife asks bahu to bring water, but he refuses to give him water. Mahi returns home. He asks why you all are worried. His bhabhis ask where were you? He makes an excuse. Bhabhi scolds him. Mahi says sorry. Kashi says everyone was worried for you and hugs him. Mahi thinks my life is gone. He goes to his room and thinks of Bitti. Laddo Singh where did you go suddenly? Mahi says I went to Kanpur for work. Laddo Singh asks him to tell. Mahi tells him that his friend got cheated in love and says that girl got engaged before his friend could confess love to him. He says that’s why I switched off my phone and handled Sandeep. Laddo Singh asks him to break friendship with him and says one shall not be late in confessing love and says then that man will be useless.

Abhishek comes to Bitti’s house. Chandana welcomes him and gives him info about everyone. He asks where is Bitti? Chandana calls her and goes to make tea. Bitti comes and says good morning. Abhishek asks her to come and says he wants to show her something. He tells her that he has started marriage arrangements and booked the car. He says yesterday it was delivered. Bitti says it is good. Abhishek asks her to break the coconut infront of his car. Bitti asks him to get the ritual done by his mum. He says his mum has already done it in night. Bitti breaks coconut infront of car. Abhishek asks her to come with him for the test drive. He asks how is it? Bitti says good. Abhishek says it is yours. He plays song. Bitti asks him to stop the car and says she has to go and meet Dolly. He says I thought to drink tea with you. She says now I have to go. She comes back home and closes the door. Door bell rings. She opens the door and sees Mahi. Mahi says I love you..He says I…Mahi singh loves you. Bitti is shocked.

Bitti tells Mahi that she is engaged now. Mahi says if I get a chance then I would have married you. Mahi asks Abhishek to give address of the place from where he got his destiny written.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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