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Bepannaah 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: The Cat and Mouse game continues

Bepannaah 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Few muslims pass from where Zoya and Aditya are standing. Rajvir does not take off his eyes from Aditya and Zoya but they manage to mix up in the crowd. Rajvir is irked to have lost them. He overhears a lady saying that someone just paid 2k for a burqa that only costs Rs. 500. He is certain that would be Zoya and Aditya. He begins to look around. He notices someone wearing shoes underneath the burqa and makes her remove her veil. People surround him. How dare you touch a woman? Rajvir tries to explain when Aditya looks at him. Rajvir notices him too. He tries to go after him but those guys do not let him go. They think of calling police when he shows them his ID. They apologize for the confusion.

Rajvir resumes his search. Aditya advises Zoya to act normal. There are many people. No one should doubt

us. Zoya gets a sprain in her feet while wlaking. Aditya asks her to try to stand. We must run. She tries to get up but in vain. Right then, Rajvir points his gun at Aditya’s head. What do you both think? Passerby’s look on.

Noor is still outside Hooda House and is really concerned for her sister. Policemen standing outside the house wonder if Rajvir would shoot them. They fooled him after all. Noor is shocked to hear it. What is Aditya up to now? My Appi got stuck with him for no reason! She again approaches police. This wouldn’t have happened if you had let me go inside. Let me go. They still do not allow her inside. She gives in for a moment but then lies that there is a snake around. Everyone jumps in a start. She runs inside to find some clue.

Arjun heads to his father’s study room to make notes for the case. Noor walks in. She asks about her sister from Anjana. Arjun recognizes her voice and looks at her from upstairs. Noor gives her intro to Anjana. Anjana and Arjun are taken aback. Anjana says you both have decided to ruin our lives. You wont be at peace till then, right? NOor says I don’t know what you are saying. I only wish to know where she is! Anjana speaks badly for Zoya. Our lives have messed up since she came in our life! Police holds Noor. Noor again requests Anjana to tell her about her sister but police takes her outside. Arjun comes downstairs. Anjana tells him to look for Aditya. Don’t worry about that girl. she is just Zoya’s sister.

Rajvir asks Aditya and Zoya to get up. Aditya raises his hands in the air followed by Zoya. They both stand up. Rajvir asks them not to act smart, just keep walking. Aditya notices some spices kept nearby and throws them at Rajvir. He runs away with Zoya. Rajvir resumes searching for them in a moment. Zoya is panicked. He will kill us! Aditya keeps his hand over her mouth as they hide behind a tempo. They are sitting very close in that position. Zoya is clutching onto his shirt in fear. Rajvir also comes to that side. I know you guys are here only. They shift to another place by the time Rajvir comes to that side. He only finds the burqas there. He asks the tempo driver if he saw someone but he denies. Everyone wear burqa here. I don’t know who you are talking about. He drives away. Aditya and Zoya are hiding in that tempo only. Rajvir does not see them.

Noor is crying. Where should I go? I don’t know anyone here. Now I don’t even have any numbers left who I can reach out to. She ends up calling Arjun only. I wonder what I was thinking. He is anyways not going to pick his phone. Arjun picks the phone and immediately asks her if she is fine. She tells him that she wont come to office today. He says the same. His tone confuses her. Are you alright? He agrees. you? She lies that there are some personal problems. I was worried for that only. He says the same. Let me know if you need anything. I will help as much as I can. She replies that he wont be able to do anything but his words / concern matters a lot. He says I might not be able to help you but do not give up. I assure you all the problems in your life will end very soon. She says thanks and ends the call. He wonders how to help them.

Rajvir calls Mahi. They are still absconding. They turned out to be smarter than what I expected. You know them better than me so I need your help. I have to arrest them at any cost before Harshvardhan Hooda returns! She taunts him. You need my help finally! Why though? You were sure you wont need it! He tells her to go to hell if she has to say all that rubbish. I don’t care. I thought you too would be interested in finding them. She tells him a plan. Just be a careful. Rajvir smirks as he ends the call. Mahi is happy. It will be fun now.

Zoya asks Aditya if Pooja and Yash’s death was not an accident. Why would someone do this? He replies that he does not know anything. I don’t know what truth is or what’s lie. I don’t know who to trust as the person I trusted the most ended up cheating me. I don’t know! I have no answers but only questions. There is a question for every question. You told me to feel happy thinking that Pooja dint sign the papers. It might be because she would have realised her love for me or she would have felt bad about doing so. We loved cooking together. it was our thing. She loved painting. I was her model. It was our thing! Everything that was for only the two of us was shared with someone else! I don’t know if she really loved me or hated me. Was she punishing me? I don’t understand anything when I think of it. I go mad. I have started doubting my intelligence seriously. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I only know that we were cheated. We both are innocent as we were buying gifts for those who lied to us and were together at that time! Atleast you know that I am innocent, right? She smiles sadly at him. I trust you.

Zoya falls asleep. Title track plays. Aditya notices that she is about to fall down and hurt herself. He immediately sits next to her. She rests her head on his shoulder in sleep and even clutches his hands. Aditya thinks of all their meetings from the start. He falls asleep as well.

Precap: Zoya asks Aditya where they are. How will we spend the night here? They hear some strange sounds and duck. They see a tiger coming towards them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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