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Belan Wali Bahu 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jitendra says to family that we have to arrange a wedding infront of Roopa, Dada says but Laddo is no more so whom she will marry? Jitendra says it can be any guy as she doest have to actually marry him, just following the rituals of wedding will make her remember her marriage with Laddo. Dada says good idea, they say we should prepare for her wedding.

Laddo’s ghost is in room and says what to do with Roopa? he recalls how doctor said Roopa can take a lot of time to be fine again. He says how to make Roopa fine? Roopa comes there and says I took you wrong, I said so many bad words for you, yo forgave me? he says yes no worries, I am habituated to curses. Roopa says what? Lata comes there and asks her whom she is talking to? Roopa says Laddo. Lata says I wanted to say that

Nirupa got married, she is such a nice daughter in law so we thought.. we thought to get you married too. Roopa is shocked and says marriage? Lata thinks she might be remembering some memories. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Roopa says I remember.. I remember.. I am ready to get married, if everyone has decided then it must be good, ask my mom to find a nice boy for me, she blushes and hugs Lata. She thanks her and is very happy for her marriage, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says they are getting my wife married.

Dada slaps Jitendra and says Roopa said yes for marriage, you were saying she would recall everything hearing about wedding. Jitendra says we have to take next step now, we have to show some guys photos to Roopa. Prem slaps him and says what can it do? Jitendra says her memory will comeback. Prem says what if Roopa likes some guy? Jitendra says no chance, he asks Shalini to bring guys photos, Roopa will tear all photos.

Roopa at photos of guys for marriage. She tears some photos. All are happy. Suzzi murmurs seems like her memory is coming back. Roopa looks at one photo of a guy. Jitendra asks from where did you bring these photos? Shalini says I took photos from your criminals files, they are criminals so she wont like them. Dada whispers to Suzzi that she will remember Laddo as her husband now. Roopa looks at a photo of a guy and says I like this guy, all are stunned., Roopa shyly asks her mom to talk to this guy, she leaves. Dada slaps Jitendra. Jitendra says the guy Roopa liked is a criminal, he is pocket picker Lallan. Lata says where will we find this Lallan? Jitendra says he is locked in jail right now, Roopa might have liked him in photo but when he comes infront of her, Roopa will reject him and remember everything, Dada says then go and bring that Lallan.

Scene 2
Jitendra comes to police station and says to inspector that I want a criminal, I will return him in sometime. Inspector says I dont trust your words but whom do you want? Jitendra says Lallan, inspector says we freed him yesterday, he used to pick my pocket a lot so I had to leave him, I cant help you now. Jitendra turns to leave but Lallan is brought to police station again. Jitendra strikes with him and is happy to see him, he says Lallan my brother, he hugs him. Lallan asks him what he wants? Jitedra says I am suspended inspector, remember once you were picking a pocket and left you, Lallan says you didnt leave me, I ranaway from you. Inspector comes there. Jitendra asks if he can take him, I will pay for his bail.. Jitendra sees his purse gone. Lallan asks if he is looking for his purse? he shows him. Jitendra takes it and gives money to inspector. Lallan says what is happening here? Jitendra says I want your 2 hours and I will pay you 10k, Lallan says then lets go.

Laddo’s ghost says I have to do something to bring Roopa’s memories back? what to make her eat? he gets an idea, he calls Roopa and says I want to eat ajwain parathas, can you make them for me? Roopa says I dont know how to cook. He says I really want to eat them. Roopa thinks I will make Nirupa make them, she says okay I will make them, she leaves.

Roopa drags veiled Shalini in kitchen and says Laddo asked to make ajwain parathas so make them for him, Shalini says I cant make them, veil tradition is going on. Roopa says you cant make them but help me to make them, just tell me what to do. Shalini looks spices and tries to find which one is ajwain. Shalini says I know but you have to guess which is ajwain? Roopa counts with eyes closed and takes a spice out, she asks if this ajwain? Shalini says yes it must be ajwain, she asks her to mix it in flour, Roopa does. Shalini asks if she has ever seen ajwain parathas? Roopa says no. Shalini says then do as I say. Shalini asks Roopa to mix tea in parathas too, it will give a nice smell, she asks her to add sugar too. Roopa does. Shalini asks her to add all spices. Roopa does. They pour water in the mix, Shalini asks her to knead the flour. Roopa does. Shalini brings poha and asks her to add that too. She asks her to add red spices too, Roopa does. Shalini asks her to add more water. Roopa kneads the flour. Shalini asks her to

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