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The Twisted game of Destiny- Aryan and Kabir ep 7 IMMJ2 Riansh fanfic

Aryan and Kabir

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Vansh: (to the unknown men) This is the last time I’m telling you, stop bringing these useless men in this mansion with you! Anyway not here to welcome you but welcome Aryan and Kabir.

Riva went in to flashback. The diary where she had read about Kabir and Aryan.


 Dear Diary,

     Now turn for my brothers, Aryan bhai and Kabir bhai. They both loved me a lot, and were very protective of me. I loved them too! They always fulfilled my wishes, in school, in college, every time. They didn’t fulfil one wish, it affected all our relationships. They were against the person I loved, Vansh, not only them but my entire family. Business Rivals was the main reason for their enmity. And due to the enmity, we had to take that step.

    Vansh’s family took time but forgave us, and also accepted me, my family did too but my brothers and dad didn’t. My brothers’ tried to (crying) I never imagined they would do that but I forgave them, anyway let’s not remember that. You know what Aryan bhai hated to take pictures, we hardly had one but i had forcefully taken one (laughed) and with Kabir bhai, I took many. See here

Kabir bhai
Aryan bhai

Flashback ends

Riva and Rivan: (murmured to each other) Our Mamu!

Kabir: Great! VR. Everyone is useless to you right? (rude)

Riva: Don’t you think you’re being a bit rude?

Kabir: Who’s talking to you kiddo! Stay in your limits. What are you here for?

Vansh: Kabir! Enough! You have no right to speak that way to my important guests! (He stood in front of both of them. Riva and Rivan smiled seeing their father taking a stand for them unknowingly) Don’t forget you are only allowed in here because of dadi. The relationship between us ended 18 years ago. So, don’t do anything that affects me and my past with you both, I may say something I wouldn’t want to.

Riva: (whispering to Rivan) Bro, 18 years back, something we should find out. It may be helpful.

Rivan: Yea true, let’s hear them, they may reveal something. (she nodded)

Kabir: Are these twins related to you that you’re taking a stand for them? Are they your kids? No right then? And don’t talk to me in that tone of yours.

Aryan: Don’t forget because of you and your family, our sister died, 18 years back. (pissed)

Rivan and Riva: (to each other) Mom!

Vansh: Don’t blame me for her death. How could I kill her! I loved her, she was my life, she was the purpose for my living, she was my heart. (emotional) I didn’t kill her Damn it! If i am to be blamed then you are too, equally responsible!

Aryan: Or really? Then who did? Your love, right? We were always against your relationship! And see what it brought! (shouting)

Vansh: Right! You were never with us, never supported us. That day when you came, it was all a façade. We trusted you. Your sister, who you claim to love, trusted you! And you were the ones who broke our trust. (stern) sometimes I think that it’s good she isn’t here! She wouldn’t have to see her brothers’ double faces! It was you who destroyed everything between us after she left, you were the ones who blurted the truth of your family never being in favor of our relationship!

Kabir: Yes, it was us! But you saw the outcome of your love. She died. We never left any stone unturned in fulfilling her wishes, protecting her. We created misunderstandings between you! But nothing worked!

Vansh: (angered him) Kabir!! (he approached him and held his collar) Don’t you dare!! What type of brother are you! You never listened to your own sister! Wanted to poison her own married life! If you hadn’t interfered then i guess she would have been here! Shame on you! (Hearing his loud voice, everyone arrived to the hall)

They three, got into an ugly brawl. They were hitting each other! Fighting. Removing all the hatred and anger they had in store for each other. The whole family tried to stop them, but Angre forbidden them. But Riva decided to interfere.

Riva: (pulling them apart) Enough! (they were in bruises and blood) Is this the way you remove anger? Ridiculous! I didn’t expect this from you sir! (to Vansh)

Aryan: Why are you interfering in our matters? (about to hit her)

Rivan: (stopping him from hitting her) Cool down man. Don’t try to hit her! Can’t you three sit and talk about it!

Vansh: Both of you don’t know anything about this so I suggest you better leave. You’re here for journalism right, don’t need to practice it now. DO it later!

Kabir: Ohh! You know what, hear the truth and write it in your article. Take the interview now! We’ll tell you the truth about this guy!

Riva: Stop it! All three of you follow me or otherwise you know what I can do! (shouting) Ma’am (to Ishani) Do you mind getting the first aid box? (she pulled Vansh and Kabir to the sofa nearby while pushed Aryan to the sofa.)

Kabir: (thinking) She reminded me of Riddhima. Scolding us like that with concern. I see another fierce Riddhima in her. And the boy too, calm and wise like her. Such a coincidence.

Aryan: (thinking) Riddhima, same concern and worry when I had fought with someone. Wow!

Vansh: (thinking) A shadow of Riddhima, she scolds me for doing the wrong thing but takes care of me equally!

Riva did their aid and they thanked her. She was a fierce and strong girl, but wasn’t stone hearted, she was hard from outside and soft from inside, like a coconut. Vansh glared at Aryan and Kabir while they looked away. Kabir and Aryan loved their younger sister, Riddhima. They had done everything for her, fulfilling all her wishes, protecting her from the bad. They were against her when she married Vansh.

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Question: Who do you think is right? Aryan and Kabir blaming Vansh or Vansh blaming Kabir and Aryan?

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