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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 2

4 years Later

First we can see VR Mansion story ,

Soo guys in the family ishangre had a son named rishi and siya and her husband nikhil had a daughter anjali and both the kids mostly love their mamu than anyone in the family who is vansh

Vansh : so ready to go to school

Rishi & anjali : yes mamu

They leave to the school and the school name is ” GREENWOODS HIGH SCHOOL ”
After dropping them he takes out his wallet and looks at his and riddima’s photo

Vansh : sweetheart I miss you a lot , 4years passed and you are not back from US and till now I lived bcoz I have a hope you will comeback pl comeback sweetheart , never I prayed to god but today I’m praying to god pl god make my riddima come to me and I also wanna see my child how he looks

At the Same time US ,

Mr.Williams international school

A boy is seen playing basketball and he hit a shot for which he won the match actually it is a completion between Team Shadow and Dashing Devil’s Team which team is of Stephen School and the Mr.Williams School Team Shadow won and the other team lost and the Principal of Mr.Willams School sho is Chris Williams appreciated the boy bcoz of whom they won the match and the team got a trophy and the boy got an special award Later ,

At the boy’s home

A woman : Mr.Prince Charming did you won today’s match

Woman 2 : of course he will win as he is the great Rivan singh Rathore (guys singh rathore is riddima’s falimy sur name )

The woman is revealed to be riddima and the boy is the son of riddima

And the boy seeing her hugs her and says

Rivan : Interesting , Very Interesting you have remembered me right now darling

Riddima and the woman 1 who is avni got surprised when they listened his words

Riddima : sorry rivan actually i had an surgery soo

Rivan : soo you will not attend my match sweet heart

Riddima is totally surprised once again when she heared the word ” SWEETHEART ”

At the same time Abhi came with His daughter , seeing her rivan’s anger vanished

Abhi : so riddu you got a notice from mumbai branch that you should come back to mumbai

Riddima : what ?? But I don’t wanna go there once again

Rivan : mom please we can go as I wanna see mumbai please

Riddima nods with no option

And they leave to Mumbai

Later , Abhi makes a video call to vansh when ishani is out everyone answer the call

Everyone : is everything fine why you called us

Abhi : I wanna say you all that we are coming back to india

Vansh : are you serious abhi
Abhi : yes vansh I am serious we are coming back as I promised you I will not break my promise

Avni : so be ready to see your child vansh
Vansh : avni you can atleast say the gender na

Avni : no way see with your eyes only bye

Avni cuts the call
And everyone are happy to listen this goodnews

Precap : rivan collides with someone

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