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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 1

At the ongoing track we can see that ishani had a miscarriage and she lost her baby and now my story :

Then on one day vansh finds out that ishani wants to harm riddima and the baby and he also learns from riddima that the baby is alive

Vansh (in mind) : oh god my own sister wants to kill and destroy my wife and my baby now want can I do

After thinking :
Vansh : yes I should do this whatever are the consequences

Vansh goes to riddima

Riddima : what happened vansh do you have here to say anything

Vansh : yes

Riddima : I am listening tell

Vansh : I want you to leave the house !!

Riddima : you are kidding right ??

Vansh : no riddima I am not joking I am saying the truth I don’t want to live with you or love you or baby anymore and I don’t even want our child so just leave the house

Everyone are shocked by his words but ishani is truly happy as her enemy should go out now

Riddima (with teary eyes) : vansh what are you saying

Dadi : vansh beta what are you saying

Vansh : I am saying what I want just leave

Riddima : if you don’t want to live with me then ok I will leave

Riddima : but remember one thing you will regret your behaviour one day I will remember this day whole life Mr. Vansh raisinghania , you betrayed me and I will not
Live with cheaters and I just hate you

She leaves the house
(Here introducing a new character abhi ram who is riddima’s long lost brother whom she lost in childhood when riddima and her family got into the accident she loosed her memory too but later realised that he was her brother and he was now a business tycoon and also vansh’s best friend who came to stay at vr mansion and realised riddima is none other than his sister and everyone in the vr family knew abhi is riddima’s brother )

After she left with abhi Vansh gone to his room and locked it and then

Vansh : I am sorry sweetheart I have sent you out of the house only to keep you and the baby safe and I promise I will sort everything and I will definitely make you mine once again till then we have to stay apart from each other

Riddima came to rathore mansion which is her and abhi’s house and then abhi called vansh and said

Abhi : vansh everything happened how we want it to happen

Here abhi , angre and vansh knew why vansh sent riddima out of the house and then onwards vansh always called abhi to know about riddima

One day

Riddima : bhai !
Abhi : yes riddu what happened
Riddima : bhai voh vaise , my one of the hospital’s branch is set in US

(Guyz actually riddima has her own hospital which is heartbeat hospital and the hospital is the no 1 hospital in hyderabad , kolkata , chennai and mainly mumbai so what it has soo many branches )

Abhi : soo
Riddima : I want to leave mumbai and go to US

Abhi : but why ??

Riddima : as you know here vansh’s memories are haunting me so if I will leave to kolkata I could lead a happy life with my child pl bhai

Abhi hesitantly agrees and informs this news to vansh who is heartbroken but abhi promises him he will definitely bring her back to india and vansh agrees and then and slowly time passes every one knows the fact that vansh doesn’t hate riddima’s and they also know his plan and support him but ishani is the only person who don’t know about this later as even ishangre grow close and from now riddima with abhi and abhi’s wife avni and sejal is back from Dubai and all four live in US

Precap : leap and the saga begins …………

Hope you guys liked it and guys I was inspired by the leap taken ff stories to write this ff and I wanted to write a separate ff of this story

Loads of love
Take care
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