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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 14

Chapter :14…”Missing”…

Scene 1:
Sia: That was the worst day of our life. Vansh bhai changed a lot after that incident. He got a lesson but he lost his first love.
Riddhima:( with lump im her throat) Atleast he can listen to her once. If he had listened to her once then today he don’t have to face this problem.
Sejal: Leave it yr. What happened is past, we can’t change it but we can concentrate in our present to make our future better.

Scene 2:
All of them reach VR Mansion from their short trip.
Anupriya: All of you go and do your breakfast.
Kabir: Anyone remembered what is day after tomorrow.(sad)
Vansh: Shweta’s death anniversary (without emotion ).
Dadi: You all go, I will manage it with Anupriya. Don’t worry.
All the youngster leaves.
Dadi: I want to talk with you. It’s important.
Anupriya: What happened ma any problem?
Dadi: I want Riddhima and Vansh to get married.
Anupriya: What?
Anupriya was shocked to the core listening to this.

Scene 3:
Aryan was in his room when he received another chit.
Aryan:” Your end is near,
You will get expose day after tomorrow,
Get ready…
~Your loving Sweety”
Aryan: Who get to know about my intentions, who is my enemy? I will kill Vansh RaiSinghania then I will go to jail if anyone gets to know it. But I will kill him.(evil smile)

Scene 4:
A person came inside a dark room. He switch on a small lamp. In the light we can see a wall full of photos. All the photos are linked by a red ribbon. There are also a red cross on the photos except one photo which is of Riddhima.
Person: Get ready Riddhima. We will meet soon. ( smirks)

Scene 5:
Riddhima:Sejal I have to buy something will you come with me?
Sejal: Sorry Riddhu but I am busy.
Riddhima: It’s okk. You do your work. I am going alone.
Sejal: Come fast.
Riddhima: Yeah.
Riddhima was about to leave when Dadi calls her.
Dadi: Where are you going beta?
Riddhima: I am going for shopping Dadi.
Dadi: Okay I want to talk with you. We will talk when you will come back.
Riddhima: Okay dadi.
Riddhima leaves for shopping.

Scene 6:
Riddhima completed her shopping and went to parking lot to take her scooty. But someone came from behind and put a handkerchief. She fainted down. The person looks around If anyone saw him or not. Then he lift her in his arms and went towards a car and left from there.

After few hours:
After few hours when she gained her conscious she saw that she is tied in a dark room. It was so dark that she can’t see herself also. She was tied with a chair. She can’t shout also because her mouth is also tied with a cloth. She didn’t get scared but she waits for someone to come so that she can get to know whether she is kidnapped for money or something else.

Scene 7:
Sejal: Kabir please see na where is she! She didn’t return yet. I think she is in problem.
Kabir: Wait I am calling bhai. Bhai! Bhai come fast.
Vansh came,
Vansh: What happen Kabir?
Kabir: Bhai see na Riddhima went for shopping but didn’t return yet. Her phone is also switched off. We are worried for her.
Vansh: Sejal do you know where she went for shopping?
Sejal: Yes she went to city mall.
Vansh: Let’s go there fast. In the may we will call police. Though they will not start their work before 24hrs but we can search for her.
Kabir: Let’s go.
They reached city mall. They went to parking lot and saw her scooty is still there but some bags are lying on the ground.
Sejal: I think it’s her bags. She is in grave danger. Please save her. Please( crying).
Vansh: I have informed the police. Let’s check the cctv footage of parking area.
They went inside the mall and tell about the incident. Hearing their problem they agreed. All of them went to check it.
Vansh: There she is! See someone unconscious her.
Kabir: He took her in that car. But neither his face or the car no. is visible.

Scene 8:
Riddhima was waiting when she saw that a light fell on the floor. Someone opened the door. But she can’t see him. He removed the cloth from her mouth.
Riddhima: Please on a light I am scared of darkness.
Person: Get used to it. Because you will die soon.
Riddhima: Please !!!
Person: Okay wait!!
He bring a laser light and direct it to her eyes.
Riddhima closed her eyes and says: What the hell is this!!!
Person: You want light, I gave it.
Riddhima: Why you want to kill me.?
Person: I got order to kill you.
Riddhima: Who gave you order?
Person: Stop acting like a teacher. I am not an obedient student that I will answer you.
Riddhima: Aaahhhhh!!!
Person: What happen?
Riddhima: Something is biting in my neck please remove it. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!(shouts in top of her voice)
Person:Shhh!! Let me check. It’s a pin.
He removed it.
Person: Now stop shouting.
He again cover her mouth and went.

Riddhima’s pov starts:
What a dumbo that person has appointed. I saw that he was having a knife so I shouted so that when he will come near, I will take the knife from his pocket. When he came near me I pushed him a little with my shoulder and the knife fell down. Then I covered it with my leg. Now I will cut this ropes then I have to saw the surrounding for escape. Ayyy!! He forgot to take the light. God luck Riddhu!!! Now start you work.
Pov ends.


End of this update. So guys I got the instant approval. Now I can post anytime. I will end the previous track soon. Earlier episodes was full of past and past so thought for some break. I will end it soon. Don’t worry. New mystery is coming soon. Stay tuned. Love you all. Stay in home and stay safe. ❤❤

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