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The days of friendship and love Season2 MayRa ArDeep SharDa SS Part 2

The days of friendship and love Season2 Part 2
Manish:Deep..Maya…Raya…No one will believe your so called pure friendship.

Suddenly they heard a voice.

“I believe them and their pure friendship”.

It was Arohi.
Arohi:I know how pure the friendship between Deep,Maya and Raya is.I trust them completely.

Deep,Raya and Maya looked at her emotionally.

Deep:Thank you Arohi for believing us.

Arohi:What is the need of thanking me?Everyone knows your friendship with Maya and Raya.Only some sick people see dirt in purity.

Deep smiled emotionally.

The others said:We also believe you.

Deep,Maya and Raya smiled.Manish was irritated as he became isolated.



Deep and Arohi were sitting in a park.

Deep:Maya,Raya and I were brought up in an orphanage.We were one gang.We did’nt feel that we were orphans.Because we were together.We are thick friends.Same school,same college,same work place.It is difficult for us to be away from each other.That’s why we stay in the same house despite of the gender difference.When one boy and 2 girls stay together public says many rubbish things about us.But we don’t care.Whatever people say we will stay together.

Arohi smiled.

Arohi:I can understand your emotion.I agree that you are right.I support you.

Deep and Arohi smiled at each other.They shared an eye lock.

Maya was upset.Rudra sat near her.

Rudra:Yesterday that Manish said some rubbish.Still you are thinking of it?

Maya:His words deeply wounded our heart Rudra.Someone has raised question against our friendship.How can we tolerate it?

Rudra:Ignore that Manish.You know how his character is.He is an idiot.Forget it.

I am with you.Arohi believes you all.Others too.Then why should you care?

Maya:You are right.I should bother only about how the people we love think about us.Why should I bother about what others think about us?


She rested her head on his shoulder emotionally.He embraced her.

Raya was sitting alone.She was also gloomy.Maya and Deep felt upset seeing her pain.

Maya and Deep sat near her.

They hugged her from both sides.They shed tears unknowingly.

Deep:Now no more sentiments.


Still Raya was moody.

Deep got up and brought some boxed wrapped with gift papers.

Deep:See what we have brought for you.These are different types of sweets you like.

Raya was surprised.

Maya opened a box.It was a cake.

Raya:Yummy cake!.

Maya:Yes..your favourite cake.

Maya and Deep cut the cake and fed her the cake piece.

Raya fed the cake to Deep and Maya.

They had a hug.



Raya went for shopping.She was looking at a dress and smiling.

Raya:This dress is so pretty.I will pick up this.

Somebody was watching her there.Raya got inside a bus after she was done with shopping.That person followed her and entered the bus which went unnoticed by Raya.

Raya was standing in the bus as she did’nt get seat.Somebody scratched her from back.Raya turned book and looked at him in anger.He had a dirty smile on his face.

Raya slapped him.All were shocked.

Police station….

Raya:Inspector Sir..this guy misbehaved with me in the bus.

That boy whose name is Alok said:Sir,she is lying.I am from a reputed family.I have not done misbehaved with her in the bus.Why should I do that when all the girls are behind me?Infact she is one of those girls.She is the one who tried to get close to me in the bus.When I did’nt encourage her that she is cooking up a story to trap me.

Raya could not tolerate it.

Raya:How dare you say such senseless lies?Are you not ashamed to lie like this?

Such a big lie!I will prove you wrong.

Alok:How can it be a lie?It is the truth.Nobody in the bus saw me misbehave with you.Then how can you prove me wrong?

Suddenly they a heard a voice.

“I saw what happened in the bus”.

They looked at that person.Raya could not believe her eyes.

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