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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 13

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Episode starts with.. 

The sharma family along with their relatives applies haldi to angre and riddhima. After the ceremony both play with their haldi. On the other hand, uma along with her relatives applies haldi to both vansh and ishani. UMA: Next is your marriage. We have to go to sharma house. So, get ready fast..

ISHANI: Okay, mom..

The Raisinghania family comes to the sharma house. They all greet each other. Vansh goes with angre while ishani, sejal, and sia goes to meet riddhima. 

Vansh notices angre being sad.. 

VANSH: Why are you sad?

ANGRE: I was just thinking of riddhima. From today, we won’t be able to stay together. She’ll go far away from me. Vansh, do you know.. She always used to see my face and go to sleep. In case, if I come late to the house, she wont sleep until I come. But, from tomorrow evrything will change.

VANSH: Angre, only because of you she is marrying me. You are the reason for this marriage. Then, why are you worrying for this?

ANGRE: Vansh, it is not because of me. The fact is definitely riddhima should marry someone. After marriage, she has to go to her in-laws house. She can’t stay along with me for her whole life. The matter is not about this marriage. Even if I don’t wish, she has to marry someone and have to leave this house. None can change this. But, I’m happy about one thing.

VANSH: What?

ANGRE: She is going to marry you. I know you very well vansh. I don’t know the reason for your fights with riddhima. But, whatever may be the situation, how much ever you be angre on her, I know that you won’t let her down at any point of your life. I believe in you vansh. I’m happy that her marriage is happening with you.

VANSH: Angre, don’t worry..

ANGRE: Vansh, brother sister bond is something different and very special in this world. That bond will have many secrets, funs, fights, happiness and sadness. Even if we fight with our sister, we can’t see her being sad. Even the strongest person in this world can’t see his sister crying. We’ll do anything to see a smile on her face. At the same time, we will fight equally for small silly things. This bond is something special. But, this bond won’t end. How much ever far we go, the bond that we share won’t change.

Saying so, he wipes his tears and smiles. Just then, chanchal calls him. So, he goes. 

Vansh who was listening all these while to him, reminisces all his times spent with ishani. He thinks of all the small fights, happy moments and their funs. Breaking his thought, he goes to meet ishani.. 

Ishani was alone in the room. Vansh comes there.. 

VANSH: Tell me, bhai..

ISHANI: Ishani, just now I remembered. Today, after your marriage even you’ll leave our house, right?

Ishani gets teary eyes… 

VANSH: Just now, I thought of all this.

Ishani comes running and hugs him. Both ishani and vansh cries. 

ISHANI: Bhai, who said that I’ll leave our house. Our house, our family, especially you will always be there in my heart forever. I’ll cherish all the moments, I’ve spent with you. I know that today this marriage is happening because of you. Till today, you have bought evrything for me. Today, even this marriage is happening only because of you. Thank you bhai. Thank you so much..

Saying so, she wipes her tears.. 

VANSH: Ishani, it is my fortune that I got you as my sister. You’ll always be there in my heart. Wherever you may be, you have a special place in my heart. I’m happy that your marriage is happening with angre. I’m happy that you got your love of your life. I want you to be always happy with angre. I want all you wish to come true. This is my only wish.

Saying so, he wipes her tears. 

Riddhima, who was hearing all this comes there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, don’t worry. You were the princess of Raisinghania family. And, you will always be..But, you have another duty too. From today, you’ll be the queen of this sharma house too. This family will always support you. You have to take care of this family. You have to take care of bhai.

Saying so, she hugs her.. 

Riddhima turns and cries but wipes her tears before ishani could see it. But, vansh notices this.. 

VANSH: Thank you, riddhima.

RIDDHIMA: For what?

VANSH: For supporting my sister.

RIDDHIMA: Not your sister. I’m supporting my bhabhi. And, I’ll always support her..

Ishani smiles.. 

Vansh was about to leave. Just then, he turns and looks and smiles at riddhima who was playing with ishani. Sejal and sia sees him smiling and teases him.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what were you seeing there?

SIA: Is there anything special?

VANSH: No.. Nothing…  actually, I was seeing a butterfly..

SEJAL: Even I could see that butterfly.

SIA: It was wearing blue lehenga, right?

VANSH: You both have gone mad.. Move.. I have to make an important call..

Saying so, he goes.. 

Sia and sejal laughs. 

Riddhima and ishani gets ready for their marriage. On the other hand, vansh and angre get ready. 

VANSH: Angre, finally after a long struggle you are going to marry my sister.

ANGRE: Vansh, This day was my 2 years dream.

Just then, rudra comes there. 

RUDRA: So, I think both the grooms are ready, right?

ANGRE: More than us, you are looking handsome.

VANSH: Like a groom. Uncle, tell me your secret behind this charm…

Both vansh and angre laughs.. 

RUDRA: Now, stop teasing me. Pandit is calling you both..

VANSH: Angre, let’s go down..

Both vansh and angre goes down.. 

PRECAP: Ishani and angre, vansh and riddhima takes their marriage vows.. 

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