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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 33

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So episode starts here

Scene 1

Siya’s room

Siya gets a call

Siya – Hello vyom ( or kon call krega bechari ko )

Vyom – How are you ( kal hi to mile tb ni dekha tha kya kesi h)

Siya – Vyom we met yesterday why are you asking like this ( haha smart girl😎)

Umm lemme guess.

Someone is missing me.. ( yahi kaam bch gya hai bs ab sb kaam dhndhe chhod ke tujhe miss kru)

Vyom – Obviously i am missing you

Siya – What happened you seems tensed is everything ok

( as far as your vanshu bhai is after him like a shani bechara kese thik hoga😂)

(I really wanted to use that zero shunya circle but his character is not supposed to say that here)

Vyom – I need to tell you something. Urgently

Siya – Yes tell na.. i am listening

Suddenly vansh comes (khud ki gf ni mili to dusro ki gulu gulu rokne pohoch gye janab first ishangre now siyom 😂)

Vansh – Siya i need your help

Siya (to vyom) – I call you later..bbye

And she hang the call

Scene 2

After hanging the call

Vyom’ POV

Damn!! I couldn’t tell her.. i don’t know how will she react..after knowing this

But wait why i am thinking about her..

My decision has nothing to do with her..

Why her opinion matters to me
Oh c’mon man she is my friend
Is it so or am i falling for her
No no !! I can’t she is frnd only..
Pov ends

Riddhima comes

Riddhima -Are you ready

Vyom – Think once..shivanya..

Riddhima – My decision won’t change.. jb un logo ne mere jite ji meri tasvir pr haar chadhane se pehle ek bar bhi ni socha toh ab me kyu sochu

Lets go

Vyom – Fine..

Scene 3

VR mansion

Everyone is present in hall

Suddenly anaisha comes running from main door

And started clinging on vansh

Anaisha – Vansh uncle !! See i am here to meet you ( ye achanak itta pyr kb agya 😂😂 thnks to me )

Vansh takes her in his hands

Vansh (kissing her.)- How are you baby

Anaisha – Thnk you uncle for giving my mumma her memory back

Vansh ( perplexed) – Why baby.!!

Anaisha – because of you my mumma is going to be bride soon

Vansh (shocked)- whatt!! How

Riddhima along with vyom comes

Riddhima – I will tell you how!!

Baby you go to garden their are so many flowers there..go and play

She leaves

Vansh – What the hell is happening riddhima

Riddhima (smirk) – Correction Mr. Raisinghania its shivanya soon to be kapoor.. 😉

Angre – What is this riddhu

Riddhima – Oh c’mon mr. Angre..
Stop this drama your riddhu died 2 days ago although you did her funeral 5 years ago

Well i am here to give you all invitation

Vansh – Of what!!

Riddhima gives him a card

Vansh opens and left Bewildered

What the hell

Their is a card in which vyom weds shivanya is written

( You all were right riddhu propose shunya circle zero  pr me 5 crore kis kis ko dungi ab me to khud hi grib hu 😂😂)

Riddhima – what!! Pasand nhi aya..

Wait let me take blessings from dadi first

She goes to dadi and touches her feet

Riddhima – Give your blessings dadi for my happy married life

Me and vyom are going to be marry soon

Siya – What!!!

She looks at vyom with painful eyes

Vyom understand this and assure her with eyes that we will talk later ( or koi option h tere pss😂)

Riddhima – you all have to come.. to my wedding afterall someone should be present from bride’s side na..

And vansh you have to sing channa mereya for me ha…i know you are good singer😅

Vansh drags riddhima with him to the room

Scene 4

Vansh pins riddhima to the wall

Vansh (fierce) – what the hell are you doing how can you marry him😬

Riddhima (looking into his eyes) – why can’t i marry him..

Vansh – because you are mine damn it !!

Riddhima (laughing) – Come back from your lala land vansh

Tumhari riddhima ab parayi ho gyi hai.. #parayadhan😂

Be ready with channa mereya..😂

Vansh (Clenching his fist) – Just shut up you can’t marry ok

Riddhima (fierce) – I will
You can’t stop me

Vansh (angry) -Fine do whatever you want i will come to your marriage for sure

They headed to the hall

Riddhima – You all have to come ha..!! And specially you vansh !!
Bbye everyone

And she leaves smirking with vyom

Vansh ‘s POv

She can’t marry

Whatever the circumstances she is mine whether i hate her or love i have right on her only.. (ghnta ka right be ready with your channa mereya vanshu baby😂)

He says

Ese kese tum mujh se dur chli jaogi..
Ese kese tum kisi or ki ho jaogi..
Me bhi dekhunga kismat ka khel ab.
Kese tum mujhe chhod kr chli jaogi


But she was happy na..

Fine now i will show her..that i am happy without her.. ( bipolar vanshu aram se decide krle krna kya hai..😝)

POV ends

Angre’s POv

My sona was calling me Mr. Angre..
I know i did wrong with her but she hurted me with her words.. ( aap to rehne hi dijiye pilij ab 😬)

But i too hurted her..

No no no!! Why are you getting weak angre

She doesn’t deserve your love.. ( ha jese tumhe to best bro in the world ka award mil rkha h 😒)

Pov ends

Scene 5


Her pov

Vyom is getting marry with riddhu di..

How but why didn’t he tell me.. and why i am getting affected this much am i falling for him no !!!

Suddenly her phone rings

Siya – why are you calling me now i got your marriage invitation.

Vyom – I called you siya to tell her this only..but

Siya (angry)- But what the fact is you are getting married damn it

Vyom – siya why are you over reacting

Siya – Wow !! Now i am over reacting

Fine do your marriage preparation well Mr. Kapoor

I will come to dance for sure.. bye !!

(Vanshu will sing and siya will dance

Who wants this scene i will give this only on your demand)

And she cuts the call

Meanwhile vyom’s pOV

Why is she behaving like this does she love me..
Damn it !! I am gonna be crazy ..
POV ends

Riddhima’s POV

I am done with proving myself
But now i won’t

You all have seen my love now see my hate..

She says

Ab tk sirf meri mohhobatt dekhi thi ab meri nafrat dekhoge
Ab tk sirf meri khamoshi dekhi thi
Ab mera keher dekhoge


Pov ends

She gets a call

Riddhima – hello

Unknown person – Hello bhabhi ji!!!

Riddhima – who’s these

Unknown person – oh c’mon bhabhi ji.. didn’t you recognize me..

Riddhima – You!! Bastard how dare you to call me..😬

Unknown person – Suna hai ap shadi kar rhi hai.. hme nhi bulayengi..

Riddhima – Just shut up and dare you to call me again

And she cuts the call

She runs to vyom’s room

Scene 5

Vyom’s room

Riddhima enters panting heavily

Vyom – What happened shivanya !!

Riddhima – wo wo. He..he..is.. back

Vyom – Who is back shivanya what are you saying

Riddhima (crying) – He is back vyom he will kill me.

Vyom (hugging her ) – Shh!! Don’t cry

I won’t let anything happen to you don’t cry..

Done for today

Most of the epi was covered with poV but guys trust me high voltage drama is on the way..

Do support me and i will give u bomb episodes

Luv uh all

Again 5 crore ka sawal apki Mobile screen pr

Who is that unknown person 😓

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