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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 3

And the next morning :

Riddima wakes up and takes a shower and goes down stairs and sees piya in the kitchen

R : piya bhabhi why are you here I will cook you leave

Piya : no yaar I will not leave as I want to cook for my husband and you go and sit I will come

Riddima leaves from there and abhay comes

Abhay : hey riddu good morning
Riddima : morning bhai

Then the door bell rings and AbhIya go to see who it is

At VR Mansion

Uma : vansh you have to meet a girl today
Vansh : no way mom I have an important meeting so leave me today

Uma : but vansh

Vansh leaves from there

Raichand Mansion :

Seeing the person

AbhIya : maa you !!! (Yes she is aarohi)

Aarohi : yes beta
Riddima comes to see who it is and is surprised

Riddima : hmm Interesting , very interesting , i can observe that you remebered me now darling

Aarohi : sorry beta what can i do as our relatives asked to stay as we have gone after a long time to kolkatta

Riddima : but where is my handsome hunk

Aarohi : he is talking a call with Mr.Mishra

Riddima : okay i will go

Riddima goes to him and calls him

Riddima (sweetly) : Mr . Handsome Hunk
No reply
Riddima :(irritated ) Dad
No reply
Riddima : (Angry) Mr.Deep Raichand

Deep turns to see his princess in a angry mood bcoz of him

Deep : (trying to calm her) My lovely Angry bird
She is not calming down
Deep : ok ok my royal rebel pl calm down (puppy eyes and face )
She calms down

Riddima :(hugging) I missed you a lot

(Guys soo the precap of previous episode has the words ” darling & handsome hunk ” so darling is riddu’s mother and handsome hunk is riddu’s father as they are nicknames for them )

VR Enterprises
A person comes into vansh’s cabin

Person : Excuse me MrVR

Vansh turns to see who it is

Vansh (surprised) : Riddima you ??

Riddima : yeah it’s me

Vansh : what’s the reason behind your arrival

Riddima : yah soo my brother wants to invite you and your family to announce something special soo he asked me invite

Vansh : sure we will come

Riddima : that’s great now I will take a leave

Precap : Abhay : and the good news is **********

Today’s questions :

1. Soo what could be the good news
2. For whom it could be related ??

Do answer in comment section

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