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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 2

As you know guys riddima is part planner so she is appointed to plan vansh’s success party and she decided to keep a colourful theme and then seeing it he shouts at her and then to see who is it she turns back her hand touches the candle behind her and it falls down and the fire spreads over the table which is in between riddima and vansh. they have an eye look looking very angry at each other and vansh says

Vansh : I doesn’t liked the theme you disorganized it

Riddima : what is here disorganized ??
Vansh : Flowers !
Riddima : what ??
Vansh : the white flowers has grace but here not all flowers are white
Riddima : white flowers has loneliness but when it has different colour flowers with it , there will be no loneliness around it and everyone here liked the theme but just you even the owner will like the theme ok

Vansh men decides to confront her but he stops them

Vansh : (in mind) : interesting , Very interesting

He leaves from there and then riddima sees the poster in which it is written ” Mr . Vansh Raisinghania ” with his picture

Riddima : Damn it (saying she hits a table )

At the same time vansh was siting on a chair waiting for someone and he asks his men did they send invitation the men nods

And he gets riddima’s thought in his mind and asks his men to call her

Riddima comes ,

Vansh : I hope you have known that I am
” Mr. Vansh Raisinghania ” the party’s owner am I right ? or am I not right ??

Riddima nods

Vansh : great !! So tell me what are you saying , right the white flowers have loneliness am I right or am I not right ???

Riddima nods and says
Riddima : sir , the white flowers has just loneliness and if they be alone and only those flowers have been decorated in the party it will not be beautiful , at the same time if a rainbow doesn’t has the total 7 colours in it it will not be complete , and if life doesn’t exist with all the relations it will not be complete and these all will be alone only but when there are colours in the rainbow and relations in the life there will be no loneliness present and you see after keeping all the flowers it looks so beautiful right ? but you asked just to keep white flowers so I think you doesn’t believe in love or doesn’t believe god or show interest in these things am I right or am I not right ??

Vansh looks stunned before he could speak something riddima leaves from there and she comes in front of her car which is Black BMW and then vansh comes at that place and says

Vansh : if she is just a party planner she will not have Black BMW

Person : yes she is not

Vansh turns back to see the person for whom he is waiting for

Vansh : abhay !! ( Guys actually both raisinghania’s and raichand’s are family friends)

Abhay : yes
Vansh : but just a second how do you know about her
Abhay : bcoz she is my sister but just a second did she messed up with you ??
Angre : yes
Abhay : oh so now I will introduce her to you

He calls riddima
Riddima : bhai why do you called me ?? And how are you present here??

Abhay : bcoz vansh is my best friend and vansh she is riddima , my sister and the owner of all the branches of heart beat hospital

Vansh : oh nice to meet you Mrs Riddima Raichand

Riddima : (in mind : very bad to meet you mr VR ) very nice to meet you Mr. Vansh Raisinghania , guys I have to leave as I have a surgery we will meet soon bye bhai

Saying so she leaves

Precap: hello darling how are you and where is my handsome hunk

Hope you guys liked it

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