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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 17

At the wedding ceremony :

As the wedding starts with SejNeil siting on the mandap and making promises later , neil ties a mangalsutra(nuptial chain) around her neck and applies sindoor (vermilion) on sejal’s forehead and they take rounds around the fire and vansh was seeing himself and riddima in sejal and neil ‘ s place but he gets remembered of the promised he wipes his tears and then for the newly Wed couple they shower them with flowers

Neil : so riddima say , as vansh will get married to my sister and whom you will marry , if you love someone

Riddima (really happy) : Bhai ! I will do a love marriage and I love someone

(Guys the reason behind riddima’s happiness will be revealed will be revealed at the end of the episode )

Vansh is shocked as she is saying ” love marriage ” but happy as she forgot him and will lead her life peacefully but in his heart he was a little jealous and curious to know who the person is !!

Vansh : so when you will introduce him to us
Riddima : at your marriage or when they will introduce your would be bride (smirks)

Riddima : guys now I will leave as I have to even decorate neil Bhai’s room , (trading sejal ) sorry sejal and neil Bhai’s room (even more teasing) sorry once again bhai and bhabhi so I will take a leave now

Sejal blushes and later sejal and Neil does some rituals and they leave to sleep

Riddima interrupts neil and sejal’s moment

Riddima : oh oh I am sorry bhai and bhabhi I thought to come to your room asusual but I forgot you are married so sorry

Neil : oh really , now say the truth
Riddima : to be honest I came intentionally
Neil : when you are here we can’t do anything , god why always all sisters irritate their brothers when they romancing their wives , look give me some time later you can do your antics

Riddima leaves laughing

The Next Morning
Raj calls vansh

Raj : vansh beta so are you ready to see your would be wife ??
Vansh : yes uncle but when
Raj: today , you come to rathore mansion with your family
Vansh : ok

Vansh and his family members leave

At Rathore Mansion a girl is seen getting ready (raj’s daughter) , Later she went downstairs and saw everyone waiting for her even raisinghania Family got to know how she looks but vansh is out waiting for her
She came and she is facing his back

Raj’s Daughter : oh hello Mr . So called Whoesever

Vansh : yes (still not seeing her)
Raj’s Daughter : oyy Mr. Would be turn back and see your would be wife

Vansh listening her words turned back and saw khurana , raisinghania , rathore family and then raj came forward and spoke

Raj : so she is my daughter RIDDIMA

Riddima : Hi this is RIDDIMA SINGH RATHORE


Now we can see vansh’s condition ,
As everyone thought , he is totally shocked but is happy that his bride is riddima but even angry too so he left from there and riddima gone to console him

Vansh is in a room and then riddima enters ,

Riddima : vansh
Vansh : just leave from here
Riddima : (thinking ) I know you are angry but see how I will light up your mood

She goes to vansh but he turns his face and then suddenly she kisses him on his cheek and runs from there

Vansh was totally shocked by her act and left startled and he kept his hand on the cheek on which riddima kissed his and smiled

Riddima : so mr would be mine you have finally got your first cheek kiss

She blushes

Precap : Vansh : You are tempting me a lot sweetheart , you are looking damn hot and I wanna taste your juicy lips and on you my desire is growing more I am waiting to get married then see you will be forever mine

Guys Today’s Questions
1. So why vansh is saying like this
2. What are the incidents caused to say like this
3. Is there is romance track involved in next episode
4. So what are those romantic moments ??

Note : guys I am going to make the engagement of riansh in the next episode and guys if you are angry on me for the twist don’t hit me with slippers and if you guys wanna hit use some quality shoes ok and I hope you all will follow this disclaimer

With loads of love
Your lovely writer
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