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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 16 HELLO HALDI

Hey guys hope y’all are fine dude stay safe!
It’s haldi day:
At RB mansion
Riddhima is geeting ready at her room while kalpana enters! She becomes emotional!
Kalpana: look the girl who I raised up is getting married! My princess is geeting married!
Kabir enters!
Kabir: our princess is going to become a queen! Riddhima trust me I love you from bottom of my heart! And yes that all is just a drama! You’re a witch I’ll be super happy after you’ll go (mai hoti to apne bhai ko utha ke phek deti makeup, lehenga gaya bhad mein 🙂)
Riddhima(teary eyes): mom! Look at this shameless I’m going and he?! He always do this I hate him!!
Kabir: I also hate you
Riddhima: say say! But the thing is that you love me! (proud)
Kabir: I hate you
Riddhima: You love me
Kabir: I hate you
Riddhima: You hate me
Kabir: I love you
Riddhima: huh! Riddhima Bansal se panga!?
Avinash: well well well please iski nazar utaro! My princess is looking so beautiful!
Kabir: even I’m here no one is praising me!
Riddhi, kalp, avi (at the same time): so get married na!.
Kabir: what the hell! I’m going this home us a zoo!.
Riddhima: and you’re donkey of the zoo!
Kabir goes! All laughs!
VR mansion!
Kiran: let’s go naaa who takes this much tim…
Siya: mom! We all are ready
Ishani: but our groom! Vansh Ray Singhania is not ready yet!
Kiran: miracle!
Vansh comes down
Dadi: Haye haye haye mai sadke jawan kisi ki nazar na lage!!
Vansh: please please please hurry up I don’t wanna reach late on my own haldi!
Alok: end now lets go!!
(guys I didn’t find much cloths to here are some of the cloths)
Riddhima –

Vansh –

Kalpana –

Avinash –

Kabir –

Kiran –




Vansh: where is riddhim… Wow she look gorgeous
Vansh waw looking riddhima so much!
Ishani: bhabhi ko bhai ki hi nazar lagegi!
Riddhima: ishani devi please don’t call me bhabhi!
All giggle!
Dadi: chlo chlo sit down bride to be and groom to be oops you are bride and groom so now sit down!
Kalpana applies haldi
Kiran applies haldi
Dadi was about to apply but
Vansh: stop stop stop! It’s our haldi I also have to apply haldi on my bride!
Saying so he indicates dadi to put haldi on vansh’s cheeks (dekho yaar maine bahot logon ka copy kiya hai to no sorry but sorry 😂🙂)
All was just looking vansh in confused way
Then vansh applies haldi on riddhima’s cheek by his cheek!
Ishani to siya: our bhai is changed! I’m so happy to see him this happy! Riddhima changed him!
Siya: yes now enjoy!
All where happy instead of vikram! But suddenly he smirks!
Vikram: haldi of vansh’s name huh! But your life is only mine! You’re my baby doll!! Just mine!
All where enjoying and suddenly vansh takes riddhima to her room!
Vansh: Mrs vansh ray singhania!
Riddhima: yes Mr vansh ray singhania!
Vansh: I love you!!
Riddhima: I love you more!!
Vansh was about to kiss riddhima but dadi comes!
Dadi: oh what I have seen!! You both come!
Riddhima hits vansh and vansh shows tongue to riddhima!
At hall:-
Dadi: ok so we’re going we enjoyed a lot! Chlo vansh ya rukna hai?!
Vansh: dadiii!
All giggles and rai singhania’s leave
Hellllaaa 😂 I mean hello! My freinds story (mysterious Storyteller) ‘s story is coming ya aagayi!? 😂 Pyaar batein unhe bhi aur aur aur mujhe bhi han🙂 aur maine aaj dekha ki mere os mein 40 ya fir 35+ comments hai 😂🥺 thank youuu attractive user ki dua kaam ayi ayr han mai kisi ko 5 crore nahi dungi 😂 ek aur os laun?
Bye bye 💙💙

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