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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 4 (The PAST)

Hey my dear readers, my target when I started this debut FF was 15 comments but now daily in just 3 episodes I reach 20+ comments. Thnqu for all the love and keep supporting 🙏😘

Episode starts with:

Author’s POV:

(Morning itself Riddhima gets a call from Rahul…)

Rahul: Good morning Riddhima, will you be coming to office today or not with that I can schedule your meetings and also Riya told me that you are also lined up with a 2 patient appointments as well. Please let me know your day.

Riddhima: Oh yes! I’ll be there

(While taking she gets interrupted by an alarm and remembers)

Riddhima: ohh! I’ll be coming but late so cancel the meetings I’ll come bit late and attend only the patients inform Riya and out clients also. Gotta go now.

Rahul: Noted Riddhima!

(Riddhima cuts the call, gets ready and leaves for VR Mansion, while Vansh was eagerly waiting for her arrival)

At VR Mansion at dinning table:

(Siya, Ishani, Chachu, Aryan, Vansh were eating breakfast and Angre said:)

Angre: Boss, You have an “important” deal meeting in an hour.

Vansh: Yeah! But yesterday I was thinking to to visit VR entreprises but had a meeting outside so I thought to go today.. its been quite a long tym I visited office physically.

Chachu: Don’t worry Vansh, Office is being taken care perfectly but I need your signatures to final a new deal I’ll send the papers home.

Vansh: Great then chachu. Angre the meeting is final after an hour.

Angre: Noted Boss!

Vansh (to himself): Where is Miss Riddhima Shroff? I’ve been waiting since long. Hope I meet her today before meeting starts.

Aryan: Pondering over something Bro?

Vansh: (without realising) Riddhima!

Ishani/Siya (unison): What 😯😯

Vansh: Aa, Aa… I mean Miss Riddhima Shroff! Siya you are waiting to meet her right.

Siya: Yes Bhaiya! 🙌😍

(Ishani, Aryan and Angre noticing it😉)

(And suddenly Riddhima entered wearing a white knee length dress, her gaze fell on Vansh and honestly that was enough to kill him 😻😻🤣🤣Siya went to Riddhima and hugged her, Vansh was back in his senses 😁 Siya said:)

Siya: Hi Riddhima! You know I’ve found a Shakespearean novel for you we’ll read it together.

(Vansh felt that it’s the best day of his life to see his Siya Happy and talking)

Riddhima: Ofcourse! But you need to have a nice chit chat with me. Fine??

Siya: 200% fine 😁

Ishani (whispering to Vansh amd Aryan): I can’t believe Bhai Siya bonded so well Miss Riddhima Shroff. I’m telling you guys since so many years she carries a magical aura with her for sure. That’s why she managed to make Ishani Raisinghania her follower.

Aryan: Uff! You Narcissistic girl, stop taking credit atleast somewhere. But yesh she’s so beautiful ❤️ (flirting)

Vansh: Yeah she is! (Realising what he said) well I’ve a meeting so gotta go to my study you both also please find some work other than roaming uselessly here and their.

(Vansh was about to leave suddenly a Riddhima’s voice soothing his ears said..)

Riddhima: So Mr. Vansh Raisinghania! How are you doing?

Vansh: Miss Riddhima Shroff I’m well. And you look the same 😍 ( smiling)

Riddhima: Waoh am I dreaming Mr. Raisinghania answered on my behalf too. Impressive.

Vansh: (Smirking) In just a day Siya has shown improvement. I think she’ll come to visit you soon. As you said.

Riddhima: Not soon but in 3 days exactly as I said. Never doubt my calculation for my patients. These are the only relations I form.

Vansh: Interesting…

(Riddhima interrupting)

Riddhu: Very interesting 😉😁.

(Vansh leaves for his study while Riddhima greets Ishani and Aryan and says to Siya:)

Riddhima: come let’s take the session here itself, just to have a change in environment.

Siya: Okay!

Riddhima: (noticing at the table near sofa) who consumes this? Sleeping pills? (Shocked) hope not you?

Siya: not me but yeah sometimes or oftenly I should say Bhaiya takes them.

Riddhima: What? Mr. Raisinghania? But why?

Siya: You make me very comfortable Riddhima. I feel like sharing things with you. Yesterday you mentioned that I have alot go be happy and when I thought I actually realised it that yes I’m hurting the one’s who love me by not expressing the same. But Bhaiya he doesn’t have anything.

Riddhima: what are you trying to say?

Siya: Yeah it looks like he has everything a person desires in this world, Money, name , fame, respect, family but still he’s incomplete. Don’t you wonder why we all have protection around? What makes him so stern and rude? But promise me not even in your dreams you will discuss it with anyone!

Riddhima: I promise but please tell me his past.

Siya: 15years back we were living happily, Dad, Mom, me, Ishani, Aryan, Chachu, Chachi. VR Mansion was not this then it was in At a different place. Dad was running the company successfuly then one day it was my third bday when I lost my everything and slipped into depression. Celebrations were on suddenly fire catched the whole Mansion. All were panicked. And then I don’t know everything but Bhaiya pulled me, and Ishani out, chachu and Aryan bhai also were safe as they went to the Market, rest all Mom, dad, chachi and our family friends left us. Then..

(Riddhima had tears in her eyes and with a heavy heart she asked..)

Riddhima: What happened next Siya?

Siya: I don’t know the rest. Ishani di could tell you better. Just see na Riddhima, me and Ishani di were small, Aryan bhai had Chachu but Vansh bhaiya he has no one to share his inner turmoil. He loved MAA the most and after loosing all that since past 15years all these memories haunt him at night he can’t sleep peacefully. So definitely he needs some source to sleep and then be a responsible brother for us, boss for the company.

(Siya crying bitterly, she hugged Riddhima)

Riddhima: Don’t cry. Siya! Stay strong. Now you know what you have to beat your depression come out positive for your brother atleast you know what amount of pain he has beared already and know what he goes through seeing you like this.

Siya: For sure Riddhima. Thanku for making me realise. Keep meeting me and help me fight my past.

Riddhima: I promise to meet you regularly 😊

Riddhima (to herself): I’ll have to meet Ishani and know the complete truth but not here.

(Suddenly Vansh and Angre come to Riddhima and said:)

Vansh: So you’re leaving Miss Shroff?

Riddhima: Yeah!

Vansh: Would you mind having Lunch with all of us? (To himself) please Agree for lunch

Riddhima: No! But I’ve 2patients waiting already, so I’ve to leave. Byee see you soon 🙂

Ishani: Byee Miss Riddhima!

Riddhima: Byee! But excuse me can I have your number? I’ve seen your dress collection I would love to try them?

(Making an excuse 😂)

Ishani: Why not! Yes please.

(Riddhima leaves in the car, while Vansh sees her from his window)

Vansh (to himself): Miss Shroff, I don’t know why I asked you for lunch. You are just on my mind. That’s not a good sign, Miss Riddhima 😳

Author’s POV:

Reaches her office, everyone greets her and goes to her cabin, she instantly messages Ishani to meet her at Planning Bells in evening, but without informing anyone. She replies back Okay 👍 (after all Fan girl hai😂)

(Riya enters and says Ma’am your patients are waiting, she says..)

Riddhima: Yes, I’m coming.

(She takes her sessions with the patients and waits for Ishani’s arrival, thinking about Vansh and his past life)

Episode ends!

I hope you all are not disappointed as the story moves ahead! Both have their own past lives, Riddhima has a family but still has no one around and the demons inside Vansh keeps on making him realise that he has lost so much 🥺🥺! Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙 😙 All!

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