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#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 26!!


yesterday I was very Happy…

Tough I got only 18 comments but The no. of comments was 144.I was happy also and unhappy also..

Happy due to 144 comments..

and unhappy due to only 18 comments I expect more as it was my 25th episode..

leave that..

Thank you Aarushi for increasing my comments..you are really lucky for me..and Attractive user you too..you commented first and see comments were 144…

actually, you all are lucky..and It was just a joke it nothing like that we are all lucky for ourselves..

so let’s start with the episode without doing more bakwaas..

episodes start,,

Vansh said and he also didn’t wait for Riddhima’s response and moved inside..

He rushed towards his room..

when he reached his room..he starts throwing the things here and there..

Vansh:-Why!! why only me..


when Vansh went to the address given by the unknown man..

man:-So Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania you are here…

Vansh:-where is kabir?

Man:-Relax man!!

I will tell you but you have to promise something..

You already knew that we are keeping an eye on you…

so my only condition is you have to maintain a distance from Riddhima..My love..

and if you didn’t do so then the consequences can be worst..

forgot that you have a friend whom you love..

she will die and not a normal death..I will leave her in-front of a hungry lion..

and if you agree then you can take your Kabir..

vansh:-You Bastard

Man:-elax man..tumhare chilane see much nahi hoga.

acha chalo you take your Kabir from here..but think about your Riddhima first…

Flashback ends…

Vansh:-Sorry Riddhima..but for you, I have to do so..Your life is more important for me from my LOVE…

scene shifts to garden..

Riddhima was standing blank..

she didn’t realize when Vansh went..

she even didn’t question him??

she was shattered..

Riddhima:-Why he denied me? Is he angry with me..

she sat on the bench and started crying..

riddhima:-I am late..

I hate myself..

jhooTha jag rain basera
saancha dard mera
mrig-trishna sa moh piya
naata mera tera

(this fake world is temporary,
my pain is true.
O beloved, this relationship of ours
is a delusion like a mirage.)

[rain basera literally means a place to stay the night while traveling, which signifies temporariness here.]

naina.. jo saanjhe khwaab dekhte the
naina.. bichhaR ke aaj ro diye hain yoon
naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the
naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yoon

(eyes, which used to dream together,
they have cried such on separation today.
eyes, which used to stay the nights awake together,
they shut such in the morning now…)

juda huye kadam
jinhone li thi ye kasam
milke chalenge hardum
ab baanTte hain ye gham
bheege naina..

(steps have gone apart,
which had taken this oath,
that they’d always be together,
and now this pain is borne together
by the wet eyes…)

jo saanjhe khwaab dekhte the
naina.. bichhaR ke aaj ro diye hain yoon

saans hairaan hai, mann pareshaan hai
ho rahi si kyun ruaansa kyun ye meri jaan hai
kyun niraasha se hai aas haari huyi
kyun sawaalon ka uTha sa dil mein toofaan hai
(the breath is shocked, the heart is troubled,
wondering why my life is about to cry..
why is the hope lost to disappointment,
why is there a storm of questions in the heart…_)

naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
naina.. grahan mein aaj tooTte hain yoon
naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe
naina.. Thehar ke chhaaon DhoonRhte hain yoon

(eyes were the stars of the sky,
which breaks such in the eclipse..
eyes, which used to enjoy the sun,
now stop and look for some shade..)

juda huye kadam,
jinhone li thi ye kasam
milke chalenge hardam
ab baanTte hain ye gham
bheege naina.. jo saanjhe khwaab dekhte the
naina.. bichhaR ke aaj ro diye hain yoon

Both were crying..they were shattered,,,

one was sad for being denied and another was crying to deny his love.

She slept there only…

next morning..

Angre was searching for Riddhima Everywhere…

Angre:-Dadi you know where is Riddhima..

Dadi:-No Angre..I have not seen her since the morning she might be with Sejal or siya.

Then siya and sejal entered..

siya:-No dadi she is not with us..We are also looking for her only..

sejal:-She might be with Vansh..

Vansh entered the hall with Aksh..

Ishani:-Bhai is Riddhima with you..have you seen her..

Vansh:-No I have not..she might be in her room..

siya:-she is not..

Angre:-I  have searched the whole house..she is nowhere..her phone is also in her room..

God knows where she went early morning..

Vansh:-Wait Aryan is also not here..

sejal:-He is with Kabir..

Chanchal:-I am not getting good vibes..where must be she..?? (tensed)

Vansh was tensed..he remembers yesterday night how he denied her..

Vansh’s pov..

where is she..??

when Ishani said..

Ishani:-Angre you should go and check for her..

Vansh:-Wait Angre I am also coming..

they went outside to search for her..

when Angre saw Riddhima in the garden..

she was sleeping there..


he went towards her..

Angre:-Riddhima..!! Riddhima!!

Riddhima with a sudden jerk..


Angre:-what are you doing here..

Riddhiam:-Bhai vo actually I came here to take some fresh air and I think I slept here only..

Angre:-How can you be so careless..your hand is still not fully recovered..and I was so tensed for you..

Riddhima:-Sorry bhai..and I am alright..

Angre:-Now, let’s go inside if you want or you have to do your breakfast here only..?

riddhiam:-No, let’s go inside..

They went inside..Riddhima went upstairs to freshen up..

And in the hall, all bombarded angre with Questions..

Angre:-Relax..yesterday she went to garden to take some fresh air and she slept there only..

Sejal:-Bhai I think I should leave..

Angre:-No you are not going anywhere..

Sejal:-but bhai..

Angre:-Try to understand sejal..the situation is not good ..

Vansh:-Yes sejal..we can’t leave kabir alone..

Dasi:-You will stay here only..Sejal that’s my final decision..

sejal:-okay Dadi..

After Breakfast..

Vansh,Angre left for office…

In car..

Angre:-Bhai..something surely happened between you and riddhu..

vansh:-no angre it’s nothing like that..

Angre:- you are lying..I have seen riddhu’s dry eyes she was crying all night…

you don’t know but I can understand her emotions..without asking her..

Vasnh:-Angre you are right..

Angre:-I will not interfere but if you want you can tell me…

Vansh:- Angre….he told everything his conversation with the unknown man and Riddhima..how she proposes to him everything..

Precap:-Angre’s reaction..

That’s it..Do comments on how it is. and what will be Angre’s reaction..

bye, take care..

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